5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Graphics Card

Purchasing anything online is very easy. All you have to do is to find something for yourself, order it and get that thing delivered at your doorbell. You can purchase anything you want. For that, websites like Amazon and eBay are some great examples.

But the thing that matters is the product quality. Before purchasing a product, do you read reviews of that product? Do you think that this product will work best for me? What are the reasons that force you to purchase that product?

There are many factors to consider, but today I am going to guide you about graphics cards. People who do online shopping also purchase graphics cards because technology is advancing day by day. Without a graphics card, working on your PC build is difficult.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing

So in this article, I’ll reveal the 5 things to consider before purchasing a graphics card for yourself. People who don’t consider these things regret later. People, especially gamers and video editors, invest a lot in graphics cards, but they have to take precautions before purchasing them.

Base and Boost Clock

Base and Boost Clock are two main things that play a vital role in speeding your graphics cards. You have an 8 GB graphics card with an 800 MHz Base Clock and 1000 MHz Boost Clock. But on the other hand, you see a graphics card with 6 GB memory, but its Base Clock is 1200 MHz, and Boost Clock is 1500 MHz. Indeed the graphics card with high Base and Boost Clocks will work best because more Base Clock means more performance.

So always select a graphics card with a high Base and Boost Clock because memory number doesn’t matter a lot when your Base and Boost Clocks are low.

Let me clear this to you with an example. We look at 2 popular graphics cards, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070. Both graphics cards are from the same manufacturer, but we get different numbers when seeing their memory parameters.

This NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 has 12 GB GDDR6 memory, whereas this RTX 3070 has 8 GB GDDR6 memory. The RTX 3060’s Base Clock is 1.41 GHz, whereas the RTX 3070’s is 1.58 GHz. When we see their memory interface width, we get 192-bit with RTX 3060 and 256-bit with RTX 3070. So what is your vote? What do you think which graphics card wins?

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My answer is RTX 3070, and even it has 8 GB memory. That’s what I am trying to make you understand. You can also see the benchmarking of these two graphics cards. RTX 3070 wins from RTX 3060 because its secondary memory that supports the primary memory is higher.

So that’s why this Base and Boost Clock is important. That’s the first thing to consider before purchasing any graphics card for yourself. You can check these figures from the official websites of manufacturers. You can find those apps from ATOZ APK. You’ll surely find a suitable app for this work.

Memory Interface Width

After finding a graphics card with perfect Base and Boost Clock, the second thing that matters the most is the Memory Interface Width. I’ve talked about this when I was covering the Base and Boost Clock section.

Your memory interface width matters a lot because it works as a broker in the instruction and data transfer. Let’s say you are playing any game that requires a lot of memory.

Now, if your graphics card’s memory interface width is 192-bit, it will transfer 192 GB/s of data to show the highest image quality. But if your graphics card’s memory interface width is 256-bit, it will transfer 256 GB/s of data. When your graphics card can deliver data faster, you’ll experience fantastic image quality without any FPS drops and input delays.

So that’s the reason your graphics card’s memory interface should be higher. You can get a high amount of data transfers inside the games. So always purchase a graphics card with high memory interface width.

PCI Express Revision

After noticing these 2 things, the third important thing is the PCI Express revision, which is found in your motherboard, not the graphics card. So now you will be worried about why I am talking about the feature not found in that component.

So let me be clear. You’ve to decide to purchase your graphics card after seeing the PCI Express revision that your motherboard offers. That’s necessary because the PCI Express revision matters in speeding your graphics card.

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Let’s say you have a Gigabyte motherboard offering PCI Express 3.0. If you decide to purchase an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 SUPRIM, it will not work on that motherboard because this RTX 3090 SUPRIM requires PCI Express 4.0. Also, it is a 24 GB graphics card, whereas the PCI Express 3.0 revision has a maximum bandwidth of 16 GB/s.

So that’s the 3rd precaution you’ve to take, and that’s necessary. If you are looking for some best graphics cards and motherboards with the latest PCI Express revisions, you must visit a popular website named Bingo. On that website, you’ll also find the 7 best graphics cards for overwatch games. So don’t forget to visit that website if you want some high-quality graphics cards.


Before purchasing any graphics card, you must have a look at the graphics card’s fans. There are several graphics cards of different brands. Some graphics cards have only one fan, some have two, and some have three.

Your PC build is equipped with RGB fans and a CPU Cooler, but that doesn’t mean you should never notice the fans of your graphics cards. Noticing the fans of your graphics card is necessary because, in extreme conditions, your graphics card’s fans start working. So if you have a graphics card with multiple fans, no heat will stay inside it.

It’s good if your graphics card has 2 or 3 fans because those fans will never allow any heat to stay inside your PC case in extreme conditions. So always choose a graphics card with multiple fans. If you are a hardcore gamer, then you must never choose a graphics card with one fan. But if you perform simple tasks and don’t put an extra load on your PC, then a graphics card with one fan works well.

Still, I don’t recommend choosing a graphics card with one fan. Always look for a graphics card with 2 or 3 fans at least.


The 5th and the last thing is the temperature. Your temperature matters a lot. When you turn your PC ON, your graphics card’s temperature is normal. But when you put your graphics card in extreme conditions, its temperature increases.

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Finding a brand new seal-packed graphics card is difficult because miners use graphics cards first, then pack them with a brand new seal and sell them in the local markets. The performance of those graphics cards isn’t good because those graphics cards are used for mining.

So to identify such a thing, you’ve to see the temperature of the graphics card you are going to purchase. First of all, you must go to a shopkeeper and tell them that I want to purchase this graphics card, do you have one? If they say “YES,” then ask him to give you permission to checking.

In that checking phase, you must install software that analyzes the GPU’s temperature. Run a heavy game on that PC build that the shopkeeper has offered.

For that, you must run Days Gone and Red Dead Redemption 2 on ultra-high graphics and maximum resolution. Run these 2 games for more than 1 hour and see the temperature. If all the temperature indicators are green, then purchase that graphics card or look for another because the chances are that this graphics card has been used for mining if its temperature increases.

But if your graphics card’s temperature remains calm even after you’ve tested a game for more than 1 hour on ultra-high graphics, then you are good to go. Your graphics card isn’t used on mining rigs, which will deliver excellent performance in big games.

So that’s the last precaution you’ve to take after you’ve reached the shop to purchase a graphics card for yourself. If you take these precautions, you’ll never have to invest again and again in these cards.

Also, investing again and again in one thing is not recommended. So take these precautions and purchase a graphics card. You can comfortably explore the gaming and video editing industry with your graphics card with just one purchase.


So these were the 5 things to consider before purchasing a graphics card for yourself. I’ve revealed a piece of exciting information that no one talks about. So if you have liked my article, then drop a comment. We always love to listen to some positive reviews from our readers, which motivates us to write more articles like that.

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