Best 10 Must Have Recruitment Practices for HR Managers in 2021

When any startup is looking for potentially talented employees, they must arrange a good recruitment plan. Either the company has a wonderful HR team and managers, or they should look for reputed HR consultancy services. It will smoothen the recruitment process and open up the chance of recruiting the right employees for each task.

A startup’s hope to become big greatly depends on its initial employees. Their work with sweat and blood makes way for the company’s future in the market. In case the initial employees have a flaw, it directly impacts company growth. Also, at the beginning stage, a startup can’t spend its time on firing and re-hiring new employees.

So, what can a startup company do? There are some pointers for the startup companies that they can follow and instill in HR departments. It sure can make the recruitment process efficient and easy. Let’s look into some of the must-have recruitment practices that HR Managers should take into account:

HR Consultancy Services Must Hire Right Person

No matter what an HR team does, hiring the right person for a designated position is the key. In case the HR team hires the wrong resources for the company, the company has to face great loss, mainly if it is a startup organization. It will define further improvement in the overall company’s growth and hiring process.

Initial candidates should be flawless and can offer the best potential for the company. Also, the HR manager must hire talent just before they know they will require him/her, especially in a startup. Learning about each candidate’s strength is important; still, it won’t be right to take up too much time to hire just one candidate.

Look For Multi-tasking Ability

If you have a startup, it has a different work culture than established companies. At the initial stage, the company may lack a lot of funds for hiring all people for all the departments. It means you need employees who can multi-task and focus on the company’s growth first.

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It is up to the HR managers or best HR consultancy services to look for the multi-tasking ability in their candidates. An ideal candidate is someone who doesn’t hesitate if he/she has to take part in different types of tasks. It is applicable for both big companies too. A candidate who is willing to learn various tasks is a valuable asset for a company’s growth.

Hire But Don’t Shy Away From Firing

We all know that hiring the right candidate is extremely important, but what about firing? Every company must know that hiring and firing both are important. After all, companies look forward to suitable and ideal candidates; they won’t be able to hire another if they have a wrong candidate occupying a position.

Look for passion in a team member even after the initial euphoria fades away. If the passion gets missing from an employee, it’s time to say goodbye to them and focus on your core team. Of course, firing an employee is a trickier task than hiring as it impacts the ROI of your HR functions. So, before taking final calls, the HR manager must assess carefully.

Attractive And Interesting Job Posting

Attracting the best lot of potential employees requires the HR team to prepare interesting job postings. These job postings must stand out amidst the crowd. These days, the world sees myriads of job postings every hour of a day.

With so many internet job boards, job portal sites, candidates can access things from mobile, laptop, or PC. HR Consultancy Services understands the value of creating attractive and fruitful job postings. So, the key is to focus on making it unique with catchy descriptions, humorous and interesting.

HR Consultancy Services Focus On Talent Versus Experience

Startup companies should look for talents over experience as they need new and raw talents to work on their vision. New and young talented employees exude fresh energy, and they are willing to learn. It works best for startups. People who are willing to learn new and better ways of doing something can prove extremely valuable.

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If the company has already been in the market for a long time, new talents and experienced candidates will be equally important. Still, there has to be a balance between people who have the right skill-sets and those who can value the company in the long run. Every company needs both types of employees for growth.  

Brand Building

When your company indulges in brand building, it shows prospective candidates about the company’s mission and vision. But many companies shy away from being transparent about their goals, long-term plans, and vision. However, communicating with clear intent encourages the right candidates to join your company as they also want stability.

In case it’s a startup company, candidates must evaluate whether they can keep their headstrong as it can become a roller-coaster ride. But do not oversell your company; instead, stay open to answer all types of questions from applicants. You must have a clear vision first, or else your candidates won’t connect with your vision.

Time For Recruitment

Yes, you must hire the right person at the right time without a doubt. But, the recruitment process should be structured and not a lengthy process. In case the recruiting time is way longer, then candidates may choose to move on towards other potential opportunities. So, the company will lose a talented candidate due to the long process.

However, if the recruitment process is shorter and sweet, then there’s a chance that your company hires the wrong candidates. It will cost a lot for your company in the coming days. Expert HR consultancy services look into the little details when recruiting for your company and can provide you, right candidates. Right timing with the right approach can lead to weeding out all the wrong candidates efficiently.

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Innovative Selection Process

Many companies are now assigning small projects to or role-playing activities for evaluating all the candidates. It shows whether the candidates have the skills that the company wants for their growth. This is a wonderful practice that even startups can adopt.

Create situation/s to shortlist potential candidates. The HR manager has to give them a small project that they have to do within one week or so. It will show a candidate’s determination and potential if he/she can pull off the challenge.

Leverage Technology

During the hiring process, technology can be the biggest asset. It will cut down many manual interventions dramatically and reduce most of the manual errors. Internet job boards, online quizzes, and internet job websites ease down the manual effort for better results. Online personality quiz can help you weed out candidates that won’t fit the company’s job requirements.


Most startups are short when it comes to money. So, they may not be able to match professional standards when it comes to the rewarding financial domain. Therefore, startups must hire standard quality people at an affordable pay package for sustaining in the long run.

Hiring the right people is a task that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But, every company deserves quality employees for the bright future of the company. And employees dictate whether a company will kiss success or fall down to the ground. So, HR consultancy services can help you hire the right person for the right position for your company. It will reflect on the growth and stability of your company.

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