How Skepticism Can Play a Vital Role in the Business World

People have a negative perception of skepticism. Asking numerous questions about a particular topic can throw some people off.

While asking questions is a good thing, it should be done in moderation. Asking too many questions can shift the focus from the issue which bad.

In the business world, having a skeptic attitude can prove to be a game-changer. There is so much misinformation available and spread by the internet, that being a skeptic might save your business.

By having a positive attitude towards asking questions, you’ll be able to identify opportunities that other people simply cannot.  

Every organization should have a few “positive” skeptics rooming around. These skeptics will highlight the not so great parts of the business. These bad parts need to be refined and made just as good as the rest of the company.

Skepticism vs. Cynicism:

People often confuse cynicism with skepticism, when, in reality, the two concepts are quite different.

While being a moderate skeptic can be a good thing, there is no such thing as a moderate cynic.

Cynicism is a generalized distrust in human beings. Cynics reject all conventional desires and choose to live a life that comes naturally to them.

Some famous cynics include George Carlin, Kurt Vonnegut, Woody Allen, and W.C. Fields.

Skepticism, on the other hand, deals with asking questions. Skeptics ask questions not to prove their superiority, but to gain a better understanding of the topic in discussion.

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Skeptics can make better decisions because the ability to ask questions sets them apart from other people who can’t be bothered to do a little research and believe what anyone else says.

Some famous skeptics include Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Baker, Harry Houdini, and Adam Savage.

Here is how skepticism can play a vital role in the business world:

Detect fraud

New businesses are popping up every day. And each company is claiming to be the next big contender.

By being a skeptic, you’ll be able to detect frauds. 

Asking questions about a new product will provide you with the facts and figures that you’ll need to make a better decision.

People who don’t ask questions are naïve. These people believe that everyone around them is as good as they are. Naïve people can easily be fooled.

People who aren’t able to detect if a person is lying or is committing fraud put themselves, their colleagues, and their entire business in danger. 

Protecting yourself and your business from fraud can save you from significant legal and financial troubles.

Identify if there is a bias

Skeptics can use their questioning abilities and attitude to identify the source of a piece of information.

Today people are more divided on specific issues more than ever before. People will come up with all kinds of stories and scenarios that promote their agendas.

As a skeptic, you would assume that no one is telling the complete truth; instead, everyone is telling a small part of the fact that they want everyone else to know about.

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Gaining different perspectives about a particular issue will bring you closer to the truth. Having accurate facts and figures will allow you to determine if a specific person has a bias on a topic or not.

Talking to your audience is one of the ways you can get a deeper understanding about your audience. A live chat app will help you learn more about your audience and use that information to your advantage.

Businesses that identify biases about a particular product early on can avoid the consequences that they may potentially face. Being smart about who you trust and even then, making sure that you know the individual’s stance on an issue, will allow you to come out on top of any given situation.

Ability to use logic and intuition when others can’t

Skeptics use logic and reason to make their decisions. Skeptics believe other people, but they make sure to get the facts.

Going into a meeting with your mind in the right state can allow you to feel if a person is telling the truth or not. Staying calm and composed in stressful situations will let you gain the respect of your peers and colleagues.

Most skeptics are logical. They can determine if a person is making an absurd claim or not. Asking questions reaffirms their doubts about a person, which in turn steers them away from someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Skepticism improves problem-solving

Businesses have a lot of problems that need to be solved. No two companies are the same, and the challenges that a business face is unique in their respect.

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Businesses that provide solutions to problems are usually well received by their target audiences.

Problem-solving is a vital skill that any entrepreneur should have. Being a critical thinker allows you to think outside of the box and make appropriate decisions.

Skeptics can become the devil’s advocate.

If you are running a business, and come up with a new idea, get feedback from your employees. If everyone says that the plan is going to be a success, you might need to get another opinion.

By playing the devil’s advocate, a skeptic can identify the cons of an idea.

Taking the position of the devil’s advocate is not an easy job. For people who have never taken place can easily offend other people, which is always a bad thing.

The goal is to take the path that is best for the team and the business in general. 

Skeptics can become great debaters. By identifying the pros and cons of every option, the decision-makers of business will be able to come up with a plan that would be the best choice.


The business world is full of situations and scenarios where you’ll need to keep your wits about you.

Not being a little cautious about every opportunity that presents itself to your business would push you to take higher risks. More significant risks don’t always equal greater rewards; risks can sometimes throw you off the cliff.

Being a skeptic will let you make the best out of any given situation. Of course, you should not stop trusting in people, but make sure that the people you’re trusting have their facts and stories lined up.

Hamzah Adil

Hamzah Adil is a digital marketer who is passionate about psychology and business. He is currently working for a startup that has developed a live chat application called SwiftChat. Live chat softwares allow a business to cater to visitors on a website and make sure they are looked after.

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