5G, Internet Of Things And Artificial Intelligence

We live in a world that is lifeless without technology. Technology is present in all walks of our lives from smart wear to smart shoes. Everything has been digitised in the current world. This digitization has helped us advance further, our grasp on how this universe operates. We have new technology being created as we speak and here we will discuss relatively new topics namely 5G, Internet of Things, and Artificial Intelligence.

Fifth Generation

5G also known as the ‘Fifth Generation’ is the successor of 4G which we use ever so widely in our country. In articles published on the internet about this technology, it uses higher-frequency radio waves to achieve higher speeds than its predecessors. Currently, it is said to achieve speeds of gigabits per second. Just to put this in context, 4G can achieve speeds only up to megabits per second. 5G has been designed with an extended capacity to enable the next-generation user experiences, empower new deployment models, and deliver new services. 

A number of devices support the 5G spectrum and in a matter of a few years, various mobile network carriers will start deploying this spectrum as well. Many companies have already manufactured and marketed devices that are compatible with this technology. Due to this technology, the speeds which were attainable only on wired networks are now attainable on wireless networks. 5G is a relatively new technology when compared to the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence and doesn’t bear anything in common with them. There are many advantages to 5G but many people fear that extensive usage of this technology may lead to the extinction of all birdlife.

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Internet Of Things Or IoT

Internet of Things or IoT is a network of interconnected devices. IoT can connect everything from the air conditioning to the vacuum cleaner of our houses. IoT’s major significant trend in recent years is the explosive growth of devices connected and controlled by the Internet. Many companies have various products like smart bands, smart TVs, smart ACs, and smart cars. The wide range of applications for IoT technology means that the specifics can be very different from one device to the next but there are basic characteristics shared by most. 

The three basic components of IoT are the devices, the network, and the systems. For example, the device could be a smart television, the network would be the secure Wi-Fi using it’s connected to, and the system would be the phone by which all the controls of the TV are accessed. IoT has helped connect a lot of devices and helped make the life of us humans simpler. Some people believe that IoT may lead to a breach of privacy. As everything is interconnected and if the connection or even the device is not equipped with the latest security protocols, a well-experienced hacker could breach such connections and cause a lot of disruptions in the life of people as well as the companies selling these products.

Artificial Intelligence Or AI

Artificial Intelligence or AI is also known as machine intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with making intelligent computer systems, those which exhibit characteristics we associate with intelligence in human behavior-understanding language, learning, reasoning, solving problems, and so on. A typical AI analyzes its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success. 

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An AI’s intended utility function or goal can be simple i.e. 1 if the AI wins a game of Go, 0 otherwise or complex i.e. Perform actions mathematically similar to ones that succeeded in the past. Goals can be explicitly defined or induced. If AI is programmed for reinforcement learning, goals can be implicitly induced by rewarding some types of behavior or punishing others.AI This has led to the automation of various human tasks in numerous industries. 

We have got technology that drives the car itself to robots that greet you, help you file a complaint. AI has various branches under it, machine learning, robotics, and neural networks to name a few. AI has been a boon for many industries but has also caused concerns with many people as most of their jobs are at risk due to the automation factor of AI.

Key Differences

The key differences between all of the technologies mentioned in this article are 5G is basically an evolution of the mobile network, IOT is neither automatic nor is it like 5G and finally, AI has only components of IoT and 5G. The technologies mentioned have both advantages as well as disadvantages but nonetheless are necessary for the evolution of mankind. 

All three technologies that are mentioned in this article are very different from each other but they definitely complement each other in one or more ways. The three technologies are definitely inching us closer to the future and once this pandemic is finally conquered, we can expect many more such world-changing technologies emerging.

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