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Top 5 Cool New iPhone Features You Ought to Know

If you are an iPhone lover, you surely do not wish to be left behind in knowing what is new. You might have updated your iPhone but with little knowledge about the new features, or you are planning to get a new phone. iPhone 13 Pro Max is a good option if you want to get a new phone. It comes with updated and new features, including the operating system, to make your usage easier, convenient, and better. Here are five elements that make it worth owning an iPhone.

1. Find Your iPhone Even When Offline

Previously, it could have been challenging to find your misplaced or lost smartphone once it is switched off or erased. But now, you can locate your iPhone when it is off or has been erased in the case of theft. An activation lock ensures that your phone is locked, locatable, and still yours. Therefore, anyone who tries to use the stolen phone can activate the lock.

2. FaceTime Links

Today, there is endless video conferencing, interviews, and other meetings. Physical distance is no longer a barrier to hinder a meeting from occurring. This has called for improving the video experience, and iPhone 13 Pro Max has taken several steps ahead. It comes with a FaceTime app that allows you to create private links you can share with your family, friends, or colleagues. Even those with android smartphones or windows can join through the links leaving no relevant member out of the meeting.

3. The Tag Feature

Apple has added a tag feature for you that keeps notes on the Notes app to help you quickly access your notes. You might recognize the feature as hashtags, and it allows you to arrange your notes in easily searchable and recognizable categories. All you need to do is add the tag to a particular note, and Apple will automatically detect the feature and group your note. When looking for a specific note, all you will have to do is tap the tag as grouped by Apple on the main screen of the Notes app, and all notes about the particular subject with a tag are grouped in one list. The best part is that the tag can be anywhere in the note and even a handwritten one will be recognized and categorized.

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4. Live Text Features

Imagine all those times you wished to copy and paste texts from a picture, but you could not. Apple has granted that wish through the Live Text feature on iPhone. The text in your photos can be identified and highlighted with yellow borders, or you can select it by tapping it on the screen. Even more amazingly, the feature allows copying handwritten texts and can translate seven languages with just a tap to translate.

5. The Focus Mode

You can decide on which notifications can pop up and when. This is great when you need to concentrate and you need a break from notification disturbance. Although it is similar to the Do Not Disturb mode, it allows more customization. It will help you set your work, personal, and sleep mode. You will then select the notifications you want to silence, depending on your activated mode.

iPhone 13 Pro Max has these cool features that make your experience even better when using an iPhone. Therefore, consider this when upgrading your phone or switching from the Android operating system. You ought to enjoy the top-notch features and make your life more fun. You can visit M1 to find your iPhone and review more features.

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