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SEO link building benefits

Say you have a website on cats. You want more people to come to see your site, so you research how to get your site higher in search engine ranking (SEO). One thing that has worked for you in the past is SEO link building.

You ask one of your friends if they can give you a link to your website on their own website about cats. They agree and place the link on their site. This will increase traffic because of two reasons:

The popularity of the new site will cause some traffic because of its name recognition (this is known as “branding”). The second reason is that when another person finds out about the new site, they may come to check it out too if they trust it enough (because it’s associated with your friend’s site, which is trusted)

This second reason really helps to explain why SEO link building works. When you have a higher ranking in search engine results, it means that the website is popular and has good quality content. That may be enough for people to trust it and come see what’s on there.

On the other hand, if you don’t already have this high of a ranking but are very eager for more traffic, then together with SEO link building, you should also optimize your site for keywords. This will help increase popularity over time as people begin to search for those keywords related to your website or product. Another idea is creating good content that will attract visitors who are interested in the topic of the page (known as “content marketing”).

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When you do buy SEO link building services, it’s recommended to use what is known as “do-follow” links. These types of links mean that search engines will pass on some link juice (ranking power) through the link. On the other hand, if someone were to use a “no-follow” link, then it wouldn’t increase ranking at all. It may seem like a small difference, but it helps.

The type of link that you would normally want to use is called an “editorial” backlink. This means that the person who is giving you the link agrees with your website and wants to give you a link (even if they didn’t get one for free or in exchange). For example, if someone writes an article about cats; and includes a directory of cat websites (with yours linked) at the bottom, and you see this and ask them if they can add your website too: then this is what’s known as an editorial backlink. On Google, these types of links are given more weight over do-follow ads such as PPC, though not as much weight as do-follow natural links (such as blog posts, articles, news, etc.). For this reason, for clients who are concerned about SEO link building, it’s recommended to use editorial backlinks.

You should be careful, though, not to get too many “no-follow” or paid links. This is because search engines will see that the website has lots of incoming links, but all these other types won’t pass much-ranking power. Also, Google does not like affiliate marketing, so if you’re only getting traffic from people coming in through affiliate sites, then this won’t help much either. You want your site to get popular on its own (over time) and attract people directly.

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There are many ways that you can get do-follow links to your site. Some examples are commenting on blogs in your field with a backlink, asking for guest posts from bloggers who may be interested in your content/product/service, or doing an interview about something related to your site and publishing it somewhere online. By constantly creating new content and linking it to your site, you will be able to generate more and more traffic.

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