7 Questions to Ask Before Investing in the Magento Product Designer Tool

The global printing industry is expected to reach $874 billion in 2024. The number shows that the industry has a high potential for growth in the coming years.

On the other hand, the market share of Magento has also risen from 9% to 13%. It is the second-largest e-commerce platform in the world, followed by Shopify.

Looking upto the stats, if you are fascinated to start a customization business, it is the best time. Now, what if you mix them? It will be a win-win solution, i.e. Magento Product Designer Tool. You should not make the decision just based on the stats. You should ask the below questions to make a well-informed decision.

Is Magento 2 Product Designer Tool Mobile Responsive?

79% of smartphone users have bought online using their mobile devices in the last 6 months. Hence it becomes the essential question to ask whether the Magento Product Designer tool is mobile responsive or not. As you don’t want to lose such a big audience. 

Due to the majority of the mobile users, everything you offer is supposed to be mobile-friendly. Also, if the tool isn’t mobile-friendly, you will miss a big chunk of your audience. Google also gives priority to the mobile-first experience for its users. So this is the first thing you should ask for from the vendor.

Does It Have Enough Customizing Features?

Magento Product Designer software, the name itself suggests that it must allow the customers to design the product they want. So it becomes necessary to know whether the tool is offering enough customization features,  so the customers can enjoy the shopping experience.

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Your customers should be able to design the product in their way. They should be able to add shape, color, effects, filter, text, images, clipart, custom templates, 3D preview, social media sharing, and so on. 

Without such basic features, your customers will not be able to customize the product efficiently.

Is It Easy to Use for the Admins and Customers?

Let’s assume the tool has all the features within. But is it easy to use for the admins and the customers? Let’s talk about the user first. Does your tool load fast? As per this stat, 37% of visitors will jump off to other when your site takes five or more seconds to load. Another stat shows that 52% of visitors will leave if they have a bad mobile experience.

So you see how it is vital to keep everything on track right from loading the tool to the checkout page. 

Also, it is crucial to look for the admin side as well. Like can admins create products easily? Does the tool has an interactive dashboard that shows all the stats in a single place? Can they enable or disable the features as per the requirement?

If all the essential features are there in the tool, then you can look for it to buy. 

Can I Get a 3D View of the Product?

Though your customers have designed the product, they will feel irritated if they can’t get the proper preview of the product. Here, the 3D preview feature comes into picture. It will give a 3-dimensional look of your product. This will give the best overview of the customized product to the customers. 

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Does the Tool Supports SEO Feature?

SEO matters when it comes to the competition and to get your store placed in the top position in Google. All the top-ranking pages get the most amount of traffic 49% times. Even if you have all features in your tool but your store is not SEO friendly then you will not get any organic traffic from the search engine. This is why we have covered this question in our article. 

Ensure that the tool offers an option to add your keywords, SEO title, meta description, etc. All these exercises will enhance your digital presence and make your product more appealing. 

Can My Customers Create an Account and Save their Designs? 

You should offer an account creation facility to save their designs so that they don’t have to start it from scratch. Another benefit of it is they don’t need to log in again and again. Also, the tool should let them share the designs on the social media accounts or upload any particular image. 

If there are no features like this, then the tool could be the biggest turn-off for your customers. 

Why Do You Need it?

The answer to this question should be clear. If you want to use it for overall product customization then you can use Magento product designer software.  If you just need the tool for t-shirt customization, then magento t-shirt design tool is the way to go. 


It is also essential to think from the viewpoint of your customers. What are their needs and what would they need to design the product? Does the tool has basic customizing features? After answering such basic questions you can invest inMagento t-shirt design tool or product designer software.

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