5 Best Cloud Migration Services For Your Business

Many successful organizations and businesses are moving to cloud computing to become compatible with this fast-paced digital world. Especially in this era where all services are turning online, it is becoming more of a need than a choice to adopt cloud migration. Moving to the cloud can demand a great deal of expertise, and one should be well aware of all aspects surrounding it. 

Wondering what the cloud migration process is and how you can get it done? Here is a detailed guide along with the five best cloud migration services for your business.  

What Is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration or moving your business to the cloud basically means shifting the database of your business data and applications and systems from conventional on-site IT premises to a cloud computing atmosphere or simply to the internet. It may also refer to changing from one cloud service provider to another. 

Cloud migration is a highly resource-intensive task as it involves the shifting of a large amount of data, workload, and multiple applications to the cloud. Hence, to execute it flawlessly, one requires professional services and tools to migrate successfully using adequate technical skills and strategies. 

Migrating to the cloud can help a business become more agile and flexible, make the services global yet more manageable and efficient, and reduce several costs simultaneously. Many organizations use cloud services to back up data, software development, testing and operating customer-facing applications, etc.  

What Are Hybrid Cloud Solutions? 

A hybrid cloud is a solution that includes a combination of a private cloud or an on-site data center along with one or multiple public clouds facilitating the sharing of data and applications in between both. A hybrid cloud is also sometimes referred to as a multi-cloud configuration which also means the integration of one or many public clouds like Microsoft Azure or AWS with a private cloud. 

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Having two separate clouds makes it easy to manage data and enables the user to store private or confidential data separately from the less sensitive data.

What Are The Best Cloud Migration Services?

Listed below are the five best cloud migration services for your business that can help you develop a successful private cloud:  

Amaze® For Rapid Cloud Transformation 

The Amaze® solution provides the correct approach and speed for cloud transformation. Their service line is specifically designed to deliver quality, speed, and a significant decrease in the total cost of ownership. Amaze® cloud transformation services specialize in assessing applications in record time, giving automation-based suggestions for the transformation path, and implementing the transformation to all target architectures as swiftly as possible. 

The applications are analyzed in days, not weeks, and deliver code-level advice. It also transforms applications to the cloud in weeks rather than months. Amaze® comprises a cloud economic toolkit that helps businesses choose the appropriate cloud transition plan. It also offers a collection of well-crafted migration or modernization patterns. 

You can use their competent hybrid cloud solutions to increase the efficacy of your business or organization.  


Accenture Cloud First 

Accenture Cloud First is another competent service you can opt for. It starts with a comprehensive scanning of the infrastructure to determine the most suitable cloud environment. Accenture Cloud First also helps you maneuver through the complexities arising out of the cloud migration process. The efficient customer support system is another plus point. 

The process comprises an advanced cloud migration framework that comes with pre-configured specific tools, techniques, and automation that apply to all cloud models and different delivery methods. The professionals at Accenture Cloud First can help you adopt the right strategies and plans for a hassle-free and cost-effective migration process. 

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Aspire Systems 

Aspire Systems are renowned for their cloud migration services. Significantly, the tool called Cloud Migration Enabler, developed by them, aids in commencing cloud adoption in a way that minimizes downtime and also improves the advantages of scaling the business. It also minimizes costs and resource requirements and enhances productivity. 

The process kicks off with a comprehensive analysis of the infrastructure, database, servers, etc., to develop a suitable strategic plan for successful cloud migration. This service is compatible with Azure and AWS cloud infrastructure. You can even design or re-architecture for the desired cloud environment. This service provider’s high-quality assurance and expertise make them a worthy choice. 

Cognizant Cloud Migration 

Cognizant Cloud Migrate provides full-stack migration using a set of resources that aid in implementing adequate cloud strategies with the help of a well-framed, risk alleviated approach. The resources enable a smooth migration of data, workload, and applications to any cloud. For example, AppLens is an AI-powered tool that facilitates migration approaches with no maintenance. 

Cognizant provides a convenient user interface that is intuitive and has a unified pricing model, making it preferable. The support team also offers consistent guidance throughout the process, making them reliable at the same time.

Carbonite Migrate 

Carbonite migration services make it relatively easy to migrate all the physical or on-site workloads and data to several well-known cloud environments. It carries out risk mitigated processes with nearly no downtime and caters to your needs with plenty of options suitable for each stage of the migration process. The only concern is its operation in a multi-cloud space which might get complex. 

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The tool used by Carbonite Migrate replicates all the changes from the sources continuously during the process and manages to preserve a replica of the contents and configurations on the final server, making it highly efficient. Carbonite is compatible with every popular cloud platform like AWS, Azure, VMware, or Google Cloud. AES 256-bit encryption is another plus point. 


Cloud migration can be fruitful if you get it done with the right service provider. This detailed guide contains basic information about the cloud migration process and the best services that you can choose from to enhance your business operations quickly. However, when you integrate such services into your enterprise, it is best to perform your end of the research to get the best solution.  


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