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Trending and Viral Hashtags for Instagram Reels 2022


On August 5, 2020, Instagram reels were launched in over 50 countries on both iOS and Android. Similar to TikTok, reels offer some effective tools to create fun and engaging videos on Instagram. It allows users to create 15 seconds videos with music, text, stickers and special effects then share them with their followers. Instagram reels have got a positive response from the brand and influencers, and brands like Beardbrand, Sephora, and Walmart are already using reels for their business.

You may also be wondering what the difference is between Instagram reels and stories. Both give a chance to create short-form videos, but stories can only be shared with your followers. Unlike stories, reels can be shared with your friends, feeds, and stories. If your reels video gets more engagement, it has huge opportunities to be placed on the explore page. 

Instagram Reels Statistics

  •  First Instagram reels launched in Brazil in 2019 as Cenas.
  • 1% of users increased every month in brazil after the launch of reels.
  • Between October 2019 to November 2019, Instagram users increased by 4.34% in brazil.
  • Facebook expanded reels to France and Germany on June 24, 2020
  • July 12, 2020, Instagram reels were launched in India. 
  • In India, Instagram downloads increased by 11.4 % after the launch of reels.
  • More than 100 million active users inactive after the launch of reels in India
  • The time spend on Instagram is increased by 3.5% 

Hashtags are the best way to increase your discoverability on Instagram, especially for IGTV videos. If you are trying to increase views count for your the IGTV videos you can use 30 hashtags in your IGTV videos. Hashtags are the essential key to increase your website traffic and bring more engagement to your IGTV videos.

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Why use Instagram Reels Hashtags?

Hashtags help you find your content easier, and they can do wonders for increasing the reach and popularity of your brand. Since Instagram reels are a new feature, you can add a hashtag in your reels to improve your content on the platform.

Hashtags help you to reach more audiences and increase your followers on Instagram. If you share your content with people who are not actually interested in your product, there is no real benefit for your brand.

 Use the right hashtag for your reels content because your post will be discovered by the audience who have a similar interest in your brand, and if they like your brand, there may be a great chance of buying your product. 

You can use general hashtags in your reel videos. It will help you to create group content. General hashtags can increase interest in your content with the audience, allowing you to group specific products. Instagram has 1 billion monthly users. To reach your target audience, you should use perfect hashtags in your reels videos.

Benefits of using Hashtags in your Instagram Reels

Hashtags are an effective way to increase engagement and expand your reach on social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Here are some key points which tell the benefits of using hashtags in your Instagram reels.

1. Increase Brand awareness and affinity

Instagram hashtags are one of the essential ways to increase your brand awareness and affinity. Many brands are using branded hashtags to promote their business and services. While promoting your brand, using Instagram reels can help you to drive more traffic to your content. You can use branded hashtags to create funny and engaging reels to enhance your business.

2. Improve Engagement:

Hashtags are a simple way to get your content in front of new people looking for it. A post with 1 hashtag will get an average of 12.6% of engagement than a post without hashtags. Many users are engaged with hashtags, so brands are promoting reels with branded hashtags to encourage interaction with their audience.

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3. To Reach Your Target Audience

Hashtags help you get more posts in front of new people in the same way it allows you to find your target audience on the platform. Research and find the best hashtag for your brand and see what hashtags your users are interested in. Analyze your competitor hashtags and use the related hashtag in your reels to reach your massive audience.

Top Trending Instagram Reels Hashtags 2022

Hashtags make it easier for users to find your content on social media platforms, and especially it is very easy on Instagram. Here are some top Instagram reels hashtags trending 2022, you can use to make your video go viral.

1.Reels Hashtags for fashion

Every fashion market and influencer is using Instagram reels to grow their business. Every week new trends are brought from fashion. It is time for you to make something new. These are the most trending fashion hashtags. You can also use these hashtags to increase your brand.






2. Food-related Reels hashtags

When you scroll your feeds, you have seen at least one food-related post on Instagram. If you are a food blogger, you can use these hashtags for your post.






3. Reels Hashtags for Dance

Dancers have many opportunities to show their talents on Instagram, and users always love to watch dancing videos. If you are looking to reach your target audience, you can use these trending hashtags for your reels.






4. Festival related hashtag for reels

You can use the festival hashtag in your reels. It allows you to showcase your creativity to your followers, and it can also help your business reach the maximum audience.





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5. Reels hashtag for travel

Everyone loves traveling, so you can share your travel videos by using these hashtags for travel posts. It will help you to get more engagement.

# traveling




# traveler

Here are some popular hashtags you can use to make your reels go viral.



#real instagram

#reels instagram


How to find Best Instagram Reels Hashtags of 2022

Only if you use the right hashtags for your reels are you able to achieve your business goals. Here are the four best ways to find your Instagram reels hashtags in 2022.


To find the best hashtags for your Instagram reels, tap magnifying icons at the screen’s button. This will show you the most popular and trending reels on Instagram. With This, you can search for specific themes in the screen bar at the top of the screen to look for trending hashtags. In the search result, you will find the following taps:


It shows the top result for your search term sometimes may be different based on your app use.


It shows the relevant account based on your search.


It shows relevant locations nearby you, and it is also based on your search word.


It shows the most popular and relevant hashtags based on your search term.

Study Your Competitor:

Another great way to find top Instagram reels hashtags for your videos is to identify the most popular brands and influencers on the platform. Once you find your competitor look at their videos and see what type of hashtag they are using in their reels videos. Competitor research will help you to promote your brand using Instagram reels hashtags.

Check Other Social Networks:

A hashtag that is trending on other social media like TikTok and Thriller or in a regular Instagram story and post is an excellent idea to use that trending hashtag in your reels to get more engagement. You can also use a hashtag generator to search for some popular hashtags on the platform.


If you want to capture your followers’ attention you should use popular hashtags in your posts and videos. By using hashtags in Instagram reels can help you to promote your reels videos and it will increase your business growth simultaneously.

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