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Instagram Trends that Brands Need to Overlook

Instagram experienced new developments in the year 2020, with emerging astounding statistics. Instagram introduced enormous features to support small businesses and perform sales directly on the platform. Trollishly makes the brands feel confident that they are working with the appropriate information. Below are the crucial trends that brands pay less attention to, but still, they have enormous possibilities to decide the future of Instagram marketing.

Multifold Expansion of Explore Tab Content

When the brands wish to discover new content on Instagram and search accounts to follow, they can check the explore tab. The explore tab provides content concerning view history and past likes. Instagram has made it simple to search content by including categories. Instead of merely listing post suggestions, now the app has enabled businesses to search content by category.

Marketers can optimize their Instagram profile and content to improve ranking in the desired categories. Similar to SEO for general searches, SEO will show up for Instagram searches also. Businesses need to choose their niche and optimize their content and profile using suitable hashtags and keywords from the niche.

Hosting Influencer Events

As a recent trend, several brands are inviting highly curated groups of Influencers to brand events. Few brands hire Influencers and offer them considerable pay. In turn, Influencers mention the brand, post about the events, thereby enabling brand promotion.

For instance, Revolve is an apparel brand that frequently uses an Influencer strategy. The Instagram highlights of the brand occupy stories expressing influencer trips and events hosted by them. Brands gather a lot of Influencer content from these events.

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Memes and Tweets

Memes are getting trending on Instagram. But for an extended period, memes were exclusively reserved for the privileged accounts that entirely served the purpose of creating and sharing memes. In previous years, memes attracted businesses and brands.

People take screenshots of funny tweets and post them in their Instagram stories. This trend is recently emerging and is increasing as a storm. On the other hand, Memes prevail on the platform for a more extended period and occupy an inevitable space in the platform.

Branded AR Filters

Instagram is flourishing, with designers and artists developing their exclusive effects for their Instagram stories. AR is a potential marketing tool for businesses where it offers complete freedom of creativity. Businesses can create their AR filter or incorporate existing filters available in the platform.

Cosmetics brands can implement AR filters to encourage customers to “try on” a virtual outlook. Also, furniture brands can effectively showcase their products to customers by offering an enhanced view of their dream house. Apparel brands can experiment with AR filters to allow customers to virtually try on sunglasses or outfits that perfectly fits their style and shape.

Inquisitive Content

Similar to videos, interactive content is also getting viral on the platform. Many brands and marketers are testing engaging content to attract the audience. Instagram offers enormous options for creating interactive content, and stories are great for creating and sharing inquisitive content with the audience.

Asking questions is an ideal way to make the content interactive. For compelling posts, businesses can include an image with the question and prompt customers to register their answers in the comments section. Instagram stories have a feature for asking questions with a dialogue box to submit their answers. 

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Impactful Instagram Stickers

2020 has been a hectic year for startups and small businesses. Many businesses shut down and hold on to operations during the pandemic situation. Therefore Instagram evolved as a lifeline to support brands to remain financially stable. Instagram supports businesses with a ton of incredible tools and features to help small businesses.

Instagram Introduced Small Business Stickers to use in Instagram Stories, and users can directly mention the businesses they love through stickers and offer a preview of their account to followers. Instagram also introduced profile buttons for ordering food and buying gift cards. When the user sees food orders or gift cards, they can tap to place the order with a partner site’s help- benefitting small businesses to provide products for their following.

Hosting Contest or Poll

Running contests through Instagram stories is an effective way to interact with the audience. Polls can understand customer preferences and gather insights for the brands and products. Polls offer hints to the customers by understanding their demands. Offering customers a choice and getting them involved in the contest creates wonders to enhance a brand’s loyalty. Brands can also implement stories in their contest and appreciate the winning entries. Polls are a tested method to make customers engage with the brand.

Promoting Hashtag Campaigns

Previously brands used to choose one or two Influencers and send them products to review. But presently, brands are hiring a network of Influencers to boost their marketing campaigns on Instagram with the help of specific hashtags. It is incredible to develop a campaign-specific hashtag and promote them through posts, highlights, stories, and influencer content. For instance, Marc Jacobs used the network Influencer strategy to market their perfume “Daisy.” The brand created the campaign hashtag #mjdaisy and coordinated with many Influencers to improve its reach.

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Final Thoughts

Instagram will consistently evolve with recent trends that craft the future of advertising on digital platforms. If the brands aspire to stay competitive and make unique content on Instagram, they need to stay updated with the current trends. Brands can readily experiment with new features in the platform to gather incredible insights and astounding results.


Instagram is a viable medium that favors brands with remarkable trends where they can attract appropriate target audiences. Incorporating the suitable trends in businesses helps them achieve their marketing goals.

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