X Bathroom Vanity Styles You Must Consider While Renovating


The beauty and luxury of the bathroom come half from the kind of vanity you install. Whether you have small or big space for a bath area, a bathroom vanity elevates the interiors, giving a classy and rich look. 

So, if you are preparing for a bathroom renovation and trying to install a vanity, you should not miss out on checking the latest models running in the market. Depending on the style and theme of your bathroom, you can select a model that fits perfectly.

However, choosing the right bathroom vanity is not as easy as you think. With so many models, you might get confused about which one suits best. So, to make your work easy, we’ve listed here a few vanity models that all the homeowners must consider while renovating.

  • Floating vanity with a long-straight top

Floating vanities and toilets have become trendy because of their modern look in the bathroom. But a floating vanity with a long-straight top is sure to capture the look. It not only appears modern but also increases the functionality by enabling you to store linens, towels, and other items. If you’re a homeowner renovating a large bathroom, then this vanity design is perfect for you.

  • Floating with curling around the shelf

It is a slight modification to the first model. The top is the same and has a long straight desk. However, it doesn’t stop there but curls inwards to form a shelf at the bottom. Having this modern design as a vanity in your bathroom not only gives your space a stylish look but also lets you store linens, towels, etc. It increases the functionality in the subtlest way.

  • A vanity with wooden drawers
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It is the traditional yet the most customisable option in the bathroom vanity. If you are a person who has lots of bathroom items to store and out of the peeking eyes, this is the best one. It has a top with a sink and the bottom full of drawers, enabling you to store everything you want. It is best suited in a medium-spaced bathroom where it doesn’t seem like its cramming up space. 

  • Two sinks with a large mirror

A bathroom vanity need not contain only one sink. It can contain two, depending on the people and usage. And to have a combining effect of the two sinks, you can install a large mirror which forms a cohesion in your bathroom. In this design, you can either select a free-standing model or a wall-mounted one. If you have a smaller space, it’s best to go for free-standing to have a free-standing one in your bathroom.

  • Sleek and stylish desk with a modern look

Some people prefer minimalistic designs and like simple vanities in the bathroom. If you are one among them, then why not try this model? It has only one top desk with no shelves and grandeur designs at the bottom. It looks modern, classy, and elegant and gives you more space at the bottom. You can either use it or leave it as it is. Whatever you do, this design will surely bring a new look to your bathroom.

  • Free-standing vanity with a small sink

It’s perfect for the people who have small space for their bathroom. A simple yet functional design satisfies your daily needs without any problem. Also, with the availability of various freestanding designs, you can select the one that fits right in your bath area. For the people with large bathroom space, you can install two free-standing sinks to increase the functionality and appeal. 

  • Vanity with space for lighting and pots
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Are you a decorative person? Would you like to add some colour and nature in the bath area? Then how about installing a vanity with space to add pots and plants on top of it. You can select bonsai, air-purifying plants, etc. to elevate the scenery. Also, with modern lightings and LED bulbs, you can give a unique and vibrant look to your bathroom which can elevate your mood.

  • Rustic vanity for an earthly look

Are you looking for a vanity design that can match the rustic or antique look in your home? It’s easy to find such designs but choosing appropriate colours for it. For instance, earthly and wood colours and different shades in it are perfect to give you the look you want. Also, you can blend rustic theme with modern designs and create a perfect fusion for your bathroom.

  • Metallic vanity for a sleek look

You don’t always have to go for ceramic or wood for vanity designs. For a change, you can select metallic designs with metal frames and edges. It not only gives your bathroom a modern look but also creates the illusion of a bigger space. As metal designs are often slim and sleek, you can have no problem with space designs. However, don’t forget to choose the quality ones to avoid problems like rusting, metal chipping, etc.

Well, there you go – the vanity designs that you must consider while renovating your bathroom. When in doubt, you can always visit bathroom showrooms to get a real idea of the design that you selected. 

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