9 Collaboration Tips for Remote Teams

Due to the ongoing Pandemic in 2020, more companies, startups, and other businesses are working remotely. This is a new normal and almost every professional across the world is adjusting to working remotely. During the start, most of the professionals find it difficult to collaborate and work in coordination due to the remote work culture. This can be due to different time zones, internet accessibility, etc. which may be difficult for some of the remote workers.

However, there are certain tips that one can follow which makes it easier to collaborate with other team members working remotely. This will also aid in getting habitual in a remote working environment and slowly you will begin to enjoy this remote work culture.

9 Collaboration Tips for Remote Teams

1. Schedule a meeting at least twice a week with all team members

Scheduling a meeting or catchup for the upcoming deliverables and the progress so far makes it easier for every team to be in alignment with ongoing projects and other tasks. You should schedule a common time which makes it easier for everyone to join depending on the different time zones. These meetings aid in making the workflow more precise and achieving the deliverables under extreme deadlines.

2. Communication should be the priority

In a remote work culture, it is essential to be in touch in case of any doubts, queries, or any other updates. Every member within the team should be available on any communication channels so that the person is always updated regarding the ongoing activities within different teams spread across different parts of the world.

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3. Make sure that you have a quiet work space

Yes, it is true. You must have a silent room in your home where you will be working remotely with no noise. Whenever you have an online meeting or work on a deliverable which needs to be completed under extreme deadlines, working in silence is more productive. This also helps you stay more focused in case you have family members living with you.

4. Use the right software for meetings, updates, and communications purposes

Your device, whether it’s a laptop or desktop, should be installed with proper software for collaboration, communication to aid with your workflow. Microsoft Teams is one such solution that provides all remote employees to collaborate and communicate effectively through its features such as calling, video conferencing, content collaboration with Office 365 applications, and more. This software also can integrate with various applications within your workflow.

5. Do a social virtual meetup at least once a month

A social virtual meetup is all about enjoying healthy discussions on various topics (adventure, gossip etc.) while keeping aside all work stuff. This is a kind of online or virtual team party to celebrate success and achievements. Though the employees are spread across the world, the bonding should be close. These kinds of virtual meetups bring employees closer and not make them feel still far away.

6. Use forums to provide regular feedback

It is important to have regular feedback from remote employees regarding any difficulties or problems that they want to share or highlight. Moreover, it helps to understand whether there are certain things they wish to reshuffle within the workflow or any other suggestions. This helps your team work together in a  more efficient manner.

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7. All logistics regarding remote work should be in place

This also plays an important role in the workflow. As a remote employee, you need to have proper internet connectivity and a decent laptop or desktop with a good configuration. Also, all software is properly installed to make things work as per the company’s protocols.

8. Be transparent and open-minded with your teammates

You need to be open-minded and friendly with all your team members. Also, you need to respect and put emphasis on getting to know each other during free hours. You should treat them equally and make one another comfortable during discussions.

9. Proper time management, sleep management and staying fit

Most of the time, due to remote work, we may disturb our sleeping patterns due to which our performance is not up to the par and you may not collaborate effectively with other team members. So, you need to take proper rest and sleep as well and take care of your health. Take proper nutrition and manage time effectively while working remotely.

So, these are some of the essential and valuable collaboration tips for remote teams. These tips will surely help you in working and collaborating more effectively with other remote team members.

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