5 Tips and Tricks to Get Better At Dota 2

There’s always something new to explore in the game. If you are preparing for the upcoming international Dota 2 championship, start polishing your skills today. This is one of the reasons why Dota 2 is recognized as one of the hardest multiplayer action RTS games.

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1)      Gain the fundamental knowledge

Novice Dota 2 players follow the team strategy blindly. This is wrong because you need to understand your role in the team before taking any action.

For the best results in Dota 2, you have to perceive the fundamentals of the game well. Being a supporter, you have to keep your team safe. Use the teleportation scroll for being available according to the situation. As an offlaner or mid laner hero, you can’t play from behind or get involved in fights.

You will learn more about different aspects like taking farms, understanding your role as a playmaker, damage dealer, carry, and so on as you keep playing.

2)      It’s about teamwork

Don’t make the blunder of thinking that you can play this game alone. You have to take on a fight as a part of a team or at least along with one teammate.

This is strictly suggested if you don’t want to get killed and reduce the strength of the team. 

It’s better to take the chance and face the heat together with your team rather than bearing it alone and failing. Unity and proper coordination really have the power to give you positive results in the game.

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3)      Communication

Communication is an essential part of the game. Incorporate the use of voice chat in the game. This will save you from making wrong decisions and committing positioning mistakes.

For example, if your carry is in danger, then inform him. Let your team members know when to avoid engaging and wait for the right timing for combat.

However, if someone is already participating in combat, don’t interrupt and distract them. Be ready to help instead.

4)      Map awareness and replay analysis

When playing any battle game, it is important to have sufficient map knowledge. It has a vital role in improving the success rate. With map awareness, you can easily figure out where the resources are hidden. Also, you won’t get trapped by enemies easily. 

For being a professional in Dota 2, you also have to concentrate on replay analysis. This will help you know where you are making mistakes.

This is often done by professional players for improving their gameplay strategy.  Generally, replay will help you figure out what made you lose, and you can avoid it in the future. 

5)      Copy others

What’s the most appropriate way to improve your gameplay strategy? Copying skilful and advanced players and watching the videos of the gamers who play in the same environment as you.

You can copy the booster at your MMR and know their step-by-step moves and plan. How do they avoid unfavourable conditions? What tactics do they follow for baiting an enemy? You can know all these from their videos.

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Don’t worry if you don’t understand anything after watching them. You have to focus on copying first and you will automatically come to know about the plan and everything else.


You can ace Dota 2 only by playing it consistently and learning through your own experience. That’s the best way to grasp the mechanics, maps, and more. In addition, newcomers should watch videos of advanced players for learning more. And don’t forget to use the above tips as they can help you in honing your skills.

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