Best iPhone games of 2020: You can’t afford to miss

Gaming has become a more prominent feature in our daily lives, this is due to the presence of mobile devices such as mobiles and tablets. These devices mostly run on operating systems such as Android, iOS or Windows

We will be focussing on the iOS which is an apple made an operating system that runs on all Apple mobiles and tablets. Apple products are increasingly popular amongst many people and have also become a status symbol due to its high price in most regions of the world. A sharp increase in demand for iOS app developers has been observed.

Despite what most people say, games are not just for children and can be enjoyed by all ages. Playing games can be seen as a great pass time or even a method of de-stressing after a hectic day at work. 

Certain games even stimulate the brain and can take credit for keeping the mind active especially for retired people. Educational games that incorporate words, puzzles and numbers are also a great way to teach young children.

1) The room: Old sins

The room: Old sins game

The room: old sins is the fourth installment of the rooms franchise. It is definitely for grown-ups and has a creepy storyline. Mystery shrouds the mansion which you will have to carefully explore to reveal horrifying clues to unfold the truth of the storyline. The game offers free limited time hints if you begin to falter and find yourself stuck.

2) Donut county

how to play Donut county game

The objective of this game is to help swallow objects and as you do, the hole grows in size. The strategy comes into play when you have to swallow objects that are floating above water bodies and figure out a way to get it. 

Obtaining a catapult can be used to propel swallowed items to dislodge objects or pull switches. The game itself may be short but it is truly entertaining.

3) Reigns

Reigns best iphone game of 2020

An engaging game that is based on decision making as you are cast as the king and will have to make suitable choices to rule your kingdom. Various characters make for a host of decisions, you will be offered many suggestions from different advisors and every suggestion comes with an effect, either positive or negative. There are four foundations:  the church, the people, the military, and wealth, and the length of the game depends on them and every choice affects them. 

Keeping them all equal and balanced is the priority as when one becomes full or empty, the game ends and you are preceded by your heir. If you are looking for engaging gameplay go ahead and try this game but tread carefully.

4) Into the Dead 2: Zombie survival

how to play Into the Dead 2: Zombie survival you should read this

If you are looking for an exciting action packed gameplay, look no further as this sequel offers everything you need. The storyline revolves around James, a man who is involved in a car accident while on his way to see his wife and daughter.

 The rest of the game is about his desperate fight to survive and get back to his family while fighting his way through zombies. You are required to maneuver from side to side by swiping to avoid zombies and tapping the screen to use the equipped weapon. If you love the adrenaline rush associated with shooting zombies, get this game.

5) Exploding kittens

Exploding kittens best Iphone game of 2020

Exploding kittens is a Russian roulette inspired card game that uses kittens, exploding kittens! Players take turns to draw cards, cards include peek at cards, make a player pull extra cards, skip a turn and many more.

 Extended playing makes for a rather intense scenario as fewer cards means a greater chance of drawing an exploding kitty! The game allows for 2-5 players making for an enjoyable family game.

6) Florence

You should play Florence iphone game

Many people may not consider this an actual game, whatever the case, It is actually a visual novel that takes you on a tour of Florence who lives a normal life that is actually more on the boring side.  

There are mini-games such as puzzles and arranging games. The story is intriguing and does have a great story, however, it is rather short and you will definitely wish it was longer.

7) Alto’s Odyssey

try Alto's Odyssey for the best relaxing game

Usually creating a sequel to a successful game is not an easy task. Alto’s Odyssey is a sequel to Alto’s adventure, that delivers perfectly to the high standards of the first part of the game. Gameplay is about a snowboarder who explores a desert ecosystem via his/her snowboard. Various additions are different characters, unique scenery, and new goals. 

Looking for adventure and a unique experience, or are already a fan of Alto’s Adventure, try Alto’s Odyssey for the best relaxing game.

8) Battleheart 2 

One of the most beloved sequels is the Battleheart 2 game

One of the most beloved sequels is the Battleheart 2 game. This role-playing game involves monsters and creatures which need to be fought, testing your reflexes and strategies for battles. Drawing from the first part, it still bears all the main features and is light enough for any time pass. The game does offer great action and strategy gaming and keeps getting harder as you progress.

9) Framed 

Mysterious adventures are a common feature of this game.

Mysterious adventures are a common feature of this game. The storyline is shown in a comic book style that requires unscrambling to convey the message. 

There are puzzles accompanied by clues and will be sure to keep you entertained and glued to your screens for hours on end. Great news is there is a part two as well, Framed 2.

10) Crashlands

Crashlands is a ction-packed role-playing game

This action-packed role-playing game is based on searching for resources and utilizing them to build tools using the workbench. You will be asked to do some tasks such as slaying beasts, or even just simple tasks like fishing.

 A great addition is automatic actions such as picking up things after a kill. The game offers a long timeline and keeps getting harder as you progress along. A great time buster for traveling and just need something to do for 15/20 minutes a day

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