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7 Tips To Increase Your Instagram Productivity in 2021

Instagram is one of the most-used social networks used for everybody. Furthermore, it has emotional to sentimental content, which of course makes the user want to download it. Well, a user can easily download Instagram videos with 4Hub, not only that it is the most powerful marketing tool for brands. There is an increase in the brands who’ve developed their presence on Instagram.

The key to any modern business is having the right kind of social media strategy. Companies today are expected to be right in terms of their social media engagement with their audience on various social media platforms.

It is vital to form and layout the social media strategies; it will help in understanding the objectives and the goals and then plan on how to achieve them. 

To develop an effective strategy, we must answer specific questions like, whom do we want to engage with? What are the expectations that we want to achieve after using social media? Why are we using this particular social media tool such as Instagram and devoting our time to it?

After having all such questions, we must set a short term and a long term goal, and once the strategy is in place, you need a plan to meet your goals. It is vital to have a plan to prevent yourself from moving purposelessly.

Why Post On Instagram?

A business needs to know why they’re going to post on Instagram; for example, a company might be sharing their content to hope that people will lead back to their website. Or maybe you want to share your work and share your content with the people so that they can check out your products or services.

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Therefore, it is essential to come up with a reason to know why you’re going to post. You can start by creating a list of things you want to do for your brand, and you can even have multiple goals as well.

Tips to increase your Instagram productivity:

Know Your Target Audience

It is imperative to know who your target audience is going to be, so you know the kind of content you are going to share. It would be best if you had your marketing strategies in place, and then you can draw from those who have and be effortlessly consistent. It is essential to consider factors like age, location, gender, income, etc.

Look For Competitors 

Do a competitor analysis to see what other marketers in your field are doing. See what they are posting, which posts are getting higher engagements, hashtags they might be using that you are missing out on. 

While doing the analysis, you can also look out for opportunities that your competitors have missed out on. Adding unique content will help you stand out from the rest.

Create A Calendar

Creating a social media calendar is essential to help you keep organized. A calendar will help you with how and when you are going to publish your content, and also the type of content you are going to print. It will help you save time and manage your feed.

You can plan your caption, hashtags, and posting time all in advance. It will help you record critical things, for example, new product launches, collaborations, etc. This strategy surely will help you to increase your Instagram productivity.

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Clean Your Feed

Random content might confuse the audience, maintain a brand aesthetic for your Instagram account. Your Instagram feed should match the brand personality, it should be organized and clean, and all the traits related to your brand. Be careful of the color palette you use in your photos.

The brand aesthetic doesn’t just apply to visuals. While posting the image, have a brand narrative in mind, too. Including compelling stories in your captions can make your brand more relatable.

Hashtags Are Key

Hashtags are the way to grow on Instagram, and it is a way that people can find you. With so much content, it can be difficult for your account to get noticed. That’s where hashtags come in handy. It is crucial to choose the right and the appropriate hashtags instead of just randomly adding hashtags.

You can keep a different group of hashtags, maybe in groups of 11 or 12. You can post your hashtags with the original post or in the post. It would be best if you chose the hashtags that are relevant and not the ones that don’t have anything to do with the job.

Take Care Of The Audience.

Engage with the audience on social media, provide them with a chance to with you. It creates more trust and also makes you appear more authentic. You can run contests that will require the audience’s engagement, engage with influencers.

Keep It Simple

Keeping it simple is vital; Instagram is a visual platform. Spending a lot of time in writing isn’t going to help try keeping the captions brief and meaningful. Add your story highlights, and also don’t forget to use links on your Instagram bio to connect your flowers to your website.

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There are certain times in the day where Instagram has its peak engagement. The best times to post are Monday and Thursday at any time except between 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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