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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Skills You Need in 2021

Social media is everywhere now and the effects of social media in our daily life are growing spontaneously. Everything in your life is related to social media at some point—your job searches, promotion, networking, and more are part of your life. And that’s why it is more important than ever for you to start learning social media marketing skills. As the technology and industries are growing rapidly, not keeping up with people’s expectations can slow down your business growth. 

That’s why our today’s talk is about the Top 10 Social Media Marketing Skills You Need in 2021. In this post, we will talk about the skills you need to make the credibility of your brand and boost its sales and productivity. 

1: Excellent Communication

To compete with other brands on social media, you will have to use your voice and put yourself out there so that people can recognize you. Of course, using a lot of money on your marketing campaigns will reach more people. But if your communication skill is not effective, it won’t engage the audience for the long run. A creative and strong product description or headline needs strong communication skills. And since not everyone has that talent, many businesses check here for hire a best social media manager. Basically, use your voice and power to build your brand on social media.

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2: Creative Writing

Creative writing is another most important social media skill in 2021. If you have a strong sense of the language, you can quickly grab your audience’s attention and keep it for the long haul. However, creative writing is not like novel writing. Instead, it is promotional, crisp, but professional. The vocabulary you have, you need to use that smartly while marketing your products on social media. The best way to learn what kinds of marketing campaigns are there in social media, you can check out the posts of your competitors on a daily basis.

3: Use Your Sense of Humor

It’s simple—people like fun and we all love to laugh. If you have a good sense of humor, you can use that on your social media marketing campaigns along with your creative writing skills. This sounds a bit tough, right? Of course, you need practice and a lot of motivation. And for that, you can check out the brands like Zendesk, Boohoo, WarbyBarker, KFC, Durex, etc. on social media and follow their marketing strategies. These are some creative and fun brands with ideas that will help you build your idea muscle so that you can grow your business with ease.

4: Customer Care Support and Social Media Support

Employing a customer support team for your brand on social media can boost customer engagement and satisfaction. Sometimes people who are browsing through your products have questions related to the items and services. If there is a customer support agent waiting to answer their queries, they can feel much satisfied with the overall experience of your brand. You can provide them with instant messaging options or phone call and email support—whichever is in your budget and suitable for you.

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5: Building Relationships

The core tenet of social media marketing is building relationships with your existing and potential customers. This may mean that before offering your products, offer them free content or a guide to build trust. According to a study, 65% people on social media like brands that offer free guides instead of promoting their products all the time. On social media, you can make connections from all over the world and get to know about their taste and cultures. By doing so, you can create more content and products that will be best for your audience. The moral of the story is, get to know your customers by building a relationship and then use that knowledge to produce and market your products.

6: Data Analysis

When you are doing all these, don’t forget to track your progress. Use a good data analysis tool or website to examine your progress—how long your social media campaign have taken you, what products are selling fast, what copywriting styles are attracting more viewers and boosting the engagement rate, and more. Try to analyze your metrics once a month or once a week to understand the quantity and quality of your campaign. This way, you can improve and produce more lucrative results every day.

7: Share Video Content

These days, some people read less and watch more and for them, long or interesting blog posts may not do the job. But if you can create 3-min video content with the same words and tone, you can attract more viewers. Video marketing is a strategic and creative social media marketing plan that will also be essential for your SEO. Many tools like Canva, Adobe can help you create interesting promotional and instructional videos and share them online. Or if you are on a bigger budget, you can employ real models and cameramen to shoot and share your campaign online.

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8: Don’t Leave Out Email Marketing

Social media marketing is cool and lucrative but don’t you underestimate email marketing which is another marketing technique in 2021. Even though most of the people visit your brand through social media referrals, keeping them and interacting with them through regular emails can boost your conversion rate. The content and products you are sharing on social media, try to promote the same through emails as well. And this time, make them more graphical and interesting.

9: Create a Community 

All the great brands in social media have one thing in common—a community. Since you are building relationships with your customers, make them come to one place and let them interact with each other to share their thoughts and ideas.

10: Try Traditional Marketing as Well

Apart from social media marketing, try traditional marketing to spread your voice. TV commercials, billboards or banners, newspaper or magazine advertisements, face-to-face or phone calls, events, meetings, etc. all fall under the traditional marketing strategies. Which along with social medial marketing tactics can help you grow your business. 


Any marketing needs patience and effort so don’t expect any immediate results if you don’t have enough budget. But you can keep up with these Top 10 Social Media Marketing Skills You Need in 2021 that will surefire your way to success. 

Sunny Chawla

Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping client for international recruiting, staffing, HR services and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses. 

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