Top 10 Best Tweet Deleter Tools in 2022

Let’s be honest, having your presence on social media is a challenging and tedious task in itself. You can choose to ignore social media, but a few months into it and having your feed completely empty and no growth in followers could be quite discouraging. This is where experimentation kicks-in! In this blog, we are here to save you from embarrassment on Twitter with the help of some of the best Tweet Deleter Tools in 2022.

So, before we directly dive into the tools straight away. Let’s make our audience familiarize why they should get a Tweet Deleter Tool in the first place.

What’s the need for a Tweet Deleter Tool?

Well, certainly Twitter appeared about a decade ago, and most of the people joined Twitter because their favorite celebrity joined the platform. This caused them to tweet incessantly and desperately to get a reply from them. However, in the long run, their profile or page is full of embarrassing tweets that they want to get rid off at any cost. So, in order to save you all from embarrassment, we have come up with this blog on the best Tweet Deleter Tools to delete tweets instantly.

Best Tweet Deleter Tools in 2022

For businesses, a tweet deleter tool could profoundly help them manage their Twitter presence well. We understand that oftentimes a brand faces backlash for some of their promotions or campaigns. This is where a Tweet Deleters helps you delete tweets free and without wasting any time.

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CircleBoom is a great tool to delete tweets on Twitter at your convenience. This tool helps you Delete An Individual Tweet And Reply, Filter, Sort & Mass Delete Tweets, Delete Tweets By Keywords, Delete Tweets By Date, Delete All Twitter Media, Bulk Delete Tweets & Replies, Delete Old Tweets From Years Ago, Delete Your Old Tweets History By “Date Range”, Delete Your Old Media Tweets At Once, Delete All Tweets On iPhone.

Well, all of these features would be sufficient for you to delete a tweet manually or automatically.

Tweet Delete

Tweet Delete is a very basic and simple website to begin with. The agenda of Tweet Delete is to help you “only” delete tweets in bulk. That’s it. No extra features, no new updates, no “pro versions”, nothing else. It’s plain vanilla tweet deleter tool for yourself. 

Also, a good advice before using this tweet deleter tool is to create a backup of your Twitter account. This can be easily done via the guide available here.


So, another really great tweet deleter tool is TwitWipe. The website used to be a go-to destination for many tech enthusiasts. But currently, they’re running low on profits which is why they have started Google Advertisement on their website. So, be a little carefully at entering your credentials via TwitWipe. Although, this is everything that TwitWipe has to offer. They say that they might add an option to unfollow all the tweeps and purge all the DMs.

Tweet Deleter

One of the biggest reasons why people are using this best tweet deleter tool is that it has a search option. Tweet Deleter is a good tool if you wish to selectively choose which Tweets to delete and which ones you don’t want to delete. One question comes to people’s mind is Tweet Deleter safe? Well, no third party tool is safe on the internet. But, you can certainly try this tweet deleter on your own risk and change all your passwords before it is too late.

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One of the reasons why you should be using Tweet Eraser is that it has no monthly charges. If you are tired of paying recurring bills every month, then this tool is for you. Tweet Eraser is one of the best Tweet Deleter Tools in 2022 for that scenario. They have a one-time payment of USD 6.99 and USD 9.99. On the other hand, they also host a free plan as well that comes with a single user access.

Twitter Archive Eraser

This is another good tweet deleter tool for yourself. It keeps privacy as one of its top priorities. With this tool, you can set the limits as what you want and what you don’t want. With just a small and easy to use tool, you can choose to delete about 3200 tweets in one go. That’s a huge number in all the tweet deleter tools online. You can search and filter tweets based on different metrics and this would help you cleanse your profile easily.


TwitLan is one of the best tweet deleter tools in 2022 with which you can delete all tweets. All you need to do is authorize your Twitter account with TwitLan and that’s it. Now, you can select all the tweets you want to remove from your profile and you are good to go. And make sure that you also revoke access to this app once you are done using TwitLan to delete tweets in bulk.

Delete All My Tweets

Delete All My Tweets is another addition to this list of tools to delete all tweets in bulk. The website needs to be allowed authorization of your account. As per our review of their site, we found that they don’t have an SSL certificate. So, if you have any spam account and you wish to clean them and improve their hygiene, then it could be something you can try to delete all tweets. But, it could be a little unsafe.

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Now, if you are looking for a quite convenient and minimalistic tool that allows you to delete all your tweets instantly. This is one of the best tweet deleter tools in 2022 if you don’t want to try fancy new features. It is quite basic that even non-tech people can begin with. Say hello to a new world with a cleaner Twitter profile for yourself.

So these were our top picks for the best tweet deleter tools in 2022. If you are also planning to cleanse your Twitter profile, make sure you keep safety as your first priority. In case of any doubt on any tool at any given point in time, be the first one to change your password and revoke access. To read more such blogs like this, don’t forget to hit the bookmark option!

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