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The Expert Tips on Creating High Converting Content

Content creation helps you promote your business to further clients. There are several aspects of content marketing Services that you need to think through. However, the foremost aspect is creating the right content. Relevance, quality, structure, and readability play a pivotal role in ensuring your content works for the end audience.

Here, we will take you through some of the expert tips that every content writing agency in India follows to create high-converting content.

  1. The Eye-grabbing Headline

That’s the first step to building the right content for your business- the headline. It is the title that grabs the attention and makes people want to look into the depth of the content. It your content doesn’t talk about what to expect or the brilliance of the write-up, you would have fewer people taking note.

There are a few pointers to keep in mind when writing the headline

  • It should not contain more than 70 characters
  • There should be power words in your headline
  • Set the expectations with the headline. Use it to cover the questions – how, what and why
  1. Make the Intro Interesting

The introduction to the article should be a continuation to your headline. For example, if your article is on “how mobile apps win businesses?”, you can focus on two things in the intro:

  • The need for mobile apps
  • The increasing users of mobile apps

In the introduction stage, you want to talk to the users why reading this article is important, and what kind of information you are going to provide. Backing your statements with numbers can also help gain the traction you want. 

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It is equally important for you to begin writing the article keeping the user’s intent in mind. For example, if you have a topic that says how to create a content calendar, it could mean two things

  • Show them how to create the calendar
  • Top things to consider when creating a calendar
  • How to find a person who can help with content calendar?

You can write for all three intents or use one of them to supercharge your content. Use relevant tools that can help you understand the user’s intent better. 

  1. Add Images as Needed

It is important to make your content skim-worthy. Adding some breakers in your content can help boost the viewership and get more people onboard.

Images can help break the content viewing in a nice way. You can use the images to showcase some points. For instance, use images to show the statistics. You can use images to talk about the point you just mentioned. 

For example, if you are talking about how a thing works, show it in the image format as well. That will help the audience get a better idea, and give them a break from reading the content. 

We are all tempted to take things from Google and paste it into the content. However, if you can spend some time creating original images, you will have more people viewing the content. You can also use screenshots when explaining a particular mobile app.

  1. Readable Blog Formats

When you are writing a blog, think of yourself as the reader of the content. You don’t want the person to move away as soon as they start reading. That’s why you should use readable and engaging formats for your blogs. 

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Instead of writing long paragraphs, break them into two relevant ones. Use shorter sentences to convey your thoughts and emotions. You can include visuals that can grab the user’s attention. This will answer the question of how can I improve my writing skills. If you aim to write shorter sentences, you can get a better grip on your content. 

At the end of the day, you want users to take the necessary action and convert into your customers. That’s why it is important for you to use CTAs that compel action.

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