5 Best Tips for Working Remotely around the World as a Digital Nomad

Being a digital nomad is often considered to be among the most freeing and exciting lifestyles you could opt for. Allowing you to create your own schedules, work from anywhere in the world, and travel the globe in the process, working remotely truly seems like a dream. However, this lifestyle can come with its own set of challenges, from balancing between work and travel, through managing your wealth when living abroad, to finding suitable locations for conducting business. 

Whether you’re a new digital nomad or simply attracted to this lifestyle, here are some of the best tips for working remotely around the world that will make this experience simpler and more enjoyable:

Set clear work and travel boundaries

While it’s a well-known fact that remote workers can benefit any business, companies have a tendency to be too demanding of digital nomads, leaving no room for travel and leisure. On the other hand, many remote workers can get carried away as well, spending most of their time exploring their interesting destinations, and not enough time actually working.

In an effort to avoid these issues, it would be best to set clear boundaries between your work and the travel aspects of your digital nomad life. Constructing good schedules is truly the only way to ensure you’ll get everything done, whether that means setting clear working hours and exploring afterward, leaving your weekends free to roam around, or setting specific dates for travel and leisure.

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Spend enough time in each location

To make the balance between work and travel easier, while having the opportunity to familiarize yourself with each location in detail, it would be advised to travel slowly. Instead of moving cities each week, consider spending a couple of weeks, if not even months, in each location you visit.

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This way, you will be able to get a more personal and in-depth experience of each travel destination, while also having enough time to build routines and achieve some stability. Staying longer in each location will also give you the opportunity to attend events, network, meet new clients and partners, play tourist in your destinations, or even get a feel for authentic local life, thus being the best possible solution overall.

Find the most suitable accommodation

Accommodation is one of the most important aspects of life as a digital nomad. Apart from providing a place to spend the night, the accommodation you select will also serve as your second home, being the spot where you come to relax and unwind, and even offering a space for working as well.

For this reason, you might want to choose a more suitable accommodation option for your lifestyle, such as serviced studios for rent that are clean, modern, and fully furnished, while also providing the necessary comfort and a homely feel. Besides being situated in a prime location, such an apartment will also come with beneficial communal areas like a kitchen, laundry room, and lounges, offering truly everything a remote worker might need, regardless of the length of your stay.

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Consider joining co-working spaces

If your accommodation doesn’t offer any communal areas or other spaces where you could work, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should work from your bed. In fact, finding a specific office space for work could be quite beneficial for productivity and motivation, while allowing you to set clear boundaries between work, travel, and life as well.

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To that end, it would be recommended to find a co-working space tailored to digital nomads in each location. From dedicated workspaces to fast and reliable internet connections, along with a community of other remote workers who might help you feel less lonely and isolated, co-working spaces could have a number of benefits for any type of digital nomad.

Stick to a good everyday routine

Among the most common challenges digital nomads face is trying to find the right work-life balance that caters to their needs. Whether it’s spending too much time working, avoiding being productive by overly enjoying your current destination, or simply feeling some panic and isolation once you’re away from familiar surroundings, a number of issues might arise when you work remotely, especially for new digital nomads.

To avoid these problems, it’s always recommended to create a specific routine you can follow every day. Apart from setting strict working hours and avoiding work outside of them, this could also include aspects such as skincare regimens, workout schedules, meditation, or anything else that might help to keep you centered and productive while working remotely.

Over to you

Life as a remote worker is incredibly liberating. Although it might require plenty of effort and good organizational skills, being a digital nomad also provides flexibility and new travel opportunities, all of which can easily be achieved by following the simple tips mentioned above.

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