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30 Innovative Instagram Content Ideas To Improve Engagements

Instagram has turned out to be one of the leading and quick-growing social media platforms. If the length of the users is increased, the amount of content is also increased. The content includes plenty of brands; moreover, Instagram is the marketing channel for many brands and companies.

Well, when it comes to content creation, how do you create content for your profile? In this article, I’ve collected 30 innovative content ideas for your post, as well as stories to uplift your engagement rate on Instagram. This article will be more beneficial for business marketers who want to grow their business.

Let’s get started,

1.    Come Up With Special offers & Promo Codes

Running special offers deals, particularly for the Instagram community, will be an excellent idea to make your audience honored. You can even let people know when the sales start in advance. It generates buzz, hype among your audience before the sales starts, and they will eagerly wait for the offer. Another trick is, you can create promo codes specifically for your Instagram audience; trust me, it will raise your engagement rate and get more clients for your business.

2. Post Quotes For Audience

Quotes on Instagram may be unfamiliar to the content creators and also its rare content. Anyways it helps to stand it out from the crowd. When it comes to quotes, you can create funny, hilarious, inspiring, motivational quotes, along with adding relevant CTA and catchy captions will boost your engagement rates.

3.    Do More How-To-Videos

On Instagram, how-to videos or tutorial content will go work on this platform. This is because it will give a demo about your products in an easy and accessible way, making the audience try your products.

4.    Publish Behind-The-Scenes Content

Brands are pretty different from influencers, bloggers, or regular users, because, according to the strategy, they’ll plan and schedule content. Some people plan their content even before two months, but there is nothing wrong with it. Do you know? Sometimes, being natural and creating spontaneous content will get instant engagement. For instance, like telling people we are here, we are working on. Trust me; it will not only create engagement but also keep your audience close.

5.    Sneak peek From Your Interviews.

If the media or press takes any interview about your business or brands, grab this opportunity, pick some of the exciting pieces in your interview and upload it on your Instagram stories.

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6.    Post Videos Related To Trending Topics

All of you heard about the famous ice bucket or ten years challenge on Instagram which got popular on reels. Infact, most of the people tried these challenges and gained millions of views. Creating content on trending topics is an effortless method to drive more engagement. By taking part in current trending challenges you can attain more Instagram Reel views for your video also it will  bring bags of attention to the rest of your videos. People will appreciate fresh and creative content, so through this you can keep on creating new content for them.

7.    Do Recommends Your Favorite Stuff

Do you read any book, which is worth sharing with your audience? Not only books, you may watch any movies, purchase any new brand, if it’s found useful, share it with your audience. It may seem like B2B, a brand itself promoting another company. You can even collaborate with related products and can seek cross-promotion.

8.    Host Contest & Giveaways

Actually, running contests is a simple and effective way to generate engagement. It not only creates new content for your account but also you can increase your engagement.

9.    Humanize Your Brand

As a business owner or brand, share your day-to-day process and daily routines to show your brand’s human face. For instance, sharing a day from your office, plans, work that you need to complete in one day. Showcase your audience that employees of your company are working in a real and fun-filled environment. You can spread good vibes by showing yourself with your team members, company infrastructure.

10.  Let Your Employees Have Some Screen Time

People on Instagram always wanted to know the company or brand. Show your employees, and their works will build trust and authenticity among your business.

11.  Spend Time On Designing Your Outlook Of Instagram Profile

If you try to concentrate on outlook, you need to spend a lot of time working on getting the perfect one. When you have a proper plan and preparation, it’s easy as well as effective. Creating your profile as a single piece will convert it into a unique picture.

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12.  Use Some Innovative Ideas To Present Your Product

Presenting your product in front of your audience may look simple, but not. Just like that, you must not proceed with it, and it must be engaging, eye-catching, captivating, mainly it must be creative. 

13.  Show Your Brand Or Product In A Real Situation

Usually, companies will always show the stylish, impressive side of the brand. It will be more worthwhile and essential to establish your brand how your brand builds for people. Try to bring your brand in an everyday situation in front of the audience’s eyes.

14.  Make use Of User-Generated Content.

Brand love user-generated content; people are very much eager to create content for your business. Once you upload their content, they’ll feel happy, important. On the other hand, your brand value increases, and people start to trust you.

15.  Let Your Employee Take Over Your Account

You could use your Instagram account, particularly for an employer branding platform. This will work if you’re running technological, IT-related companies. In this case, you don’t have much content to share, so you can hand over your account to the Hr team, let them share job offers, fun facts about your company, any events.

16.  What About Throwback

It is always fun and happy to look back a little bit in your life. You can share any throwback picture, event, happy moments, and more.

17.  Release Sneak Peek Of Your Upcoming Plan

You may plan to launch any new product, new website, event registration, or something like that. Try to release a sneak peek for your upcoming product launch or new content that creates buzz among your audience.

18.  Utilize Countdown Stickers

Make use of countdown stickers to make your audience wait for specific content. At the same time, don’t irritate your audience; try to make them short for five days.

19.  Upload Funny Or Comedy Content

Funny or comedy content is quite famous on Instagram; if you spot any comedy post, share it with your audience.

20.  Come Up With Series

If you have more to say or more information to tell, you create a series and post regularly on your Instagram IGTV.

21.  Reuse Your Popular Content

If you have any popular content that is already posted on any media like YouTube, Facebook, you can reuse it on Instagram.

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22.  Post Informative Content Tips & Hacks

If you spot any informative or useful content and find it valuable to your audience, you can post it on your feed.

23.  Showcase Your Social Responsibility

Currently, people are more conscious about brands and seeing how they react to social responsibility. They are watching whether your company cares about society, the environment, animals, local community. So tell people how your brand cares about all those factors.

24.  Show How Your Product Is Created

Showing how your product is created from scratch to end will be more interesting for your audience. It will make your audience connect more with your business.

25.  Share Your Industry News

You can share any new updates about your company and tell people how you feel about these changes. Either it may be crucial or appealing; it will be worth it in front of your audience.

26.  Post Your Current Events

If you organize or participate in any events, utilize them properly. You can produce more content with one event, like registration, behind-the-scenes, summaries, and more.

27.  Appreciate your Audience Presence

People like to be recognized and appreciated if they comment on your post or respond to your action, like replying to your feedback sessions. You can show your appreciation by replying to their comments, liking their post, uploading their content to your profile.

28.  Identify Your Audience Expectation

Posting content related to your audience’s expectations will help to get closer to your audience. Anyways, to do this, you have to know your target audience and identify their needs and expectations.

29.  Numbers Are Attractive

Showing everything in a number will be more attractive and impressive. For instance, you can tell how many employees you have, clients, coffees you had this year, and more.


I hope this article will give you plenty of innovative ideas for your content on Instagram. Sure, the ideas mentioned above are engaging and will drive more engagement to your Instagram account.

I hope this article will give you plenty of innovative ideas for your content on Instagram. Sure, the ideas mentioned above are engaging and will drive more engagement to your Instagram account.

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