Tools For Digital Marketing In 2022

Similar to how a carpenter requires a saw and a drill to build a house, a marketer needs a number of digital marketing tools to boost traffic and convert leads into consumers.

But I also understand that choosing the proper tool from among the numerous available might be difficult. Being aware of all the new tools, trends, tips, and tactics that surface every day in the vast world of marketing can at times be daunting.

In light of this, we’ve decided to put up a list of several marketing tactics you should investigate in 2022.

Let’s dig into it. We will discuss these points:

  • Digital marketing and data analysis tools
  • Social media tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • SEO tools

Digital marketing and data analytics tools

  • Google Search Console
  • Heatmap analysis
  • Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Users may monitor website traffic, assess keyword performance, fix issues, and get updates from Google about their website using the free Google Search Console tool.

It provides data on a website’s performance in organic search and recommendations for enhancing Google’s indexing of the site.

Instead of providing additional categories like direct traffic, traffic from advertisements, and traffic from site referrals, Search Console solely provides statistics on traffic that comes from internet searches, in contrast to Google Analytics.

Around 17 years ago, when it was still referred to as “Webmaster Tools,” Google originally debuted Search Console. The objective has stayed the same even if the name and many of its features have changed since then.

Google Search Console does not allow you to make direct changes to your website, but you may use it to submit pages to Google’s index, check that the URLs on your site are correct, and look for problems throughout your whole domain property.

In particular for SEO, Search Console is a helpful tool for changing approach. Using the information that can be collected through Search Console, businesses may find out how precisely people are accessing their website and how to enhance current performance. As a result, it becomes an essential tool for every business that counts on its website to deliver a great user experience or to create leads from organic visitors.

Heatmap analysis

A heatmap is a visualization of data where colors stand in for values.

They are essential in assessing what on a website or product page works correctly or wrong.

Heatmaps enable you to assess the success of your product and improve user engagement and retention as you prioritize the tasks that will generate customer value. 

You can do this by experimenting with the placement of specific buttons and website components on your website. Heatmaps make it simple to see and quickly comprehend complicated data.

Website and product heatmaps use colors on a scale from red to blue to represent the most popular, „warm” and least popular, „cold”, portions of the website content on your site.

Who uses heatmaps, though, and how do they operate?

Heatmaps provide deep insights into user behavior on a website, assisting product teams, marketers, digital and data analysts, UX designers, social media specialists, and anyone selling anything online in figuring out why users aren’t adopting their product, using call-to-action (CTA) buttons, or converting.

Heatmaps aggregate user behavior, which makes it easier to combine quantitative and qualitative data for data analysis

They provide a quick understanding of how your target market interacts with the individual product or website pages, what they click on, scroll through, or ignore, helping you spot trends and optimize your site and product to boost user engagement and sales.

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Why are my users not converting? or “How can I encourage more visitors to take action?” are just two of the important business concerns and goals that heatmaps assist product managers and website owners in addressing.

But not every heatmap provides the same information. There are several types of heatmaps:

  • Scroll heatmap
  • Segment heatmap
  • Click heatmap

Scroll heatmap

Scroll heatmap is the most important for assessing the content. And we’ll tell you why.

You can observe how long visitors spend scrolling around your website and where they spend the most time using scroll heatmaps.

This information may at first appear worthless given that the majority of us no longer have the time to explore or really go through a website, but we assure you that you won’t regret using this tool.

Use scroll heatmaps to track, for example, how long visitors spend scrolling down your blog page. This will offer you a clear picture of how engaging the content was and show you whether readers click on any embedded links.

If only the first few lines of the article have been scrolled down, you might be able to discern that your target audience is not interested in your content. Remove these articles and replace them with ones that scroll heatmaps have been found to be effective.

Another outstanding advantage is the capability to use scroll heatmaps to choose the location of the link inside the text. Keep in mind that this is crucial because the content won’t be as effective without well-chosen connections.

They must be placed in an area where guests are likely to read them.

Segment heatmap

Segment heatmaps may be used to determine where the majority of your traffic originates.

In light of this, the following information might help you if you’re having trouble keeping track of your purchases.

All you need to do is research the most well-liked resources and create a successful marketing strategy for them. If you see that social networking sites are where the majority of your traffic is coming from, you should put more content there, including advertisements.

Segment heatmaps also show how both new and recurring website users interact with your site, which is another advantage.

You’ll be able to compare how new and returning visitors act on your site if you have this information in mind. This is essential since it enables you to create a website that is entirely user-friendly. Your UX will be perfect as a consequence.

The technology may also be used to make your internet business more easily accessible. You can solve the issues brought on by different usage patterns by using segment heatmaps.

Click heatmap

When you want to find out how visitors use your website, click heatmaps are a great tool to employ. It helps you identify the most well-liked buttons, subpages, or goods.

When attempting to enhance your website or produce effective advertising, it may come in very beneficial.

To determine which CTAs on your website are doing well, employ click heatmaps. They might be utilized for website optimization as well as in your marketing.

You should also consider certain design components since they are likely to be successful in your marketing if they were successful in your webshop. Isn’t that intriguing?

Google Analytics

One of the greatest free advertising tools is Google Analytics, which you really must utilize in your 2022 campaigns’ digital marketing plan. 

The process of adding the Analytics code to your website just takes a few minutes. It will enable you to keep tabs on all visitor activity.

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You’ll be aware of who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, and which pages they are spending the most time on.

