10 Customer Support Tools to Use in 2021

You want to assist your customers in a way that boosts customer acquisition and retention, and satisfaction. You can do this through the Customer Support tool. Big companies demand big responsibilities and so with more customer queries. So with a customer support tool, you have the power to timely personalize customer support.

Look at the top customer support tools in 2021

1. Support Chatbot

Support Chatbot is software that works based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing. It helps to understand what people are asking and gives them appropriate smart answers, instantly solving customers’ queries. Businesses use Chatbots to improve their client’s experience, produce more deals and construct a deeper rapport with clients. The use of a support chatbot assists you with discovering your crowd and engaging with your clients and asking them what they are looking for.

2.Email automation

With automation, you can send customized messages for every person, from new guests to repeat purchasers. Also, if you join email automation with customer analytics, you can refine your focus each time you communicate something specific—and develop your business without sacrificing that special touch. Make certain to browse out NotifyVisitors email automation insights, the powerful customer support tool to engage them and drive them to take action.

With an email customer support tool, clients consequently integrate into your system as soon as they close their first deal or take first actions with the company that you track. Their behaviour tells your system what messages to send them next with no extra requests from the client-side.

3. Push notification

Push Notification is quite possibly the most ignored client support tool today; however, if you use it effectively, it’s anything but gives a positive effect on your clients. Push notification can be Web push or an App push. While email support tools require time and effort, push notifications are a straightforward single tick membership to an organization’s news channel. It’s simple for clients and extraordinary for organizations. When you have the rundown, it’s feasible to tailor customized push messages dependent on the information you gather through the application. Push notification helps to re-engage users even if they are off-site on mobile and desktops.

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4. Live chat tools

Sometimes customer support live chat tools rather than opting for automation tools. Businesses are heading to WhatsApp, telegrams, or any social media chat tools through advertisement and offer and bonuses. Consumers can message according to their time and seek a response in 30 minutes, 2 hours or a day. Live chat tools are a great way to gain leads, build rapport with existing customers, and create new consumers in a natural progression as consumers find such tools very friendly, convenient, and easy to engage with such customer tools.

5. Customer Satisfaction surveys

The objective behind using Customer tools is Customer retention and satisfaction.

Surveys are a great way to know your targeted consumer. Through surveys, you can gauge people’s thoughts, what they actually require and most importantly, how satisfied they are with your product or service. There are many types of Surveys like-

  • Net Promoter Score: Helps to determine overall customer experience over the product or service. Try out this – ‘The easiest way to gather actionable customer feedback to accelerate growth and drive Brand Promotion’.
  • Customer Effort Score survey: This is conducted to know about a specific roadblock or frustration a customer might face. 
  • Visual Rating surveys: It is the most appealing survey through smiley, thumbs up/down etc.)and quickest to fill out by the consumers.
  • Custom surveys: It is conducted for a deeper understanding of customer’s experience with your brand.

6. Social Media Support software

Social media is the first place in this digital era where your customer wants to speak about your brand, especially negative experiences. So before they speak a negative word of mouth, resolve that issue on social media, assist them with their queries, resolve their problems, and for that, you must have social media software support as a customer support tool.

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7. Recorded video

Recorded recordings and live video visits are incredible in client support today. 72% of clients favour video over text when finding out about an item or service or want to learn about how to use a particular product or service. This demonstrates that the effort that goes into coming on a video with real-time live chat and recordings will help build relationships, and it will be a win-win situation for both the businesses and potential clients. 

8. Community Forums

Online community assists you with giving a digital place to your clients to associate, pose inquiries, and offer their experience and information about your item or service. 

Generally, very regularly, we get so focused on how we’re speaking with our clients that we don’t think about working with discussions between them. 

Forums give the chance to clients to share their insight about your item or service—regardless of whether that is an audit, a tip, hack, or even only some praise. It offers them more approaches to get information and guidance from other people who are using your product or service.

Most online forums are direct and easy to set up. You create an account, make threads and post content. (You’ll likewise need to guarantee you can have administrators and moderators to pay attention to offensive messages.

9. Personalisation 

Every customer is different, so you cannot send the same messages or cannot give the same response to every customer. Make various segments of guests dependent on their practices like page URLs, based on cookies browser-based, geolocation based, query parameters and so forth and afterwards show personalised content in the form of messages as in personalised push messages or live chat or personalised video to them through. NotifyVisitors to personalize and run this camping on all types like desktop, tablet or system.

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10. Customer Service software

To offer the best client care, all you truly need is decent client service software. Communicate via all channels which your favourite customer preferred to chat whether apple business chat or Facebook messenger.

A good customer service software should –

  • Communicate via all channels
  • Integrate all tools 
  • Automate conversions
  • Solve customer’s query or clear their doubts
  • Engage customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Final thoughts

The right customer support tools should supplement your client experience and support, not complicate them. Most client customer support tools have comparable features; knowing the channels your clients use and backing agents depend on is a fundamental online support tool that they choose.

The tools which your business picks decide how your team can perform. If you compromise on your devices, you’re by implication settling your team’s effectiveness and your clients’ satisfaction. So equip your team with the best customer support tools so they can make important client encounters easily and effectively.

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