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How a Good Web Design Helps you in Getting Awards from your Clients

Good websites are a feast to the eyes, as they captivate the visitors and enable them to take part in the experience. Besides aesthetics, good web designs do not miss their mark. They have a purpose for which they exist, and every element works towards that goal. A simple Google search would list hundreds of award-winning sites. But what makes them grab awards? 

Prominent Call-to-Action: 

The CTA is central to every business in the digital sphere. Its purpose is to encourage visitors to enter into a relationship with the brand. As such, it holds much weight in a website. Good web designs have CTAs that attract immediate attention from visitors. Award-winning sites have CTAs capable of inducing powerful feelings that convert visitors into customers. This is also the reason why businesses partner with top web design companies in India to design attractive CTAs. 

The CTA does not always have to call people to try the product. One can use CTA to collect user information and invite visitors to read the content. Since the CTA is crucial to a business, the button should be bright and clear. The best web designs highlight the CTA by having other elements dimmed to a small extent. The goal of every business is sales, so web designers should give more time, effort, and attention to the CTA in perfecting it. Get the help of a web design company in India to create CTAs that convert.

Visual Hierarchy:

Visual hierarchy is the arrangement of various elements on a website in order of importance. On a website, the header carries the most weight. It communicates an important message, so it should command immediate attention. Web designers know that in web designing, bigger sizes get more visibility. So, using large fonts for the header will make it easily noticeable. This case is also apparent with social media content, so businesses partner with social media optimization companies to optimize social media content and banners for visual hierarchy. 

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When people first enter a site, they scan it to find something that will satisfy their curiosity. Their eyes move based on particular patterns. Good web designs incorporate this fact and design the site accordingly. 

English readers on the internet read in an F pattern. It is the most natural eye movement when people read their favorite book. So, web designers should utilize the F pattern in their designs. For image-based sites, designers should go with the Z pattern. Since the brain processes images faster than text, the Z pattern allows visitors to scan the images quickly.

A Natural Extension of the Brand: 

Every brand has a product offering, USP, logos, colors, and fonts that characterize them. An award-winning web design would integrate all these elements into the layout in a way that looks natural. The product offering, in particular, should blend well into the web design. 

For instance, Simply Chocolate is a Denmark-based brand that makes chocolates. The chocolate animations on their site tell what their brand is all about. They also use the colors of their chocolate wrappers in their web design. Themes in web designs can communicate the message of a brand. 

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Utilize White Space

It would appear like the white space has nothing to offer, but its presence adds more clarity and simplicity to a web design. When it comes to web designing, white space has enormous value. It exists to provide a break between texts and to keep things neat. Without the white space, the whole site would look overcrowded. The white space stands as a boundary marker to separate one element from the rest. 

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The white space provides relief to the tired eyes of your visitors. It adds simplicity to the page while heightening the colorful graphics on the page. Award-winning sites make the most of the white space, and so should you for your site. 

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