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Bitrix24 – The Best Software for Your Social Intranet

Bitrix24 is one of the most popular project management software used by many businesses today. The software provides a fully functional platform inside the cloud and onsite. But do you know that Bitrix24 offers complete features for your social intranet? Many users have found Bitrix24 to be the best software that supports their social intranet. In this review, we will discuss which features of Bitrix24 that work well for social intranet, and of course, we will discuss Bitrix24 pricing as well.

What Makes Bitrix24 Software Different?

Speaking of project management, you need to be smart. Today, many solutions provide full-fledged tools for managing projects. However, some of them are not well integrated into the customer relationship system. This also means that you will not be able to link your email to the project phase. In this context, if you are looking for a merged system, individual functions will not make much sense.

Bitrix24 software provides integrated CRM tools. Additionally, the software comes along with a comprehensive set of equipment for organizing your projects. Most importantly these features are integrated together to make sure all data will be stored in one system.

How Do You Know That Bitrix24 Is the Right Software?

When choosing the right software, your business’ needs should be the main concern. For example, small businesses may not need highly complex software that includes a bunch of advanced features. On the other hand, efficient software should integrate all contacts and activities into your project. This way, you can monitor every stage properly.

Apart from reasonable Bitrix24 pricing plans, this platform offers innovative features to help you manage your social intranet. Below are some points that make this software different from others.  

  • Bitrix24 gives you more control over the user experience
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This is done by allowing you to customize the settings to suit your business or team’s needs.

  • Offers a perfect collaboration tool

The Bitrix24 demo has shown how the software makes it easier for your team members to easily interact with each other. The software comes with a set of tools to help you stay connected. With Bitrix24, you and your team members can discuss the implementation stages of your project easily. The platform includes wonderful Bitrix24 features such as intranets, chats, calls, video conferences, file sharing, and more.

  • The system offered by Bitrix24 is not complicated

A complicated system will be difficult for everyone to learn. The complex interface can prevent your team members from doing their job well. Well, this will not happen when you use Bitrix24. The platform offers an easy-to-use interface to help your team members get the work done without any hassle.

The Tools Offered by Bitrix24 for Your Social Intranet

Bitrix24 is mentioned to be the best software for your social intranet for a valid reason. The platform offers various wonderful tools that will help your social intranet. The best part is, no matter which Bitrix24 pricing plan you will choose, you will get these innovative tools, of course, depending on the plan as well.

Project and Task Management Tools

Your project teams can create their own workspaces. The workspace is where all the information will be centrally available. You can use the project planner (Gantt chart) in Bitrix24. Or else, in a Bitrix24 review, some users can even create their own tasks. As an administrator, you can easily access the reports at all levels.  

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Internal Social Network Tools

Bitrix24 software allows you to create internal social networks. Yes, all the features you have familiar with on LinkedIn and Facebook are now available to your team. In addition to communicating via email, you can also use timelines and chat applications. These tools will make it easier for your team members to share information more efficiently.  

CRM, Mobile, and Social Tools

Bitrix24 demo has presented how the software offers a comprehensive CRM package. This will be suitable for relationship management and Salesforce support. You will be able to link all the events such as calls, messages, and meetings to your contacts.

Most importantly, Bitrix24 also offers advanced features such as reporting, sales goal-reaching processes, and dashboard creation. Better yet, the invoice module is also part of this package. The best part is, everything is designed to work smoothly on mobile devices. After all, aren’t you spending most of your time with your mobile?

Document Tools

Bitrix24 places your documents on your local server and makes them searchable. With the help of the software, you can also connect the document to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Office 365.  

Company Chat and Video Calling Tools

Businesses today can no longer be active without chat or calls to communicate more effectively. If your email is slow, confusing, and ineffective, chatting will work faster and more flexibly to communicate. Bitrix24 software allows you to create channels, groups, and even chatbots. This way, you can work and collaborate with your team members effectively.

Save, Edit, and Manage Files Tools

In Bitrix24 Drive, you will have the option to save your files to a secure cloud environment. You can do this in your own infrastructure or through external cloud hosting. You can additionally create personal and group folders along with online editing enabled. The good thing is, your team members can also access and participate through the iOS and Android apps.

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Calendar and Planning Tools

In addition to managing calendars and appointments, Bitrix24 assists you in allocating resources such as meeting rooms or car rentals. You can also sync the calendar with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

The Intranet Email Tools

The reduction in email traffic is the result of more social collaboration. On the other hand, working completely without email is something we still can’t do. For this reason, Bitrix24 includes email in the package. You can then integrate it with Gmail or Microsoft Exchange. The best advantage of this is that, in some cases, it will be possible to connect between CRM and email. This action will open up more possibilities.

Human Resource Management Tools

Last but not least, Bitrix24 offers a variety of tools to support the HR department. The software makes it very easy to create an org chart that provides an overview of all departments. In addition, the most important aspect of these tools is that they help to build a strong team spirit in the workplace.  

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What about Bitrix24 Pricing Plans?

You might have read or know, Bitrix24 pricing plan offers a free plan. Then, you can move up to $199 per month. The best part? All the pricing plans provide from 5GB to unlimited online storage space.

Well, it is fair to say that Bitrix24 is worth having software!

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