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Galaxy Buds Live- Review: All You Need to Know

Going to buying galaxy buds? If yes then have a look at this blog on this galaxy buds review will help you to buy galaxy buds without any hesitations.

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Galaxy Buds Pros

  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Amazing sound
  • Less costly than other high-end earbuds

Galaxy Buds Cons

  • Difficult to adjust too
  • Not that great battery life
  • Not a ton of bass

As we discovered in our Galaxy Buds review. At first glance, these are indeed the most interesting wireless earbuds in the market. These earbuds should have been called, “Galaxy Beans” due to their unique bean-like shape. Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live does not hide away in the ear like most in-ear buds, the bean-shaped buds sit the outer-ear similar to Apple’s Airpods.

The high-end earbuds feature active noise-canceling (ANC) and equalizer functionality, found in most high-end earbuds in the market. The major plus point is that these are the most comfortable wireless earbuds, you can listen to music all day and you wouldn’t even feel the earbuds. The unique design also enables ANC to work as well as Samsung claims.

Galaxy Buds Design

It is worth noting that the buds are unlike anything we have seen. In simple words, they look weird. They are shiny, bean-shaped and it seems like they won’t fit your ears properly when you first see them.

A small rectangular fin at the top of the buds is what locks them in place by nudging under your ear’s upper ridge. However, to prevent any size issues, Samsung provides multiple sized silicon tips that can be fitted instead of the standard ones.

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The Buds Live’s speaker is located on the bottom side of the earbud, it takes some time adjusting and figuring out which side is which. However, there is no discomfort experienced once properly adjusted. The odd design also takes care of any hygiene concerns, the earbuds don’t get covered in earwax, unlike most wireless earbuds.

The Bud’s might feel heavy but they do not weigh down in your ears. The design overall ensures that you have the most comfortable experience while listening to high-quality music. 

Now, the wireless charging case is quite remarkable. It is mostly plastic and feels light and hollow compared to other cases such as the AirPods. The back of the case has a USB-C port, and the enclosure is also Qi wireless charging compatible. It is difficult to slide the earbuds in the case at first, and have to find the correct positioning.

The Galax Earbuds Live are featured in three colors, ‘Mystic Bronze’, ‘Mystic White’, and ‘Mystic Black’.

The design overall is a bit more incognito than other earbuds.

Galaxy Buds Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the Galaxy Buds live to beat the AirPods by a longshot but not the AirPods Pro. Due to Bud’s 12 millimeter drivers, they feature a notable broad soundscape with an emphasis on highs. Once they have been secured, the earbuds have a fair amount of bass. You can adjust the bass through the earbuds EQ.

However, as we found in our Galaxy Buds review, The earbuds have been designed in such a manner that it prevents the underwater, Claustrophobic feeling that some people experience with noise-canceling earbuds. This also enables the Buds Live to offer a wider soundstage.

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A major downside is that active noise-cancellation is barely noticeable. It does not even come to close the noise-canceling ability of AirPods Pro. This could be because the Galaxy Buds Live does not actually burrow inside the listener’s ear, they just nestle at the edge. This would make cutting off interference a lot more difficult.

Multiple Connectivity Options

One of the most appealing features of Galaxy Buds Live is how easily they connect to other devices, unlike AirPods. The Samsung App allows users to connect to any device like any other content transfer application with ease while still using all the features enjoyed by a Samsung user.

Things Worth Noting 

The Galaxy Buds Live provides a decent Bluetooth range; however, it is quite inadequate when compared to other wireless earbuds. Moreover, the Galaxy Bean’s battery life is not a plus point but similar to other noise-canceling earbuds. The earbuds can operate for about four to six hours depending on which device they are being used on. If you turn off the ANC, the battery life will be prolonged to about seven to eight hours. In total, you will get twenty-nine hours of battery life if you include the batter in the charging case.

A major inconvenience is that the Buds are extremely sensitive, a light touch could result in accidental skips and playbacks even if you swiftly just adjust the Buds. Which could be quite annoying.

There are three beamforming mics, two on the outside and one on the inside but voice calls and Google Hangouts were a letdown. The audio is not bad but the quality is subpar.

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Furthermore, Buds live are only IPX2 water and dust resistant, which does not make them the ideal choice for workouts but they are ideal for work from home.

The Verdict

The Galaxy Buds Live standout because of the queer shape but are commendable to competitors with other wireless earbuds. They are the ideal earbuds for work from home due to their extremely comfortable design and sound quality. You get high-end earbuds with multiple features at a reasonable price.

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