Testimonials: Let Your Clients Speak for You

Do you want to give your Online Marketing actions a boost? Raise the voice of your satisfied customers! Find out how to use customer testimonials to increase your conversions.

What if we told you that it is your current customers who can most influence the purchase decision of those who still do not know your brand.

Well, your opinion spreads without limits and can convince even the most incredulous. As simple as that! Your users will be able to preach the benefits of your product better than anyone. You just have to let them speak.

Word of Mouth Advertising is the Best Resource of a Business

Although there are multiple ways to promote a brand, the truth is that there are tactics whose effectiveness does not go out of style.

Word of mouth is still the privileged channel to spread a message and define the fate of your company.

Think about is the first thing you do when you find out about a product you would like to buy. You look for recommendations from other people!

If you still do not think that customer testimonials are essential, read on! In this post, Doppler shows you why they are so important to your online strategy.

Question of confidence

It is well known that today, more than ever, consumers use the Internet and Social Networks to get in touch with a product for the first time.

Therefore, winning that first moment in the purchase decision, Zero Moment of Truth (or ZMOT) as Google called it, is a landslide victory in the battle for new customers.

Nothing like anticipating the facts and telling your future users, this is the product you want! How to do it? You can use the best ambassadors of your brand: your happy customers.

Your verdict will be the most valuable piece of advice for those who are still undecided.

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People are said to be more likely to do something if others have done it before. Be guided by this premise and get customer testimonials.

Their online comments, along with their first-hand opinions, will add authenticity and credibility to your sales pitch.

Remember that when these messages are delivered by a friend or a work colleague, the potential consumer increases their level of confidence.

Word of mouth will be an ally when it comes to differentiating yourself from other brands. Build a chain of recommendations between relatives or acquaintances that extends exponentially, until it influences all purchase decisions.

So learn some tips to get those customer testimonials that will increase your conversions. Take note!

Keys to building genuine customer testimonials

Does any argument serve to position your product or service in the mind of the consumer? The answer is no. When building a customer testimonial that represents your brand in the online world, you should keep in mind a golden rule and several tips.

Here the main condition: bet on authenticity. That pompous and exaggerated flattery that makes up reality will not capture the reader’s attention.

Think how much better they will be received if they are credible. But wait, that’s not all! Also, take into account these 4 relevant aspects:

# 1 Identify them

Put a face and name to the people who have given you their customer testimonials. Of course, with the prior consent of your client, this will give you the support you need to increase your credibility and improve your reputation.

# 2 Support them with images or videos

Photo valet and shows the face of the user in question. To be even more original and direct, you can display client testimonials in audiovisual format. Imagine the convincing power of a look at the camera!

# 3 Choose a specific benefit

Go further and suggest to your consumers that they refer to a specific advantage that your brand has brought to their lives. Satisfaction with a product is unlikely to be total. So follow the “less is more” rule and have them talk about a single revealing characteristic.

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# 4 Show objections

When exposing customer testimonials, choose those in which the customer refers to the difficulties and limitations that they could solve when hiring your service. Try to state the objections that they had beforehand and that they were able to counter when getting the product.

How creative are you when it comes to getting feedback?

Before deciding to unleash the search for attractive testimonials for your brand, it is essential that your service or product delivers on its promise. Only then, reaping positive opinions will be an easy task.

Keep in mind that a conforming consumer will be much more willing to talk about you. Well, win her heart and her loyalty will be assured.

Now yes, get to work and pursue those recommendations that will bring out the best in your product.

Keep in mind that the first way to motivate your users to give their testimony is to shout out loud how important they are to the success of your company.

Dare to go further and focus your efforts on captivating them more and more. Don’t skimp on resources! Attract your customers and give them more reasons to earn their loyalty.

Watch out! Along the way, you may stumble upon a big mistake. When it comes to asking to recommend your product, it is not seen well to offer remuneration or a gift in return. Even if you intend for them to work as a stimulus, the result can be totally the opposite. The fresher and more natural a speech, the stronger its power of persuasion.

How can you encourage the appearance of spontaneous customer testimonials? Break the ice! and use all the communication channels of your brand. Create favorable scenarios where your customers can freely comment, recommend and interact. It’s time to bring out all your ingenuity and creativity.

Take advantage of the magical moments

There are suitable times and spaces to achieve your goals. It is well known, for example, that consumers move like a fish in water on social platforms.

There they channel consultations and opinions of the most diverse. Take advantage of these comments and share with your followers what your customers say about your brand.

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Also, don’t overlook the rewarding experiences of your users. Whether they have been satisfied with your attention or surprised by the quality of your service, use this moment of euphoria to your advantage.

Contact them and ask for a review of your product. Then you can include it on your Website or integrate it into your Success Stories section.

Take action with an Email Marketing Campaign

If you plan to carry out a strategy to capture customer testimonials, Email Marketing can be of great help.

What better way than to ask your clients directly what they think of your company? To do this, send a Form to your List of Subscribers.

But that is not all. It is important that you include the First Name, Last Name, City, and Title fields first, and only then ask for their comments.

In this way, you make sure you have all the complete data of your users to later identify them. Reserve a few lines of your message to explain why it is important that they fill it out and what you will do with that information.

A color data create a specific Segment to which you will send. Keep in mind that just as there are clients who promote your brand, there are also passive or detractors. Include only those of whom you are interested in obtaining their opinion.

Stained glass testimonials

It is not news that your Website is one of your greatest conversion weapons. Well, it is not only your image in the online world but your main letter of introduction.

Everything there must come together in pursuit of a specific objective: that the visitor becomes a customer.

Imagine his surprise if upon entering he discovers that there are already many who are enjoying the benefits that your brand offers them. You most likely don’t want to be left behind.

Testimonials by themselves have an incalculable power of conviction. They are reliable proof that your product fulfills the Marketing promise!

The positive opinion of happy consumers has a force that destroys any sales obstacle.

If you have a variety of customer testimonials that are frank and straightforward, you can pride yourself on having established a close bond with your consumers.

These are not only involved with your brand, but they are willing to speak well of you. Excellent work

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