6 Awesome Minecraft Tips and Tricks for Beginners

It can be hard for beginners to make progress in Minecraft due to a lack of knowledge and experience about the game. There are a lot of moving pieces and you need a lot of practice to fully grasp the gameplay. This is why so many new players get into the game and soon they find themselves stuck and they start thinking about quitting.
If you are someone who is going through something similar, we can help you start your Minecraft journey better. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most useful Minecraft tips that you can follow to make progress faster.

Here is what you need to do to get better at Minecraft soon, without wasting so much of your time

  1. Stick to Cardinal Directions
    If you travel in any random direction, it will be hard for you to get back to your house quicker. You might get lost and waste plenty of your precious time and energy. By following cardinal directions i.e., South, North, East, and West, you can return simply by tracing your steps backwards.
    Make sure to note all the natural identifiers such as biomes, rivers, and coastlines in your tracks and use these as guiding posts so that you never get lost in the game.
  2. Desert Nights
    Deserts at night times in Minecraft are really a nightmare for both new and pro gamers just like in the poe ascendancy classes. One way you can keep yourself safe in this scenario is by gathering a bunch of cacti and surrounding yourself with a double staggered row 2+ blocks high.
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This will hide you from the sight of the mobs or other similar elements and if the phantoms or zombies do find you, the cacti will keep them from reaching inside.

  1. Tree House
    Let’s say you are looking for a safe place in some swamp, woodland, or jungle biome. You can make a tree house to protect yourself in these environments. First, you need to find a tree, climb it and then hollow out its leaves down to the trunk. You can leave the outside leaves untouched.

After that, you need to put a torch on the trunk of the tree, take down two blocks of wood adjacent to the trunk, and place your bed inside the treehouse.

  1. Bunker in Minecraft
    A bunker is ideal for hunting by snipping and melee attacking the nearby mobs without putting yourself at any risk. You can easily build a bunker by building a 3×3 pillbox which is one block deep with a roof.

You can make windows about 1/2 blocks above ground level so that you have a better visual. You can also dig a trench around your pillbox bunker so that creepers or monsters do not get any closer to you.

  1. Trenching the Village
    By trenching your village you can make sure no one gets inside unless you permit them to. You can make a bunch of shovels and surround them with 1×2 dry moat.

You can also use the dirt you dug out from the trench and make a wall on your side. To make things foolproof, pour in your favorite bucket of lava inside the trench and you are good to go.

  1. Dig Downward
    Most of the Minecraft resources are hidden underground so it is best to start in that direction. Just remember to not dig straight down instead use a stair-like motion while digging. Keep placing torches as you go down and keep collecting your rewards.
    Beware of the dungeons, mines, and caves while digging down. You also need to look for signs of lava and deadly underground water while digging down so that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself
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Final Words
So, these are some of the most useful Minecraft tips for beginners out there. This online game has a lot to offer just like the game poe ninja build, and if you use the right approach, you will surely love playing it.
By following all these tips, you can easily improve your gameplay and chances of success in Minecraft and that is a guarantee. We really hope this stuff helps and we urge you to use these guidelines for the best Minecraft experience ever.

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