Additionally, you can create an eCommerce setup with Google Analytics, set up objectives to analyze conversions, and even track events to better understand your user interaction.

Therefore, be sure to install Google Analytics right away if you haven’t previously. You may adapt your future marketing and advertising tactics to get the greatest outcomes by using all the essential and priceless information it provides.

Social media tools

  • Hootsuite
  • Planable


With its assistance, marketers from all over the world may schedule social media posts in advance, which will help them save a lot of valuable time.

With this software, managing your social media staff is quite simple. You may configure several permission levels for your team members in Hootsuite and manage their access rights.

By doing this, you can ensure that everyone understands the importance of branding.

You can monitor the effectiveness of your social media material if you use Hootsuite. This application records public conversations about branding and other topics that could interest you and your company in addition to calculating ROI and conversions.


A social media collaboration tool called Planable aids groups in jointly producing better content. 

Planable, which was developed with marketing teams in mind, enables you to schedule posts for 7 social media platforms, organize your content calendar, analyze forthcoming posts, and generate social media mockups.

Email marketing tools

  • Mailchimp
  • Hunter
  • SendX


You can design effective email marketing campaigns with Mailchimp, an all-in-one email marketing platform. 

You have the opportunity to create professional emails and increase sales with the aid of its drag-and-drop feature and pre-designed email templates. Additionally, you can oversee and monitor several email campaigns in real-time to make sure that they all provide the required outcomes.

In addition to being incredibly simple to use, Mailchimp also has a full set of features. You may use graphics, and custom fonts when creating your emails, and you can run A/B tests on these emails to determine which one performs better.

Even better, they provide a free email marketing service plan that is ideal for any small business with a tight budget. 

Up to 2500 contacts, one audience dashboard, segmentation tools, fundamental email templates, and fundamental reporting are all supported. However, I urge you to look into their premium plans if you want to go beyond these figures and features.


Hunter enables you to locate and validate the email addresses of other professionals so that you may interact with them by cold email.

To locate email addresses using a person’s name or domain name, utilize Hunter’s Email Finder and Domain Search tools. Additionally, it is possible to locate email addresses in bulk.

You may use the Email Verifier tool to check if email addresses are legitimate and secure before contacting them.

Additionally, Hunter provides you with Campaigns, a platform for setting up and managing cold email campaigns.


A simple and cost-effective email marketing solution is SendX. SendX takes pride in providing one of the easiest user interfaces for marketers. 

SendX offers best-in-class email deliverability, advanced automation features, and unlimited email blasts with every package. With more than 1500 layouts, we also provide one of the largest collections of email templates online.

You can put your marketing on auto-pilot using SendX. Create client segments based on subscriber behavior, demographics, and more than 25 additional factors.

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Through drip campaigns jam-packed with triggered emails, online forms, mobile-optimized emails, autoresponder emails, customer surveys, etc., a customer will be able to reach subscribers. Email campaigns may be broadcast, and you can get in-depth analytics on important campaign performance information like clicks, opens, and more.

SEO tools

  • MOZ
  • Semrush
  • Ahref


Numerous tools for SEO and website monitoring are offered by this platform. Having said that, you may keep an eye on your website, verify keywords, conduct keyword research, and even check the domain authority of your website.

Another fantastic feature worth highlighting is the ability to learn how to optimize your page with the aid of Moz Bar, a free plugin available for Google Chrome. 

By providing a score between 1 and 100, for instance, if you’ve recently optimized one of your pages, you may use this tool to assess how well you performed.

The sites you should highlight and the keywords you should focus on are decided by MOZ. As a comprehensive SEO tool, I can say that MOZ is somewhat similar to a roadmap in that it outlines what has to be done and updates you on your progress.


SEMrush is an indispensable all-in-one SEO tool, regardless of your level of experience in the field of digital marketing. 

You may track the performance of your website and do keyword research with the aid of this fantastic tool. Additionally, it will examine your backlinks, evaluate your ranks, and reveal additional information about your main rivals.

You can watch the position of your keywords with SEMrush, as well as discover new phrases that you may rank for. Additionally, this tool provides a ton of keyword ideas and suggestions so that your blog posts and landing pages are optimized with the most pertinent material.

Additionally, SEMrush offers several free, helpful training for SEO newbies. You’ll be able to pick up expertise from the finest in this method, which will help you rank better on Google.


Ahrefs is a potent and market-dominating SEO platform that aids in increasing website traffic. Its abundance of fantastic features, including keyword research, link-building, ranking tracking, traffic analysis, website audits, and competitor research and analysis, make it one of the most advanced platforms.

Ahrefs has a ton of tools that may truly assist you in expanding your efforts in SEO and digital marketing. But keep in mind that this tool is a little technical, so you’ll need to spend some time learning how to utilize it effectively.

I do want to share with you another aspect of this platform, though. Ahrefs is a rather expensive tool, but it’s worthwhile. You should test out this program whether you’re an SEO expert that works for an agency or a freelance SEO firm.


Everything in the modern, technological world in which we live is constantly changing. Use cutting-edge and practical marketing techniques to ensure you’re making every attempt to expand your company and convert prospective leads into paying clients.

In light of this, we really hope that today’s list of marketing tools will assist you in achieving the success you are so ardently pursuing. Of course, there are other helpful tools as well.

Since every business is unique and may not benefit from all of these tools, keep in mind that not all of them will work for you. However, I rely on you to exercise good judgment and select the products that best meet your company’s needs.

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