6 Tumblr Tips and Tricks in 2020 You Must Know

Tumblr is a social networking platform and is a paradise for bloggers because of its creative content. Tumblr is an excellent platform for creative teams or individuals who want to discover artistic and expressive content and also follow others with similar interests. 

Tumblr can be defined as an outpouring scrapbook of photos, videos, texts, and audio clips or, in simpler words, a cross between a blog and a twitter feed. And some content present on Tumblr attracts you so much that you wish to download it and downloading via 4Hub will help you keep your device safe and download without hassle.

Currently, there are over 475 million blogs on Tumblr, and around 400 million monthly visitors. It is trendy amongst the teens, as 61% of the teens consider Tumblr as their favorite social networking platform. Tumblr is also known for its security concerns as all the blogs are automatically public, and it is easy to access someone’s personal information.

Here are some Tips and Tricks that can be of your use -:

1. Customize or Create a New Tumblr Theme

If you want to stand out from the crowd on Tumblr, you can design or create your theme for your blog. If you have some knowledge about CSS and HTML coding, it can help you create or design your idea and then upload it to your Tumblr site. If your coding skills are not up to the mark, then you can have hundreds of free themes available in the Tumblr store. If you want to change the subject, follow the given instructions.

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Go to your Profile > Edit Appearance > Website Theme > Edit Theme. Now on a new page, you can click on Browse Themes and access to see what else is available.

2. Schedule your posts on Tumblr

Just like Facebook, you can schedule your posts on Tumblr too. When you are done creating your new position, you can schedule the exact date and time you want it to go live. This can help your followers or blog appear as active even when you are not, or you are going to be away for some time. You can either schedule your posts, or you can make them live in a queue. 

The queue is a list of jobs that go live in a particular order. You can choose the number of queued posts that go live in a day and with a gap of guaranteed hours. If you want to change your queue settings, go to Profile > Edit Appearance > Queue.

3. Keyboard Shortcuts for Tumblr

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful in speeding up your work irrespective of whichever app you are using. With the use of these shortcuts, you can carry out your work efficiently and before time. It not only speeds up your workflow but also boosts your productivity more efficiently. It reduces both time and effort to carry out your tasks.

Below are some shortcuts you can use -:

J – Move Onwards

K – Scroll behind

L – Hit like the current post

N – Lookout the number of notes

Shift + E – Post added to the queue

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Shift + R – Reblog fast

Z + Tab – Switch easily between dashboard and blog

Z + C – Compose a post easily

Space – View photoset in a lightbox or start playing a video post

These are some shortcuts which can make your work easier.

4. Edit large number of posts and tags

If you feel like you need to edit your earlier posts or add some tags to them or you find some errors in them, this option helps in rectifying them in a large number. By providing Mass edit posts choice, Tumblr has made it easy for its users to add a specific tag to all of their posts. 

Look over to the right side of the page while you are on the dashboard and click on Posts. Under Customize, a connection will appear which says Mass Post Editor. Click the link to edit/add tags and remove the posts in one go.

5. Know what your mates like and search for posts on a specific date

Sometimes you are curious about what your friends like and dislike. There is an option in Tumblr to find out what posts your friends have liked. Many blogs have a segment called “Things I Liked,” which indicates things the users enjoyed. Most don’t, as the setting wasn’t available. To see what posts your friend liked on their blog, enter this URL: http:/ [user name]. Take note that this works only for the Tumblr accounts, which are public.

There may be times when you want to come across specific posts or posts on a particular date by you or some other user. It can take a lot of effort in going through the entire blog or a tag looking for a post. To find out what jobs were posted on a specific date, you have to type http://[username][year]/[month]/[day] in the URL.

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6. Play around with the logo of Tumblr

Have you ever felt the need to use the Tumblr icon on some photos, collages, or maybe as your icon but never found the right size or color of the Tumblr logo on Google? Tumblr is generous enough to supply his logo to its users.

Here is the link to show the various versions of the Tumblr logo You can now download the logo as part of your Tumblr theme, as your Tumblr icon, etc. and use it on photos.

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