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How to know which one is best for your business: Dedicated Developers Vs Freelance Developers?

The advent of globalization is allowing businesses to augment their strength by choosing professionals from global locations. We already knew that professionals are available across the world, but due to geographic limitations we couldn’t take leverage of it. Thanks to the pandemic and its remote working culture, we have realized that remote working is not that challenging if you use the right resources and technology. But choosing between the two has always been a tough task in any case. Whether it’s a dress, technology or even professionals.

One of the most complex decisions lies between choosing between the two. Especially when it comes to business decisions, it is the most back-breaking task. So, how will you decide what works best for you if you had to make a choice between a dedicated team of software developers and freelance Developers? It is a daunting task for businesses to choose between the two because both of them bring different benefits. Leveraging the skills of a dedicated development model brings experience, reliability and expertise all at once, while freelancers are also specialists in their domain with experience of working with diversified clients.

From the title, it is very clear that we will be discussing both these essential contributors of the software development process. This blog will give you a clear perspective and show you viable options to choose between a dedicated team of software developers and freelance developers.

How are Freelance Developers contributing in the IT Market?

Software businesses hire a single freelance developer or a group of freelance developers to work on a project. The project might be short-term or long-term in nature.

Who doesn’t know freelancers? Everyone does, and their fraternity is continuously evolving and upscaling themselves with the latest technologies and business tech trends. A freelance developer or group of freelancers is recruited to work on a specific, short-term project. A relationship is formed between a customer and a freelancer, which is defined by a deadline and certain criteria.

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You must keep in mind that they may work for many customers at the same time, dividing their time between various projects and job searches. You can see that there are freelancers with specialized talents and knowledge and can be hired for your projects. Depending on the type of work they charge the cost, some may render services at extremely low fees, while others will ask for a hefty amount. It varied depending on experience and skills.

One thing that is common between the two is this- Experience and skills. Based on this, the dedicated development team can also demand for a higher price.

But when it comes to freelancers, the connection between the developers and the company, or the developers and the customer, is determined by the project’s duration and parameters.

Freelancers are continuously evolving and specializing themselves in a variety of skills. There are numerous websites that provide freelancers with various alternatives based on the requirements and criteria.

Freelancers have the option to collaborate with a variety of firms or clients. Furthermore, freelance developers are cost-effective for organizations, which is one of the primary reasons why many companies prefer them for short-term projects. Freelancers availability is never questionable, and so it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that their forte is being flexible and available for all business needs.

Reliability as synonym for Dedicated development team

Both types of developers offer cutting-edge business services, so what difference will make one better than another? In clear words, what makes a dedicated development team better than freelance developers. Well, you will find the answer to this here.

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Dedicated development teams are an outsourcing paradigm designed to help companies solve difficulties. Though, businesses have the option of freelancers with traditional time and component outsourcing strategies. When you engage a company’s dedicated developers, you get some flexibility, namely a quality-driven development process that allows you to complete development activities within the specified time limit. Hiring dedicated developers/development teams from a firm will allow you to engage with skilled developers that are professional but nimble, and will help you preserve your company’s or brand’s reputation by offering enterprise-grade expertise and facilities.

Every software development firm that offers full-time development services assigns assignments to full-time devoted developers. Full-time developers do high-quality work in a shorter amount of time. With their constant presence, full-time developers establish a positive relationship with the company authorities and clients.

When you employ dedicated developers from a reputable firm, they will adhere to professional work practices and execute the whole development process with zero tolerance for errors. They own up to their mistakes and will compensate for any such errors in the future. This makes them reliable from every aspect. To provide cutting-edge software solutions that address all of your company’s or industry’s needs.

When you hire a team of full-time developers, they would render qualitative work within a smaller period compared to freelancers. They can be more trustworthy because there is a solid foundation- an organization supporting the team. There is a legal procedure followed by the business authority with all the team members and clients to maintain standard protocols and ensure highly legit and qualitative work and solutions delivered.

A dedicated development team also signs an NDA as a part of their project terms to ensure business that their data, ideas and app information is safe guarded with them. It is not till the time of association but for the future as well.

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Differentiating between Dedicated developer Team vs Freelancers

There is always a buzz among businesses of whom to choose when it comes to selecting freelance developers and dedicated development team models. There are a plethora of factors that make both of them different from each other and in this section you will know which ones.

 So, let’s delve into each factor in depth.

With the increasing demands of high-end cross-platform app development, it’s time to rethink if your developer will be accessible to handle last-minute changes or problem patches quickly and effectively or not

ParameterDedicated developer TeamFreelancers
Expertise        Several freelance developers have worked with a variety of customers on a wide range of projects, which has improved their knowledge. A project can benefit greatly from a sophisticated blend of information and professional experience.  When choosing a developer, the degree of specialization is arguably the most important factor to consider. Developers that have worked full-time in specialized development environments, on the other hand, can bring a degree of professionalism to your company.  
Availability    Dedicated developers are used to working on projects as needed. They will make themselves available as per your business needs. Whereas Freelancers have limited availability, if they take up someone else’s task they won’t be able to take your at that present moment.  
Security    Most of the businesses choose to hire specialists or dedicated app developer teams in order to more closely monitor and ensure the protection of sensitive information, and business codes.It does not mean that freelancers would leak your information but with them, you need to sign an agreement or ensure it is from reliable sources to keep business information confined to them.
Pricing    The pricing of each type of software development company will differ in the dedicated development team. It also depends on various other factor like the technology used, team size, engagement model and similar aspects.Freelancing pricing is also different based on the experience ,skills and client they have worked for.
Maintenance & Support    When you hire a dedicated developer team, you are engaged with their services even post development. They ensure the app is smooth and upgrade it as and when required.Freelancers would be happy to help in maintaining and supporting the app. It depends on if the contract includes the maintenance and upgrades they will surely do it, otherwise this would charge some extra dollars.
Quality of Compliance    Dedicated development team follows stringent quality parameters by signing an NDA between client business and the third-party software company to avoid any type of future glitches.Freelancers are not bound by a contract, although they are required to sign some documentation for security purposes. As a result, it’s important to emphasize the importance of saying safe and secure when it comes to compliance and trustworthiness for freelancers.
Portfolio & Recommendation    When you visit a software development company’s website, you would see sections like case studies, client testimonies which will make it certain that they are reliable and authentic.While freelancers do not necessarily have a website to portray their work. You need to ask for portfolios and recommendations from previous clients to understand their type of work. This is a hassle.
Communication    Last one but the important one. Communication with the dedicated team model is simpler, if one of the team members is not answering the call you can call up the other or the manager itself.In a freelancing case, communication is quite a challenge. Not all freelancers do the same but many of them would leave work half way and may not communicate on time in case of issues of glitches. While there are some who are very up-to-date with work and communicate timely. It depends on who you choose.

Conclusion- whom should you choose?

If you are still unable to determine who to engage for your future online and mobile app project development after reading this article. We think this blog has made it quite clear with the pros, cons, difference table and the facts shown, whom to select between the two. Both dedicated teams and freelancers are extremely talented in their own arena. Typically, freelancers quote low costs for project development, which appears to be an eye-candy for you to employ them for development, but it backfires in the long run. If you hire dedicated developers rather than freelancers or a team from a top-tier web and mobile app development company, you can rest assured that you will receive best-in-class web and app solutions that will not only deliver value but also enable you to achieve the best performance-driven business outcomes in the global marketplace.

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