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Domain Authority Hacks: 07 Proven Ways to Improve Domain Authority of Your Website

Domain authority or DA score is a website’s measurement, first introduced by Moz. The two main determinants of this score are the website’s performance and content quality.

This particular reason drives SEO strategists and marketers to go above and beyond to stand out in DA ratings. 

So, let’s dive in a bit further to see what’s required to stand out with DA ratings. 

What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is the scale or rating of a website’s authenticity. Since 49% of the marketer around the globe hail organic search results as the leading ROI generator, scoring high DA is one of their top priorities. 

As mentioned before, a website’s overall performance and content decide the critical ratings in any DA score. However, another crucial factor in these results is the spam percentage. For instance, is one of the few websites with a 1% score on the spam index.

This stat makes it one of the top-ranking sites with a 95 DA score. While Forbes’ brand is more than just a website, two major factors play in its top ranks. One of them is the quality of content, and the other is their top-notch optimization.

However, the majority of websites see fluctuating DA scores. Two main attributions to this factor are frequent content creation and dull optimization tactics. 

That’s why it’s essential to grasp the central idea of domain authority and treat it as an ever-changing ranking system. 

7 Ways to Improve Website’s Domain Authority 

You should now understand the importance of a website’s domain authority. However, good DA is the culmination of SEO efforts on all its different ends. From website optimization to content quality, you need a sum of crucial SEO elements to achieve high DA.

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Nevertheless, with the cluster of SEO tactics today, which one should focus on more? While none of these factors outranks the other in importance, focusing on these key elements will undoubtedly improve your website’s domain authority. 

To check the domain authority of your website you should go for a DA PA checker.This tool allows you to check domain and page authority of you website for free.

  1. Off & On-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is the practice of improving your website’s reputation and posting content on its behalf on other platforms. An excellent example in content marketing is guest posting or blogging on other websites within your niche or industry. 

While on-page SEO is the optimization you need to score high, this includes focusing on your performance optimization mobile devices, interlinking, backlinking, and content that exists within your domain.

  1. Website Compatibility

Website optimization is not just interlinking, backlinking, or quality content creation; it’s about the site’s performance on devices. If a website has too many redirects and performs poorly on desktop and hand-held devices, it will never score good DA.

To avoid this, you must ensure your website’s quality in terms of performance. Get rid of any UI elements if they aren’t needed while providing your content is well-optimized, and your website works properly on all devices.  

  1. Get Rid of Broken Links & Orphaned Pages

Broken links are a significant drawback in DA scores, as they mislead the searcher. You see, SEO prowess is all about the searcher’s journey. If it goes smoothly on your website, it would naturally rank higher. 

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Besides broken links, orphaned pages can also become an obstacle when trying to rank a website higher. So, make sure you get rid of any broken links and orphaned pages on your website. 

  1. Create SEO-focused Content 

The intention of content goes a long way in SEO rather than focusing on keywords. If you’re stuffing content with keywords in hopes of ranking higher, then it might get you blacklisted. To avoid this and achieve high DA scores, you need SEO-focused content.

How do you go about creating it? Focus on key topics in your industry and target keyword intent. Then, you need to ensure the informative value of your content is high, as it’s one of the key factors in scoring high on the domain authority checker.

  1. Internal & External Linking

Internal and external linking within your domain can help you stand out in search engine results. Bear in mind that most search engine crawlers will base such results on the smoothness of the searcher’s journey. As mentioned before, linking is one of the key factors in it. 

Therefore, if you wish to increase your website’s DA, you need to ensure external and internal linking works appropriately. If you’re allowing guest-blogging, then you’ll have to make sure it’s a two-way deal, with external linking on other platforms leading to your website. 

  1. Create Content Frequently 

Frequent and regular content creation are two necessary things in good SEO ranks. As mentioned before, a website with high DA features prominent content, but it also posts it regularly. 

Therefore, you need an SEO strategy that pushes you towards regular content creation. However, make sure the content quality doesn’t wane. 

  1. Make A Digital Marketing Strategy
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If you wish to establish your brand’s domain authority in general, you need a sum of all the digital platforms. Granted that your website will be your top-ranking search result.

However, a good presence on social media, app stores, and blogs will help you generate organic traffic. So, in general, focusing on digital marketing is one of the safest bets to increase DA scores. 


Domain authority requires you to ensure the website’s quality and the content within it. An all-around SEO and digital strategy will surely help you establish domain authority.

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