How to Display live Twitter feeds in events and It’s Benefits

“We are the generation of Social Media, Our biggest Revolution is a Tweet of 141 Characters.” — Sandra Chami Kassis

Twitter is a space for celebrities and global brands to make their thoughts clear with their followers. Events are the occasions where the brands get a chance to establish valuable communication to reach, attract, and engage consumers to convert them into customers.

So, events are a major for any business to create a social setting for their audience. Twitter allows a wide-scale communication with the millions of users from around the world. With Twitter feed displays at your event, you can explore multiple dimensions of possibilities.

How to get a Twitter feed display for your event?

All you need to get is a Twitter aggregating tool to set up a live twitter wall in an event. Hardware tools for media connectivity are also a major requirement for high-quality display.

Twitter aggregating tools from the leading social media aggregators like Taggbox offer a range of basic criteria and layout to meet your social media wall requirements.

The Procedure

The aggregating tool helps create a twitter feed. For which you can follow these steps.

1. The tool will need the Twitter account handles and hashtags to create a social wall.

2. Content gets fetched in and the twitter feed will find a shape.

3. The collected content can be previewed as the app creates a default feed display.

4. Then, comes the moderation stage. You can curate the content on the basis of appropriateness and requirements.

5. The tool works to filter out inappropriate and negative content to keep the Twitter feed fresh and recreative.

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6. Now, you can customize the outlay and design by choosing a theme that goes well with your event.

7. Post-customization, the feed display will automatically set the screen size and resolution according to your display outputs.

8. And now, your Twitter feed display is ready to make a mark at your event.

Personalization Options

The social media aggregating tools offer several options to customize the displays.

  • Variety of themes
  • Card Styles
  • Custom CSS, lets you manually design the layout
  • Set or create a background image
  • Banner Image
  • Video content slot
  • Video trimming
  • Pop-up from Feed
  • Text Color
  • Font Size
  • Font Style

Most Trusted Twitter Aggregation Tools

Here, you can find the leaders in the social media aggregation field and know their expertise.

1. Taggbox

If you need a creative display for the spontaneous Twitter content, there can be no better Twitter aggregation tool than Taggbox. Their twitter feed display helps in improving the interactive elements. They offer a variety of themes to customize the appearance of the feed and display.

They deliver you with features like adding promotional banners for your brands or sponsors. Taggbox can modify the display style of the feed, its layout, fonts, colors, and customizable background.

The content filter extracts out adult content, competitors’ content, irrelevant content, and profane content to keep your feed fresh and positive. If your team could not manually perform the filtering process, you can go for the automated filter as well.

You can also get additional features including content play, detailed analytics, real-time content display, full-screen announcements, custom posts, and much more with the Twitter aggregating tool from Taggbox.

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2. delivers attractive Twitter feed displays to add value to your event by engaging the attendees. They intend to give your event an international approach with social media exposure.

The tool collects posts from Twitter to put up on any screen with its responsive design. Based on your unique hashtag, they collect the tweets and showcase them interactively.

Their advanced text and image spam filters keep the feed clear off negative and irrelevant content while presenting on the screens. These filters help analyze the text and media content to block abusive posts.

This easy to install set-up for your event lets you have a dedicated space on the displays for sponsored advertisements. The sponsored tiles on the Twitter feed walls give you a high ROI.

3. Tintup

Make your event more interesting with the Twitter aggregating tool from Tint. Their vision is to increase audience engagement with the use of intricate curation of tweets and a digitally empowered experience.

They offer additional exposure to the brands and sponsors with ad spaces and creative slots. This creates opportunities for sponsors to generate more revenue.

The well-curated content lets you add value to your marketing strategy while the event and even after it.

Finishing Up…

Take your digital media marketing strategies a step ahead with the modern tools of social media aggregation and explore the dimensions, with more engagement and profitability. Select from the choicest and experienced social media aggregating experts to create an interactive Twitter feed display for your event.

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