5 Best Ways to Integrate the Garage into a Smart Home

Have you ever left home and suddenly wondered if your garage door was closed? It’s not a great feeling. Then you start thinking if someone potentially broke into your house. There might be a chance that no one’s at home at that moment. Then you realize you have a handful of troubles. 

Everyday life can become turbulent, so the average person can’t control everything at all times. Some thoughts can often slip elsewhere. But thanks to the development of modern technology and security systems, you can keep everything intact.  

The tools that you will use are an app or a voice assistant. For this, you’ll need a good WiFi signal. With the addition of a camera, you can always check who goes in and out. You can also set the closing time, so you don’t have to think about it. In this article, we’ll talk about the ways of garage integration. We will mention our best picks and examine their functions.  

  1. Ryobi GD 200 garage door opener 
garage door

You might be wondering how to integrate the garage into a smart home. First of all, you want to make sure you have a garage door opener compatible with smart devices. If you have a door opener that is old and incompatible, consider buying a new one. A smart door opener might be the best choice. 

Our first pick is the smart Ryobi garage door opener, which stands out for being modular. That means you can add a camera, laser sensors, an air compressor, a fan, and more. It has a 2 HP motor and can last for a long time. It is also ultra-quiet and comes with a lithium-ion battery backup.  

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Chamberlain B970T door opener 

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Chamberlain garage door opener is another excellent solution. Many homeowners are using it, and it’s the most praised one. It has a 4 HP motor, and it’s powerful in lifting. It’s also super-quiet and versatile. It’s made of alloy steel and has a keypad lock.  

It has a built-in MyQ technology that provides connection and security and comes with the MyQ app. You can control it with a smartphone, no matter where you go. Like many other openers, it offers a battery backup that ensures safe replacement. 

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub 

If you have a Chamberlain garage door opener that doesn’t have WiFi, we recommend checking out Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub. It goes hand in hand with the MyQ app. It’s multi-adjustable and suitable for almost any electrical door opener made after 1993 with standard safety sensors.  

It is the most affordable option, but it can still turn your regular garage door into a professional one. The installation is wireless; you can set it up with the MyQ app in minutes. Creating an account and connecting it to Google Assistant or IFTTT is free for a limited time. You can add up to three users to control the garage doors, ideal if you have a family. 

You have to attach the WiFi hub close to the power outlet and the garage door opener, so take a mounting bracket and drill it nearby. Then, install the MyQ app, create your account, and connect it to your MyQ garage hub. When you plug the hub into the outlet, you will see a blinking blue light. All that remains is selecting your device and connecting it to your WiFi.  

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It will tell you to pull the plug from your door sensor, so go ahead and push the button on the sensor. It will blink red, and when you connect it to the hub, the hub will show a bright light. Next, mount the sensor to your garage door and select the garage motor brand in the app. Depending on the model, it will guide you through specific steps to make it work. After that, you’re all set. 

Garadget WiFi controller 

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Another tool that can help you secure the garage doors is Garadget. It’s compatible with Chamberlain electrical door openers, so it’s a great alternative, although it might require a little more complex installation. But, if your door opener has a yellow Learn button, this controller won’t match. However, it can emulate the leading garage door opener button. 

The Garadget controller comes with a pre-soldered remote and is compatible with many innovative home services like OpenHab, SmartThings, Vera, HomeSeer, Home Assistant, etc. It can work as a laser sensor to show if the garage door is open or closed. If the laser bounces back, the door is shut. If it doesn’t, then you’ll know you have to close the door. 

It comes with real-time functionalities, updating you with new information through your phone app or a secure web interface. It will notify you if the garage door is open or closed and tell you if the command didn’t work so you can change it. You can customize the alerts to your needs.  


This smart garage door opener is the cheapest and the simplest of all the mentioned above. Unlike other devices that connect to WiFi, this device uses Bluetooth. Having Bluetooth as a connection instead of WiFi means having a limited connection range. You won’t be able to use it anywhere besides your garage. But on the other hand, you won’t face internet connection safety risks. 

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Before using GarageMate, check its compatibility with your garage door opener. If you have a Chamberlain, LiftMaster, or Craftsman model made after 2011 and featuring a yellow Learn button, it won’t work. Also Read: 9 Best Indoor and Outdoor Summer Activities Trends for Kids

GarageMate works with Siri and OK Google for automatic door opening. The GarageMate app is free, and it doesn’t require a subscription.  


It’s always important to stay safe. Even the smallest of things can cause big problems. You never know when intruders are planning to invade the next household. That’s why we recommend these devices, as they play a crucial role in keeping your garage and home safe. 

Compare the products, check the specifications to see which device matches your garage door opener, and determine which suits your needs best. With a simple click on your smartphone, you can prevent many potential incidents. 

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