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Some Powerful Strategies for High Conversion Landing Page

Websites or landing pages are the virtual faces of business on the web and happen to be the introductory point for your brand. There can be a single page that appears when people click on the search result on search engines. 

It serves the single purpose of converting your prospective clients or customers which is made possible with the prominent CTAs or Call to Actions. 

About 50% of the marketers can create the landing page for every campaign. Here are the strategies that will generate more conversions.

  • Incentivise Your Visitors – You should give an incentive for compelling your new visitors to take actions right now. For this reason offer a deal that they cannot refuse.  For example, provide a 10% discount that pops up after 5 seconds when one visits your site. It is something that the primary competition of yours is not doing. This is going to entice the consumers and encourage them to shop from your business. Added to that, the page should provide a well-laid out and clean impression which makes the perk statement clear. The primary takeaway is that the offer provides the visitors with something that they can use right now.

  • Keep the Text Simple – Remember that a conversion copy on the landing page should be simple to read and must help people understand the message and make them feel at ease.  Keep the tone conversational as if you are speaking to a 10 year old. This will help to get the message through as the attention span of the audience is quite limited. Use simple structure. The simpler and shorter words (secure, friendly and scalable) communicate the perks faster than the complex phrases. 
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  • Write a Headline that is Compelling – You should know that the headline is amongst the most essential elements of landing page. It is the first thing to be noticed by the users and it makes the users stay.  So make your headline concrete and clear that does not leave any ambiguity in the minds of the visitors. Make it specific. Visitors could reach the landing page through an advertisement campaign. Therefore the ad copy makes it possible for you to get the click. But if the ad copy and headline are not in sync, the impression that you leave with the audience is not positive. So if your ad copy is about a free demo, your landing page should showcase it upfront. Otherwise the visitor will feel disheartened. You should also make your headline promising. You can promise a way to eliminate a kind of pain that your visitors may be facing with it or promise to provide a solution to any of their problems through it. Show your visitors what you are offering after empathising with them. Emphasize on what would interest the audience not what you are offering.

  • Offer Customer Service with Lighter Touch – Live chats are now quite prevalent. But for most of the websites these chats act like annoying salespersons which appear out of nowhere. So opt for the chatbot that will sit in the corner of your landing page. You just have to give up your email ID for that. 

  • Limit the Choice and Use Quality Image – You should keep the landing page minimal. There are many who provide multiple choices. But for the sake of your visitors, you should try to limit the choices that you offer and keep that simple and also use very little text. Apart from that, you should also use the eye-catching images. Pictures are worth a thousand words. A picture in the landing page can do all the talking for you and can drive the conversions. Don’t the pictures of happy people with shopping bags on ecommerce sites make you happy? Use images to depict your products or services or go for those that highlight your benefits. 
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  • Set Clear Call-to-Actions and Position the CTAs Strategically – The design of your landing page should be such that sets a clear path to the CTA. Your landing page can benefit a lot from the CTA.  On the basis of the purpose, usage of positive determiners like you, yours, hers, his, my on a CTA button helps to relate with the visitors more and that can prompt them to click. Also choose a colour on your CTA that will go with the rest of the landing page. It may be tempting for scattering the CTA buttons across the landing pages. But this actually puts forth a negative impression making you feel desperate to make a sale. For encouraging the conversions, you should place the CTA above the fold or place below the fold. If your visitor does not need to read or think much before making the decision, you should place the CTA above the fold. If the visitor has to make an informed decision prior to deciding a click on the CTA, you can place them below the fold. For example in case of the Amazon website, the CTA options is placed just beside product. But in case of a software business you will see the CTA just below the fold.  

The above are some of the essential strategies as advised by the experts of the digital marketing agency in India who have seen the industry for many years now and know exactly what works and what does not for enticing visitors through the website.  

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