Top 8 Conversion tactics for your eCommerce store- From Homepage to Product Page

In recent years, e-commerce has become an important part of the global retail landscape. Customers prefer to shop online rather than visit physical stores. It is far more convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective for them.

In today’s highly competitive world, businesses must provide their customers with a user-friendly and satisfying customer experience. You have a lot of traffic to your website but still, you can’t convert them to sales, what’s the point? For e-commerce conversion rate optimization, the homepage to the product page and even the checkout page must be considered. In this piece, we will throw some light on the strategies that could help you increase conversions. Let’s begin with understanding the meaning of conversion rate.

What is the meaning of conversion rate?

The number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors is known as the conversion rate. Any action you want your user to take on your website counts as a conversion. It might range from a simple sign-up for your website, adding to a cart or purchasing something and becoming a customer. But here we will consider sales as conversion. In terms of sales, if your eCommerce site receives 1000 monthly visitors and 100 sales, the conversion rate is 100 divided by 1000 or 10%. It is defined as the percentage of visitors that place an order during their visit

The conversion rate provides you with a clear picture of the performance of your eCommerce website in terms of success.

Tactics for e-commerce conversion rate optimization

  • Optimize website loading speed and keep your pages simpler
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In today’s fast pace life a poor website loading time is a deal-breaker. More complex pages increase confusion. Users will find it challenging to navigate your site if it has a complex design. Their user experience would be significantly impacted by unnecessary clicks and extra efforts to find the relevant product.

  • Keep track of your visitor’s browsing history

Product suggestions are the most effective eCommerce conversion rate optimization approach you can use. You can highlight the products that shoppers might be interested in by Keeping track of user information like location, traffic sources, preferences, and purchase history. This may increase the temptation of buying. You can also send emails with recommendations.

  • Enable live chat customer service

Customers are frequently perplexed by a variety of products and services. They may have many queries. But if they get precise and timely responses they will be happy.

  • 360-degree view of products

Customers cant see the product in real-time. But the 360-degree perspective of your products offers an opportunity to have a closer look at products. This will offer consumers the trust in your products that product descriptions alone cannot.

  • Create offers/discount/sale/freeshipping

You can also attract and temp your visitors to buy by offering them attractive deals. You can also make your products as limited or any deal for a limited period. Adding a sales badge like “top rated” or “limited edition dress”, will also drive the customers attention and compell them to buy the product and thereby increasing the conversion.

  • Good product description

A good product description with all minute details possible. It should include engaging and informative information that is capable of attracting your clients’ interest in your product and encouraging them to buy it.

  • Add product reviews
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A greater and more favorable conversion rate can be achieved by displaying product reviews. Many shoppers will read reviews from previous customers before purchasing a product.

  • Keep the checkout process simple

Creating a user-friendly and streamlined checkout process improves the user experience and increases conversion rates. You must eliminate any superfluous processes that are required to complete a transaction. Checkouts are faster when there are fewer clicks.

  • Use trust badge at check out page

Using a trust badge at checkout page or payment page can make your customers feel secured about the process. 


If you use just a handful of these e-commerce conversion rate optimization hacks, you can make it simple for visitors to interact and engage with your business, increasing the chances of a sale. When your clients have a good purchasing experience, they are more inclined to come back and repeat the process, raising your conversion rate

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