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How Can Flutter Reduce Overall App Development Cost?

In the current days, there is a rising demand for mobile apps. Whether you are a start-up or a well established enterprise, you will need a mobile app for effectively running your business.

Apps are an essential marketing tool that helps to build a direct relationship with users. With the help of this, your business can reach a large number of people. This also offers an easy-to-use and simple interface to them, which helps in the increase of user engagement rate.

When compared to websites, mobile apps are more convenient to use. Mobile apps are also easily accessible, faster, highly responsive, and offer easy navigation.

Most of the websites lack all these features. Some of the important benefits of opting for a mobile app for your business involve increased user engagement, personalization, better user experience, increased sales, and higher revenue.

To understand this well, you should first have a clear idea about cross-platform apps discussed in the below-mentioned section:

What Are Cross-Platform Apps?

Cross-platform apps are those which can run on several platforms. These apps also contribute to offering a lot of advantages over native app development. One of the most important benefits of these cross-platform apps includes reduced development cost.

While developing the app for one platform, it is possible to reuse about 85 – 90% of the code written while creating the same for other platforms.

This tends to reduce the development time. These apps are also considered to be great at maintaining the application’s look across all the platforms.

The top mobile app development companies focus on using React Native and Flutter that are the two well-known cross-platform mobile app frameworks.

So, this below-mentioned section will give you an in-depth idea about how developing a mobile app using Flutter helps to reduce the overall app development cost.

All you should know about Flutter

Flutter is one of the renowned open-source cross-platform app development frameworks that Google creates. One can use this framework for developing powerful and highly interactive desktop, mobile, and web apps for several platforms like iOS and Android.

This involves the use of a highly reusable codebase. In terms of performance, both the Flutter apps and native apps are the same. Due to the exceptional user experience and fast development process, developers find it more convenient to work with the Flutter framework.

Flutter also has several advantages over any other framework. Like, it provides the option to reuse code, faster development process, and reduced app development cost.

All of these reasons have contributed to the rising popularity of the Flutter app development.

A lot of businesses also prefer using this for app development. Here are given some of the major reasons behind the popularity of Flutter and how it helps to reduce app development costs.

·         Code Reusability

This is one of the major reasons behind the popularity of Flutter. App development is made very simple for the developers with Flutter.

Due to the flexible and highly expressive components offered by Flutter, the apps developed using this framework possess an interactive and attractive design.

App developers can easily reuse the code with the help of this platform. As the developers can reuse about 85 – 90% of the code, and so, this contributes to saving a lot of effort and time. Thereby, it helps in reducing the app development cost.

·         Faster Coding With Hot Reload

Flutter has introduced a unique feature known as “Hot Reload” to the developers. With the help of this, they can easily make any changes in the code.

Also, the changes made will be reflected in the application. So, this dynamic process tends to bring a lot of coordination between developers and designers.

Any minor or major changes made can be seen on a real-time basis. Flutter automatically rebuilds the widget tree.

This again allows the developers to make use of a pre-built customization widget in the least possible time. So, the Flutter app development cost is considered to be much less.

·         Reduced Testing Time

Comprehensive testing is always done to ensure that an app runs smoothly. The testing process may require a lot of time if you are focusing on developing a multiplatform application.

As Flutter uses the same codebase to develop an app for each of the platforms and so, it requires less time for app testing. This is an essential factor that effectively reduces the app development cost.

·         Less Coding

As Flutter includes less code and so, the cost of app development is considered to be much less. Flutter is very simple to use, which makes it more manageable for the developers.

It also uses Dart, which is a client-optimized and object-oriented development language. This contributes to enhancing the overall performance.

Developers can also use customized widgets with the help of which they can develop apps that the users find appealing and attractive. So, Flutter provides the same level of performance which the native app does. 

·         Less Maintenance

Apps that are developed by using Flutter do not involve any extra maintenance cost. Also, they are easily compatible with the operational cost of the older versions. This results in the development of a great app by using the native feature of the platform.

·         Open-Source Framework

Being an open-source framework, Flutter is free to use for all. The business owners only need to pay for finding and hiring app developers who could build an attractive, feature-rich, and fully functional app according to their business needs.

This helps to save a lot of money which you can use somewhere else.

·         Best Choice For MVP

If you are a startup and focusing on presenting your application in front of investors, then it would be advantageous to build an app in Flutter. This will allow you to show the functionality of your app across different platforms.

Flutter also allows you to develop an MVP i.e. Minimum Viable Product that runs on most platforms. For this, you do not have to pay any extra amount. This helps to save both money and time.


Therefore, Flutter is considered to be the best choice for the creation of cost-effective app solutions. All that you need is to hire professional app developers who can develop the dream app for your business.

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