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Best 10 Pro Email Marketing Tips in 2021

Email marketing has been here for a while and maybe that’s the reason why many people believe it is not effective anymore—because it’s an old method to draw customers to your website and many people don’t even read promotional emails these days. While that’s true, if done right, email marketing can be hugely beneficial for your business. Like everything else in the world, email marketing techniques are also developing. So, to draw attention, you need to try this site to leading marketing recruitment agency. In this post, we are going to talk about Best 10 Pro Email Marketing Tips in 2021 so that your brand isn’t left behind.

  1. Send Welcome Emails to the New Subscribers

You wanted the new visitor to subscribe to your email newsletter so that you can send him exclusive content every day. But now what? Do you just leave them like that? No cup of coffee? The welcome email is the warmest message you can send to your new subscribers. A study showed that welcome emails can boost your open rates up to 80% and click-through rates about 22-25%. Welcome emails also help you keep your email list clean because if an email address is wrong, your email provider will let you know.

2. Pick the Right Time-Table for Your Emails

Customers click on the first email first when it appears in their inbox. But the best time to send your emails depends on locations, audience, and the industry. You can use tools available online that will help you figure out the best time for sending your emails to the customers. The tools adjust the send time of your emails based on the audience behavior.

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3. Email Frequently 

Figure out how many times in a week you should send emails to your subscribers. Now most of the time, companies that send email letters only once a week, get the highest click-through rates. But it does not mean that you won’t promote or inform the subscribers when there is a new product in your brand. The emails you send can be RSS emails and triggered emails but the key to getting more click-through rates is to send emails as few times in a week as possible. But don’t make it 0 times a week or only once in a while because your subscribers will forget you soon.

4. Don’t Always Promote

Promoting is the ultimate reason why we send emails in the first place. But promoting always will drive your potential customers away when they realize that you are being pushy. Your mission for sending emails should be to build a healthy and strong relationship with your subscribers. So, instead of sending promotional letters all the time, send free or exclusive content, giveaways, etc. to create a long-term customer engagement.

5. Use an Unforgettable Sender Name

Don’t let your subscribers ignore your newsletters more than twice because there is a great chance that they won’t open your emails again. You can create a first impression with the name of your brand that is also recognizable and unforgettable. If your brand’s name appears in the sender name of the email, your subscribers are more likely to click it through.

6. Create Effective Subject Lines

Your email subject lines will help the subscribers decide whether to open the emails or not. The sender name, subject line, and preheader play a great role when pushing your subscribers to open the emails. Take all the time you need to come up with s crisp and short subject line that will get more open rates. These days, using creativity and emojis on subject lines has become quite effective.

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7. Share Engaging Content

You have thousands of subscribers and they are opening your email newsletters, even clicking through them. But now what? Is your content marketing strategy helpful and engaging enough to keep the subscribers around? If you don’t share thoughtful and useful content, clicking on the email links won’t benefit the subscribers. And they will search for the “unsubscribe” button. You don’t want that. So, create more SEO-optimized content for the Google search engine strategy and interactive content for the audience. 

8. Make Your Emails Scannable 

People are busy. They rarely open promotional emails. But when they do, make it worth their while. When you are creating emails, make the story skimmable so that you can communicate your message clearly. Use bullet points, preheader texts, listings, etc. to let the readers read without wasting much of their time. This way, you can get more open rates on your emails every week.

9. Use Professional Email Marketing Tools

It’s a no-brainer, obviously. To send great email marketing campaigns, you need a great and professional email marketing tool. Email marketing tools such as Convertkit, Mailchimp have become more popular than ever. Both of them come with a free and subscription but the free account is limited to some features only. But the great thing about these tools is that you can easily customize your emails the way you like before sending them to your subscribers. 

10. Segment Your Audience Into Categories

Sending every content to every audience may not always work because everyone has unique tastes and requirements. That’s why, it’s best to segment your audience into categories so you can send them personalized emails as well. For example, if someone bought your vegan recipe e-book, then take your time to segment that customer into a different category. Whenever you post something related to vegan recipes, make sure to send those emails to the subscribers of that special category. It is a great way to get some clicks and conversions and at the same time, you are not spamming those subscribers with lots of emails. 

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Now that you know all the best pro email marketing tips in 2021, your best bet will be to apply them. Whenever you try these approaches, you will notice more user engagement and you will find more email marketing ideas. If you have discovered any new ideas, feel free to tell us in the comment box below. But if you are struggling with your email marketing strategy, you can hire a professional marketing recruitment agency and they will do all the job for you. You can check our site regularly to find more useful information like this.

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