How to Improve Marketing Effectiveness with CRM

CRM is software that allows you to attract leads, nurture them and convert them within a single system. This tool allows companies to manage sales funnels, improve the quality of relationships with customers, and also build a “return path” for them. 

The main benefits of using a CRM system include:

  • automation of work with leads and clients;
  • saving the history of interaction with each customer;
  • the ability to build an Omni channel strategy to increase the number of closed deals and upsells;
  • detailed statistics;
  • monitoring the performance of employees;
  • the ability to track and improve each stage of the sales funnel;
  • all data about the client and interaction with him is stored in one place.

CRM-system allows you to automate business processes and improve work efficiency in different areas. Below you will learn more about the areas in which this tool is used.  

What business is CRM suitable for?

Bespoke CRM or ERP Systems you to automate routine processes and monitor the number of customers at each stage in the sales funnel. The tool helps to track how many leads come in, how many of them are converted into buyers, how quickly they move towards a purchase, where they get stuck. This data is useful for improving the car market, resolving problems in a timely manner, and retaining potential customers. Therefore, CRM systems are used by hotels, travel agencies, beauty salons, online stores, real estate agencies, restaurants and other representatives of large, medium and small businesses.

There are dozens of different CRM systems on the market today. Since the tasks in each area are significantly different, there are CRMs designed specifically for real estate agencies, fitness clubs, medical centers, social networks, stores, and so on. They provide different functionality and differ in cost.  For example, if you’re working as a personal trainer in a fitness club, you can employ personal training client management software for your operations. Remember, it’s all about your business needs.

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To choose the most suitable CRM system for your business, use the following recommendations.

  • Analyze the capabilities and tools of available CRMs. See what areas of business they are designed for, how they differ from each other, what tasks they help to solve. Make sure that the selected CRM system will allow you to track the necessary statistics and analyze the performance.
  • Check out the pricing plans. See what opportunities the CRM system provides within each tariff plan. Pay attention to the trial tariff, which will help you test the functionality. Some CRMs offer free plans that can cover basic business needs.
  • Look at the available communication channels. For example, if you use telephony, make sure that it can be connected in the selected CRM. The same applies to other communication tools with customers.
  • Rate the interface. See how easy it is to figure out how to manage functionality, what information is stored in product cards, and so on. This will allow you to choose the most convenient CRM system. 

In addition, pay attention to the available integrations. Find out how many managers can be connected and what opportunities there are for teamwork. If you are just getting started with CRM, then read on and you will learn how to implement this tool for free today.

How to set up a sales funnel in CRM

An auto sales funnel is a step-by-step process of attracting potential buyers, nurturing them and converting them into customers. To do this, they use advertising, lead magnets, email newsletters, messages in instant messengers and other tools. For example, a Facebook sales funnel might look like this.

  1. Advertising with a button to go to the messenger.
  2. A chain of messages for qualifying a lead and nurturing it.
  3. Sale. 
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To communicate with potential buyers and customers, messengers use catboats, which, thanks to a pre-designed scenario, help to introduce the company, its products and services, talk about payment methods, consult and perform other tasks.

Now let’s take a look at what a sales funnel model using email marketing might look like.

  1. Lead magnet on the website.
  2. Welcome letter series.
  3. Tripwire – the first sale at the lowest price, for example, a trial period.
  4. Favorable offer and sale of the main product.

Email marketing can be combined with messaging and SMS to build an Omni channel strategy. Follow the guidelines below to develop an auto sales funnel and start using CRM today.

Let’s say you want to sell a webinar. First, think over the buyer’s path and build a sales funnel. For example, create a lead magnet and offer to receive a free book or checklist in exchange for an email address. Then develop a series of several emails to provide more value, win over, and showcase your expertise. Next, prepare an offer you can’t refuse and sell participation in the webinar.

Here is what such a funnel would look like:

  • lead magnet;
  • a letter with a gift and a subscription to receive three free lessons;
  • first lesson;
  • second lesson;
  • third lesson;
  • Discount for upcoming webinar and sale.

You can bring such an auto funnel to life, for example, using the Send Pulse CRM system. To do this, you need to register, create a lead magnet and prepare the design of newsletters. The service provides over 130 ready-made templates that you can edit and send to your subscribers for free. 

To increase the number of closed deals and reduce the time through the funnel, regularly monitor statistics, identify weaknesses and make changes to your strategy. This approach to using CRM will help increase the number of leads, increase sales and reduce the percentage of customer churn.

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