Why is Epic EMR One of the Best in the Industry?

Today, healthcare providers are burdened with several administrative tasks – from patient scheduling and charting to prescription notes and billing; these processes can deter physicians from providing quality care services to their patients. The modern healthcare environment demands new and innovative solutions to cater to traditional problems. Electronic health recording software solutions, such as Epic EMR, can help take this burden off your shoulders with its best-in-class features. This award-winning platform is in accordance with healthcare compliance consulting and offers comprehensive solutions to streamline all facets of patient communication, practice administration, and workflow. You can also test-drive this product by booking an Epic EMR demo.

Keep reading to learn more about Epic software and how it helps the healthcare industry with its top-rated solutions.

Epic EMR – An overview

Healthcare organizations rely on Epic EMR software for enhanced interoperability. It was named as the top KLAS Overall Software Solution in 2021 for the eleventh consecutive year. The organization’s EHR system is measured by plan and accompanies three clinical modules, including EpicCare Ambulatory, EpicCare ASAP, and EpicCare InPatient. Epic’s solutions are designed for various medical specialties (Radiology, Anesthesia, Obstetrics, etc.).

The software solution helps healthcare providers chronicle a patient’s records over time. It offers a number of features related to patient care, such as appointment scheduling and registration; clinical systems for practitioners, care providers, nurses, and emergency staff. This EHR platform also supports billing systems for safety net providers and different integrations for radiologists, lab technologists, and pharmacists.

Epic is currently being utilized by 54% of hospitals to manage patient health records in the US and 2.5% of patients globally. Handling the overwhelming amount of data for each patient is too big a task for physicians to streamline their workflows. This medical software, therefore, offers a great deal of help by providing information accurately and quickly whenever needed. Epic EMR software review also confirms that the software gives patients immediate access to their health records. In addition to this, the platform offers several other innovations to healthcare organizations, such as:

  • Pre-designed customizable templates
  • Automated billing
  • Mobile app connectivity
  •  Revenue cycle management
  • Customized modules for numerous specialties
  • Telehealth support and integration
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What is the Cost of Epic EMR?

Epic EMR cost depends primarily on the features medical practitioners choose and the number of providers a healthcare facility has. The Epic EMR software cost for its self-hosted solution starts from $1,200 and can go up to $500,000 for large practices and hospitals.

Epic EMR Software Review

Epic EMR software review suggests that the solution helps its users efficiently address challenges in managing daily practice tasks by offering robust features and integrations. Since this software solution is cloud-based, users can access it on all devices connected to the internet. It is one of the most appreciated electronic health recording platforms across the country. Currently, the company holds health records of 45% of the United States population.

Epic EMR demo

Epic EMR demo is available for users who want to see the product in action. The demo can help you understand why Epic software is the right fit for your organization.

What are Epic Solutions for Healthcare Organizations?

Listed below are some of the prominent systems offered by Epic:

  1. EpicCare 

EpicCare is the most popular product of the company. This EHR solution is tailored for providers and organizations centered on clinical care, decision support, and streamlined tasks. The system helps medical practitioners improve healthcare outcomes for their patients. Its screens, specialty applications, and workflows are customizable to suit the individual needs of an organization. EpicCare offers decision support tools and embedded analytics to enable healthcare clinics to provide high-quality care.

  1. MyChart 

Powered by Epic EMR software, MyChart comes neck-to-neck with robust patient engagement tools, such as family health data. The solution allows patients to access their vaccine and testing status. They can undoubtedly plan an arrangement for their COVID-19 immunization through this system. Not only this, but the patients who are treated at different healthcare practices can also view their medical bills, medications, test results, upcoming appointments, price estimates, and more – all in one place. MyChart makes a patient’s personal and family healthcare information easily accessible. Moreover, it allows patients to connect with their doctors, complete questionnaires, schedule appointments, attend e-visits, and engage more actively throughout their care process.

  1. Healthy Planet 
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Healthy Planet uses data interoperability to improve population health management measures. This module by Epic Systems is designed for community health management and accountable care. The module was introduced to serve ACOs on the subject of the Affordable Care Act. It is used in the healthcare industry to monitor the performance of organizations in terms of patient care. Epic Healthy Planet module comes with chronic disease registries, real-time and predictive analytics, daily metrics dashboard, and wellness registries to provide all essential data.

Overview of Benefits

  • Helps physicians thrive 

According to Epic EMR software reviews, it efficiently streamlines day-to-day practice tasks to get the job done instantly. Its mobile app keeps doctors connected to their patients at all times.

  • Best for modern facilities  

It includes all the features necessary to achieve a modern healthcare practice and maintain comprehensive medical records.

  • Fully integrated system 

Epic EMR software combines clinical information, patient scheduling, and billing. This fully integrated system helps users deliver the best patient care possible. It also supports multiple integrations to enable doctors to access the patient records from any device.

  • Productivity 

Epic is a top-rated ambulatory and acute electronic health recording platform known for increasing physician productivity and the quality of care.

Wrapping up

Epic EMR has been offering the best-in-class medical software solutions since its founding in 1979. It comes fully loaded with robust features that elevate operational efficiency and improve the quality of patient care. With a user interface that is intuitive and easy to use, the software efficiently streamlines your daily practice tasks. If you are still not sure of Epic’s capabilities, you can visit Software Finder to book an Epic EMR demo.

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