Shares of multi-bagger Adani Power surge more than 4%

Adani Power has received approval from the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to acquire Lanco Amarkantak Power, strengthening their position in the Indian power industry. This 1.92 GW coal-based thermal power facility in Chhattisgarh’s Korba district was previously going through an insolvency resolution process. Adani Power will own a 100% share in the project after their winning proposal of ₹41.01 billion ($492 million) was received. Adani Power’s growth ambitions will be advanced and its generating capacity reinforced by the acquisition.

Following the approval of Adani Power’s planned purchase of Lanco Amarkantak Power by the Indian competition authority, the company’s shares surged 4.2% on Wednesday( 27 March 2024) , reaching a day high of Rs. 544.25 on the NSE.

As per Adani latest news, it was said that Adani Power intends to take over Lanco Amarkantak Power entirely via a corporate insolvency resolution procedure (CIRP) that was started under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC). Thermostatically producing electricity is what insolvent Lanco Amarkantak Power does in India.

Better Performance

The consolidated net profit for the quarter ended December for the Adani Group firm was Rs. 2,738 crore, a multifold increase. During the same time last year, it was a meagre Rs. 9 crore. Compared to Nifty, the multibagger stock has performed far better over the last 12 months, returning 191%. From October to December, operational revenue increased 67% YoY to Rs. 12,991 crore, up from Rs. 7,764 crore in the same period the previous year.

The reported quarter’s EBITDA of 5,059 crore Indian rupees was more than twice the same quarter a year ago when it was 1,996 crore rupees. With a 242% increase, continuing EBITDA reached Rs. 5,059 crore.

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The decline in the price of imported gasoline and the cost of alternative fuels was the primary factor in the outsized rise in ongoing EBITDA as compared to the growth in sales.

According to Adani’s latest news, the inclusion of the Godda power plant caused the third-quarter depreciation costs to climb from Rs. 838 crore in Q3 FY23 to Rs 1,002 crore.

 Factors driving Adani Power’s stock price

Let’s take a closer look at what’s driving Adani Power’s stock price and the forces at work in its ascent.

1.  A Promising Regulatory Climate

The Indian power industry has had a hospitable regulatory climate, which has been beneficial to Adani Power. Companies like Adani Electricity have been able to flourish because of the government’s policies that have encouraged renewable energy and guaranteed the supply of inexpensive electricity. The Ujwal DISCOM Assurance Yojana (UDAY) and similar programs have improved distribution firms’ financial situations, which in turn has increased the need for electricity production.

2. Strategic Plans for Expansion

The second factor propelling Adani Power’s development trajectory has been its strategic plans for expansion and diversification. The business has been aggressively seeking chances to increase its generating capacity in the renewable and conventional energy markets. Adani Power has grown its market share via partnerships, acquisitions, and greenfield projects, setting it up to take advantage of new possibilities as the energy industry changes.

3. Emphasise On Renewable Energy

Adani Power has been leading the way in renewable energy, following the worldwide trend towards sustainable power sources. The business has been capitalising on the rising demand for renewable energy by investing in wind and solar energy generation projects. Adani Power’s strategy of relying on renewable energy sources helps them weather market swings and changes in regulations while also helping the environment.

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4. Outstanding Financial Performance

Adani Power’s outstanding financial performance has greatly influenced investor confidence and market momentum. Thanks to its operational efficiency and careful financial management, the firm has proved to be resilient in the face of adversities, consistently achieving results. Adani Power has maintained its development trajectory and increased profitability via cost optimisation, operational efficiency improvements, and the use of economies of scale.

5. Infrastructure Development Initiatives

The infrastructure development initiatives in India have been a boon to businesses like Adani Electricity. These initiatives have included increasing electricity production and transmission capacity. Investment in energy infrastructure is likely to be driven by the persistent need for dependable and inexpensive electricity, which is expected to persist as the nation continues to urbanise and industrialise. Adani Power is in a good position to take advantage of these prospects because of its strategic positioning and capacity development projects.

6. Investor Confidence and Favourable Market Sentiment

In addition to strong fundamentals, the rising share price of Adani Power may be attributed to favourable market sentiment. Retail and institutional investors alike are taking notice of the firm thanks to its history of successful wealth creation and the positive outlook on India’s power sector’s future development prospects. This has led to a surge in demand for Adani Power shares, which has pushed up their price and helped propel the company to multi-bagger status.


As evident by Adani latest news, Adani Power’s recent share price spike is evidence of the firm’s resiliency, strategic vision, and capacity to seize opportunities in the ever-changing energy market. Adani Power is in a strong position to continue its development and provide value to its stakeholders because of its emphasis on diversity, sustainability, and expansion. Despite potential short-term market changes, Adani Power’s long-term prospects are bright due to strong foundations and favourable industry dynamics. Adani Power is a standout contender for investors seeking to join India’s energy transformation as the country continues to pursue development prospects in new markets.

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