Who Is Archie Heaton, Charlie Heaton’s Son? Everything To Know About Him

Archie Heaton is a famous child who gained recognition as a result of his celebrity parents. Charlie Heaton, a well-known actor, is Archie’s father, and his mother, Akiko Matsuura, is a Japanese professional pianist. Charlie Heaton, the father of Archie is popular for his lead role in the Netflix series Stranger Things as Jonathan. The series catapulted him to the top. How well do you understand Charlie Heaton’s son?

Archie’s father Charlie Heaton is a well-known British musician and actor. His parents and grandparents are both well-known international personalities. He adores athletics and is taking acting classes at such a young age. His parents continue to be close despite no longer being married.

The English actor and musician discussed how he began his career by touring with his band. This was the occasion when Archie’s father Charlie met his mother Akiko and they started dating each other.

Archie Heaton’s Profile Summary

NameArchie Heaton
Birth Date19 May 2014
Age8 Years Old
Height3 Feet 2 Inches
FatherCharlie Heaton
MotherAkiko Matsuura

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Archie Heaton

  • Archie inherited both British and Japanese ancestry from his parents. He also has his father and mother’s names, Heaton and Matsuura.
  • Archie has only recently begun primary school, and his father is also paying for his acting lessons.
  • Both of his parents have stated openly that they will allow Archie to choose his own career path. They do, however, want him to complete his study and obtain a degree.
  • Archie is currently an only kid on both ends of the family. Charlie and Akiko believe this is a big reason he gets away with so much.
  • Archie is a hardworking and athletic young man. When he is not attending classes for acting or attending school, he enjoys playing basketball and soccer with his buddies.
  • He enjoys being outside, and when he is cooped up inside, he enjoys playing video games on his PlayStation.
  • It may be too soon to tell, but Archie’s parents have noticed that he enjoys Mathematics in particular more than other subjects.
  • His father takes him to see plays at a local theatre and new movies at the cinema on occasion, trying to pique his interest in the film industry.
  • Archie is an animal enthusiast who has visited the animal shelter countless times. On the other hand, his parents haven’t yet allowed to let him to get a pet.
  • Archie is mostly nurtured by his mother, who lives in London. He also has the opportunity to spend quality time with his father, who is currently dating Natalia Dyer.
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Who is Archie Heaton?

Archie Heaton is a famous celebrity kid who is well-known because of his parents’ popularity. Archie is only eight years old, but he has risen to notoriety in the entertainment industry, thanks in large part to his father, Charlie Heaton. Despite the fact that he has not accomplished much, people are interested in him because of his background.

Archie Heaton was born in 2014, when Charlie Heaton was 20 years old, in England, his father’s home country. Charlie’s son is said to spend most of his time with his mother, Akiko Matsuura, whom Charlie met and dated as a teen.

Early Life of Archie Heaton

Archie Heaton was born on May 19, 2014, and is 8 years old in 2022. By Zodiac sign, he is a Gemini. He is still a minor, but he has grown in popularity thanks to the influence of his parents, particularly his father. Archie Heaton is of Japanese and British descent. As a result, he is of mixed ethnicity.

Stranger Things, a popular Netflix series, features his father, Charlie. His father is an actor, while his mother has long dazzled audiences with her voice and drumming abilities.

Archie Heaton was born in the United Kingdom. He rose to prominence as a result of his parents’ celebrity. He currently resides in London, primarily with his mother, Akiko Matsuura, whom Chalie dated as a teen. Archie Heaton is a British citizen. His dad and he both practice Christianity. He is currently enrolled in school and is said to be a very well-behaved young man.

Archie Heaton Career

Archie Heaton is an eight-year-old boy who is finishing his schoolwork. He is only in the third grade and wishes to enjoy his childhood. He is a little cute boy who loves going to school and playing games along with their classmates and friends.

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However, it is stated that he excels in school and has a talent for athletics. He is sincere in his profession and is guided by his mother and father. Archie is a hardworking and talented young boy who loves to do unique activities at school.

He has not yet commented about his future plans, thus it is unknown whether he would follow in his father’s footsteps. Many people speculate that he may become a child actor, but his parents have so far dismissed such speculations. They urge him to concentrate on his studies and finish college now.

Archie Heaton Personal Life

Archie Heaton is still just eight years old, and nothing about his life may be said without his parents’ permission. Archie lives with his parents, whom he adores. They have a wonderful family. Archie, on the other hand, does not have any siblings; his parents joke that he wishes he did.

Who is Akiko Matsuura? Detail on the Mother of Charlie Heaton’s son.

Akiko Matsuura is a Japanese drummer and musician best known for her work as a drummer and backup vocalist for the English electronic rock band The Big Pink.

Charlie and Akiko met in the noise rock band Commanechi, where Heaton was the drummer and Matsuura was the frontwoman, before his acting career took off.

He toured with the band for about a year and met Matsuura during that time. Matsuura’s personal life is widely undefined.

Who is Archie Heaton’s Dad?

Charlie Heaton, an English actor, and musician is his father. He was born in Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, on February 6, 1994. He is best recognized for his role as Jonathan Byers in the Netflix supernatural drama Stranger Things. Charlie has also appeared in films such as Shut In (2016), Marrowbone (2017), and The New Mutants (2020).

What is Archie Heaton’s Net Worth?

Archie Heaton does not have a personal net worth. His father, Charlie Heaton, is worth more than $4 million. At the same time, his mother, Akiko Matsuura, is worth approximately $1 million. As a result, his parents’ net worth of more than $5 million can be attributed to him.

Archie Heaton is not on any social media platforms. Archie Heaton is too young to own and manage social media accounts. Archie Heaton does not have an official social media account because his parents have not registered one in his name.

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Archie Heaton’s Physical Appearance

Archie Heaton is a very cute little boy who stands 3 feet 2 inches tall, or around 124 cm. He is a healthy weight of about 28 kilograms (98 pounds). His eyes are dark brown, and his hair is blonde. Archie appears in public with his parents on occasion and is regarded as a well-behaved child with impeccable manners.

Who has Custody of Archie Heaton, Charlie Heaton’s son?

Archie lives with his mother in London. Charlie, now 28, splits his time between the US, where his career is primarily based, and London, where his son lives. Above is everything to know about Archie Heaton, Charlie Heaton’s son. He is still a minor and has gained popularity due to the influence of his parents, especially his dad.

What is the relationship between Archie Heaton’s father Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer?

Heaton and Dyer co-star in “Stranger Things,” a Netflix original series. They began dating before the second season of “Stranger Things” began filming. Several sources said at the time that the couple spent every moment together, on and off the set. If the timetable is accurate, the couple has been dating for nearly five years.

While some couples may grow tired of each other after spending so much time together, Dyer and Heaton like to spend as much time together as possible. Several sources claim that the two are “infatuated with each other.” They also enjoy being with a partner who is going through the same professional challenges as them. “It’s interesting to work with someone you go home with,” Natalia said about working with Heaton in an interview with InStyle.


Archie Matsuura Heaton, who was born into stardom by showbiz pros, could be a showbiz star in the making. Only time will tell which career route he will eventually take. For the time being, he is being groomed to be a wonderful blend of academics and arts, while sharing a working co-parentage with his parents, Charles and Akiko. The world looks forward to his brilliance. That’s all about the information we have collected on Archie Heaton, Charlie Heaton, and Akiko Matsuura’s son.

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