Let’s Imagine Web 3.0 Metaverse Entertainment

In a recent interview on the GV Audio Experience, host Gary Vaynerchuk and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, formerly known as Facebook, engaged in a fascinating and fun discourse.

A big part of the interview was around Web 3.0, also known as the Metaverse and how Mark Zuckerberg envisioned his company steering it forward.

The Metaverse is about more closely integrating real life to the internet and vice-versa. It also aims to take ‘interactivity,’ to a new level, greatly enhancing it via several cool technologies.

For example, suppose several people coordinate to watch the same standup comedy bit on Netflix or YouTube. In that case, the cyber spectators can view each other’s body language and reactions to the comedic show via avatars. This will surely take their overall entertainment experience to the several awesome levels ahead.

Users do not have to reveal their actual appearance and even real identity and still interact this way with strangers.

This is just one small example of how an online entertainment experience is greatly augmented with real-time reaction sharing.

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Exciting and ever-advancing technologies are constantly emerging to further fuel the exciting metaverse revolution. Existing technologies such as AR – Augmented Reality, VR – Virtual Reality, Haptics, and Holograms are on a fast-paced innovation journey.

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With all this excitement, let’s further imagine how the Metaverse can augment cyber entertainment experiences in unprecedented ways.

Live Sports

Live sporting events on TV and online have significantly leveraged technological advances. Now fans can unite as a more meaningful community by cheering for the same team from anywhere globally, sharing other emotions such as disappointments via digital avatars.

Imagine the most hard-core fans getting together every single game without any geo-location constraints feeling like they are all in the same living room or virtual sports bar watching the game.

Or imagine sitting in a virtual stadium yet still watching the actual game. This would be truly a real virtual experience or a virtual real experience.


Imagine watching a new and exciting movie and entering the movie scene via virtual reality to feel as if you are in the movie scene and even part of the movie.

Standup Comedy

Standup comedy, as mentioned earlier, stands a fantastic chance from reaping the benefits of Web 3.0 or Metaverse.

Comedians could adopt a digital identity and grow a fan base for their avatar while also giving fans the options for a “real” appearance or even a hybrid one.

Being part of a virtual crowd and witnessing reactions and, at the same token, the comedian can see the avatar reactions of fans and interact with them in a live show scenario.

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