Top App Development Tools And Frameworks In 2022

Ever since the demand and usage of mobile phone applications have grown, developers and programmers have found many different ways to help them with making applications. In the current day, many businesses and companies require the services of mobile phone developers. Considering their dedicated applications help elevate their business, developers tend to spend a lot of time focusing on their projects.

However, the dawn of application framework has not only shortened that process, but it has also provided with a viable solution. Frameworks are known to cut the time a development process takes in less than half. Additionally, their dedicated structure toward platforms allows all types of app development cut short. Here are some of the benefits of application frameworks:

  1. Time-Saving and Cost-effective
  2. Consistent in many aspects of the user-interface
  3. Short development time frame
  4. Lesser problems to face
  5. Recyclable for future updates

Nevertheless, 2020 is poised to take the above-mentioned advantages from these frameworks. So, let us analyse these frameworks in no particular order.


One of the most famous and preferred development frameworks, IONIC has made a name for itself in the application market in recent times. Additionally, it is free of cost, which is the aspect that stands out about IONIC. It provides valuable tools in HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript app programming.

Besides, it also guarantees compatibility with the latest line of phones in the market today. Moreover, it has viable support available for Cordova and PhoneGap. Its easy maintenance and cost-free nature make IONIC poised to be one of the primary frameworks in 2020.

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PhoneGap is a revolutionary technology in cross-platform app development. Comprising of elements from JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS, PhoneGap is one of the premier cross-platform frameworks available today. The true specialty of PhoneGap lies in its hybrid app development capabilities.

Apart from iOS and Android, PhoneGap allows developers to make an application for any platform whatsoever. With its signature add-on feature, PhoneGap is one of the most famous frameworks available in 2020.


Appcelerator does not only have a clever name, its feature back it up in solid fashion. Considered one of the most speedy cross-platform app development tools, Appcelerator is eye candy for many developers around the globe. With an open-source SDK and JavaScript codebase, Appcelerator will be one of the trademark frameworks in 2020.


Google’s very own Flutter is an open-source SDK for cross-platform application development. The framework features the Dart programming language at its center. Which is why 2020 is going to be the year when Flutter is the top choice for many developers around the globe. Additionally, it has SKIA, an inbuilt 2D rendering engine, which allows developers to create the most high-profile design images for applications.

Flutter offers easy testing of a project, with the enhanced ability to develop 2D visuals. Which allows it to develop the best kind of Hybrid applications. Additionally, it enables developers to fix a mistake or error easily without having to start from scratch.

React Native

The other most popular cross-platform app development tool introduced by the company sitting atop the social media mountain, Facebook. Even though the early stages of react-native occurred almost 7 years ago, in 2020 it is one of the primary go-to options for many professional app makers.

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React Native is an open-source framework for efficient web development solutions. Additionally, it burns up lesser memory compared to other frameworks. Moreover, the plugin library is so vast, that there are many options that can help you create an app like Facebook itself.


Owned and designed by Microsoft, Xamarin is also one of the most sough-out application frameworks available today. Mainly comprising of C#, Xamarin allows developers to take its full advantage in android, iOS or Windows app development.It saves a lot of time featuring cross-device testable cloud services. It also offers a vast number of interface development tools.


These are few of the development frameworks, poised to take 2020 by storm.Not only do they provide viable application development solutions, but they also save time and prove cost-effective. Whether you are making your own app or hiring professionals, you must consider these aspects before giving it a greenlight.

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