How to Setup Free WIFI for Customers

Recently, I have watched several cases regarding failure to connectivity, browsing, surfing the web. Many customers have been going through Google for asking such related questions regarding the problem they are facing during connectivity. 

Herein I published an article thinking about how we can boost consumer engagement when our customers surf the web. I hope some of you will put effort into going through the item as it will give all sorts of answers to your questions. Just go through the details for sure.

Setup Free Wifi For Customers

The first step one needs to think about is setup free wifi for customers at our business place. Now the next question that arises is, “How can one set up a free WIFI for their customers?”. As of now, purchasing a router and broadband, then asking for the security passwords, etc. staff, one gets to think about what’s more than sufficient for a WIFI to come into work. 

But, in my opinion, that’s a complete BIG ZERO towards taking the very next step to work on. After that, a few series of steps will need to know and choose to set up a fast, reliable, and secure connection for customers. So, take a little time, and keep on reading how to set up free WIFI for customers.

What Does It Mean To Provide Free Wifi For Customers?

It does mean that when you set up a WIFI for your customers, then it is accessible to customers, or one can say ‘YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET.’ It’s the WIFI hotspot that enables access in business and at your place.

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What Is A Hotspot?

The hotspot is any physical location with an accessible wireless network. It offers Internet Access via a wireless network commonly known as WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) The WLAN generally relies on a router supplied by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The other router projects a WIFI signal into the area that other devices can mainly pick up.

Hence, customers can then connect to the internet via the WIFI hotspot from their laptops or phones and easily surf or browse or do whatsoever on the web.

How Do I Set Up Free Wifi For My Customers?

Follow the steps below for how one can set up free Wi-Fi for customers:

  1. One Has To Choose A Reliable ISP

This is the most crucial step one needs to understand before setting up a WIFI. One has to choose a reliable and affordable ISP that will mainly access you to the internet connection you will rely on. 

  1. Choose A High-speed, High-bandwidth Service Plan

ISPs offer more than one plan. Hence, try getting the one that will provide you with the highest speed and bandwidth. Also, keep in mind the costs. Beware of fraud!!!!

  • What is Bandwidth? What is its role?

It is the most important thing one needs to keep in mind after the ISPs. (Looking forward, I have watched many several people complaining about slow networks accessing the internet). Bandwidth is the rate of transfer in the system. If the bandwidth is too low, you will quickly experience slow browsing speed (who wants that to be honest about!!). So, you should keep this one in mind also.

  1. Get And Set Up The Appropriate Equipment
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You will need a modem and a router, or if you can pursue it will be best to purchase a modem/router combo to tap into your ISP’s connection. But keep in mind about devices to be compatible with the ISP. Now, set up the equipment when the ISP directs you to.

  1. Setup a Guest Network

If you let your customers connect to your business,’ a private wireless network can be a security risk. Choose a separate public wireless network for customers. Remember to give a password for your system. 

Enable the WPA/WPA2 encryption for the network to add more security. Turn off the SSID to your private network so that other customers are unable to see. This will prevent your system from getting used to unknown sources.

  1. Setting Up a Captive Portal

It is a web page visible to customers before they will have permission to access the internet. It consists of the ‘Terms of Use’ that one must agree by clicking on the tick mark box, which means you accept all the terms and conditions. This will limit the liability, i.e., you don’t want to be responsible for a customer’s illicit actions online.

  1. Prevent Bandwidth Hogging

It means you can prevent one from visiting sites that may hog or lag the bandwidth. Such as by blocking Netflix or YouTube (sites that crawl the network means slow the entire system). This may ensure the first connection to everyone. Last but not least is communication.

  1. Communicate The Wi-fi Password To The Customers

Put up a sign which will alert the customers to enter the free WIFI premises. Keep the WIFI name and passwords behind the checkout counter. This will restrict Wi-Fi access to paying customers.

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These are the necessary steps one needs to keep in mind before setting up a Wi-Fi connection for customers. For better results, you can do so with the help of I hope this will help you to get an idea about the topic mentioned above.

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