Check Out If You Are Following the Right Vastu Directions for Wardrobe

No bedroom is considered complete without bedroom furniture and the most important and biggest bedroom furniture is the wardrobe. Many people are not aware of the Vastu rules for placement of the wardrobe in the bedroom. Placement of the wardrobe in the bedroom according to Vastu Shastra is important as it impacts the harmony and positive energy within the bedroom significantly. As per Vastu guidelines, there are certain principles that govern the colors, location, shapes of wardrobes. Below you will come across with few Vastu guidelines for placement of the wardrobe in the bedroom for the influx of positive energy and harmony.

Vastu Guidelines for Placement of Bedroom Wardrobe 

You can’t just place the wardrobe anywhere across your bedroom at any available space. According to vastu, the southwest direction of the bedroom is auspicious for placement of the wardrobe. It must be placed in such a way that the shutters or doors of wardrobe must face towards north. 

If the southwest direction is blocked by other furniture, then the second auspicious location is northwest where you can place the wardrobe. These directions are considered auspicious according to Vastu for Home as it increases the inflow of positive energy in house and bedroom. The wardrobe must face towards east or north direction for harmonizing energy within the room. 

Keep Wardrobes Organized and Maintained

The second Vastu rule for bedroom wardrobe is that it must be well-maintained and organized. You must avoid using any squeaky kind of wardrobes as it brings in negative energies. The well maintained bedroom wardrobe plays important role in sustaining harmonious and positive energy across the bedroom.

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As per the Vastu rules, the squeaky hinges of wardrobe are inauspicious. So, you must avoid such things. Besides, the surface of wardrobes must be kept clean and tidy always without scratches or nicks on it. 

Neutral Finishes for Wardrobes in Bedroom

It is always suggested to choose the light wooden tones and textures for the bedroom wardrobes. Modern and stylish materials are tempting and alluring undoubtedly, but neutral tones and finishes are best to enhance the overall look of the wardrobe and it is in line with the Vastu. The neutral finishes help in connecting the wardrobe to the natural elements and bring the greener space inside your room. 

Light wooden tones and textures are considered best because they are light and creates visual harmony, while attracts the eyes of onlookers. You must avoid the neutral tone of granite and marble as it makes the room look bulky and it causes visual strains.

Storage of Valuable As Per Vastu

To multiply your overall wealth and bring prosperity, it is necessary that all your valuables and assets are placed according to Vastu norms. If you place all your belongings and valuable assets in safe, then consider placing the safe in southwest direction in the wardrobe. This direction is considered auspicious as per Vastu for Wardrobe and it helps in augmenting the wealth significantly. You must not place the safes in any shaky platforms and the northeast direction must also be avoided as it is inauspicious for placement of the wealth. 

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No Mirrors on Facade

Many homeowners prefer using wardrobes that come with built-in mirrors. But, this must be avoided as per Vastu. This is necessary to avoid the reflection of bed. As per Vastu, the doors of wardrobes must not have any mirrors as it reflects negative energy and also cause quarrels in your home. Mirrors must be avoided in bedroom according to vastu norms. If there is space limitation in your bedroom and you need to use mirror, then ensure to place the mirror in a direction that it doesn’t reflect the bed. This may bring ill fortune for the person that is visible in the reflection. You may check online for Home Decor Ideas for placement of mirrors in other rooms of the house, but ensure to place it as per Vastu. 

Following these Vastu tips for bedroom wardrobe would put you on the right track and brings in positive energy and prosperity in your house. This will even help you to develop a harmonious relationship with your family members and beloved. So, consider The 4 Cardinal Directions for wardrobe and safe placement and also check out for best light tones and texture of wardrobe finishes to bring fortune and happiness.            

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