7 Things to Do This Winter in NYC

New York City has always been a top destination for tourists, and it’s no surprise that it keeps going into winter!  If you’re here for a vacation, or you’re considering moving to The Big Apple, and aren’t sure what you’ll be able to do when the temperature drops, these are seven awesome experiences you should try out! 

1- Watch the NYC NY Ball Drop

We’ve all seen the ball drop on New Year, welcoming the turn of another year, but have you seen it in person?  This gathering is one of a kind that will leave you feeling connected to your fellow New Yorkers if you give it a chance.  

2- Check Out the Lights

One of the top stops for people heading to NYC in the winter is to look at the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.  This massive tree always stands over 90 feet tall and is impeccably decorated every year.  This is a must-stop sight.

3- Enjoy the Tastes of the City

If you get a craving for something delicious while checking out Manhattan real estate, it’s time to taste what the city has to offer!  There are countless restaurants that do the most for winter!  This time of year, you’ll find fantastic hot chocolate, magical soups, and meals that will leave you full and warm inside and out.

4- Be Amazed At Butterflies in Winter

Many assume butterflies wouldn’t show their face in NYC in the winter, but if you visit the American Museum of Natural History, you’ll come face to face with over 500 incredible butterflies and countless plants and sights while you thaw out from the winter.

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5- Check Out the World’s Largest Menorah

If you have a chance, head out to Prospect Park during Hanukkah!  Here you’ll see the world’s largest menorah, which is lit during the festivities that happen every night of Hanukkah.  Incredible food, fantastic music, and the celebration of community make this a one-of-a-kind stop everyone should make.

6- Go to an Incredible Ballet

If you want to stay in from the cold and feast on a buffet of gorgeous views and music, you’ll want to head to the New York City Ballet!  This incredible group performs at the Lincoln Center and puts on holiday classics like the Nutcracker and Swan Lake every year!  This is an awesome experience for any fan of theater and incredible performances. 

7- Lunar New Year’s in January 2023

Although the Lunar New Year changes every year based on the moon cycle, in 2023, it’s going to be happening in late January!  This means if you’re in town during the chilliest month of the year, you get the reward of getting to enjoy awesome East Asian food, an incredible parade, fireworks, street dancing, performances, and so much more.

Locals love turning out to celebrate, and it’s one of the top tourist times of the year.  

Winter Makes This City Even More Magical

Winter is one of the best seasons in any city, and New York really shines during this time of year.  If you’re eager to get the most out of your colder months, head to NYC!

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