10 Latest Tech Inventions can Make your Life Easy


Worried about your health the zero belly fat never seemed to stop growing then you need below your personal belly fat measure by using near-infrared spectroscopy technology.Bello can analyze your belly fat and send the data to the Bello app within three seconds the app shows your fat status in details and helps you understand more.And also offers multiple health plans which you can use to optimize your daily diet and activity thanks to its compact body and life at construction as you can always keep the Bello with you and monitor your belly fat easily.Bello runs on a super efficient rechargeable battery that allows you to use it for a performance on a single charge maintain a healthy body by tracking on health history with Bello.

Mr. Charger 2.0

Experience the best charging solution for all of our devices with Mr. charger 2.0 a four in one hybrid charger that packs a lot of intelligent features to enhance your charging experience.You can charge up to three devices simultaneously as it counted I use the CPD port that can provide a massive 30 watt of output and has a USB type a port that can provide up to 18 watt output.It also features a Qi enabled 10 watt wireless charging pad it packs a massive 10,000 milliamp hour power bank that allows you to charge all of your devices conveniently well in the luth equipped with multiple safety features such as overcharging short-circuit ripple and many more.This device ensure safety for you and your devices it also comes with three international plug adapters for universal use the Mr. charger 2.0 can be a perfect charging companion for all of your device.

DIVA Dazzling Moments with 4k Camera Drones

Shoot dazzling moments of your life with diva a compact and powerful camera drone that lets issue stunning videos of your life is it propels it a 4k camera that lets you shoot incredible videos at 4k resolution. And thousand a degree videos at 60 frames per second but help us to axis gimbal and E.This drone can produced excellent smooth and stable cinematic shooting combined with five piece of shooting modes time-lapse AI gesture and many more features.You can always get the perfect shot that you desire this drone has multiple safety features including low battery turn auto pilot and many more to ensure safety for you. And the drone superbly powerful brushless motor around twenty to fifty million per hour battery.This drone has a maximum flight time of 26 minutes on a single charge the debug can be apparently the shooting partner ants.

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Found GPS

Tired of searching for your items in tongues neat then what you need is found GPS a super long-lasting GPS tracker for your belongings. It comes at booted connectivity with a range of 1000 feet and connect you to found smartphone app to show accurate location. It also works anywhere with cell service this device since its last known location on the app and with the help of its motion tracking. It can send instant notification if it is ever left behind it runs on a highly efficient rechargeable battery that has a massive battery life of up to 12 months on a single charge.It counted a loud ringer and an LED indicator to let you know and rush with Amazon’s alexa and Google assistant with long battery backup and portable signs the sound GPS is the perfect tracker for your belongings.

Mix Go Wall Charger

Screw the bag mug say goodbye to your SLO wall charger and power bank with the Mexico wall charger at Wayne one charger and power bank solution for all of your devices. It counted I use the CPD port that can deliver a massive 45 watt of output and has a USB type Airport with Zen plus technology that can provide a maximum 15 watt of output.You can also charge two devices at the same time this wall charger also packs a massive five thousand milliampere power bank that you can use to charge your devices on the go. You can watch your favorite movie on MovieHustle thanks to its technology as this wall charger is extremely portable and scale anywhere with you without any hassle.The Mix Go wall charger can fulfill all of your charging needs and can provide power even on the move.

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Turn your iPad pro into a laptop with doqo your ultimate iPad pro keyboard and productivity booster you can get this keyboard for your third-generation 11 inches iPad pro or 12 point 9 inches iPad pro and enhance your productivity without any hassle. It counted a built in for a 300 million per hour battery that gives you all day long productivity and the ability to charge other devices is full sized back with keyboard features scissor switch keys that delivers laptop quality typing experience wherever you use it.It also comes with multiple ports including USB HDMI and SD card slot to provide the ultimate solution for your accessories.This keyboard also features a magnetized trackpad that unlocks new multi tasking features such as gesture control and multi-touch.The turbo changes the way you interact with our iPad pro and increases your productivity with its unique features.

WUUK Smart Doorbell

Enhance your home security with book a smart doorbell that is built to keep an eye out for home surroundings while you’re away.It counted a high-resolution camera with 162 degree fov and a built in mic that lets you have a clearer view at your home surroundings and capture a conversation in thousand eighty per resolution.It’s night vision can cover a wide area of a persistent field to provide a 24/7 peace of mind day and night equipped with AI facial recognition and sensitive PIR sensor.This camera is able to detect motion and recognize people for authentic access of the door you can connect this doorbell to the smartphone app by a Wi-Fi and monitor your doorstep from your smartphone.This doorbell is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google home equipped with a 6700 million per hour battery. This doorbell has a total battery life of up to eight months per charge and cons with ip65 rating ensure home security with book smart doorbell and have a peace of mind.


You can back them up cat is the most loved animal between animal lovers and what if you could get a home robot that could hit right just like a cat unbelievable right then made.The MarsCat a perfect bionic cat for you with a perfect combination of vision voice sensors AI and 6/10 server motors.This robot can interact just like a real cat for vision it uses QR code scanner object and face recognition and moving object recognition to recognize objects individually and interacts with them accordingly.If we put six capsids of touch sensors this cat can respond to touches so that you can cuddle with this robot-like real cat. It can also understand and respond to voice commands you can be connected to the smartphone app with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and customize it according to your designer with a built-in 6800 milliamp-hour battery. This robot cat can operate up to two hours on a single charge and to count it I USB type-c port for convenient charge the Mars cat is a cute little indirect robot.

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Keychron K6 Keyboard

Introducing the ultimate keyboard for your workstation the keychron k-6 keyboard a unique keyboard packed with features built to enhance your workflow.This keyboard is 65 percent compact while retaining all the necessary multimedia and function keys.It also has hot swappable keys that lets you customize your typing experience equipment broad cam Bluetoothchipset.You can connect up to three devices with this keyboard simultaneously and if you’re a white person you can easily use its USB type-c cable for input. This keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS it also features two adjustable angled rubber feet that are greatly beneficial for productivity. It has built in 4000 million per hour battery which can last for the 70 hours and counted 15 types of art with backlight options for customization. This keyboard is also built durable which means it can survive up to 1 million keystrokes the key crown k-6 is the perfect keyboard for a workstation.

EZE DREAM Ur ebike

You can back them up elevate your personal transportation with Eze dream you are a bug a powerful e-bike packed with features that makes your everyday ride convenient and fun.It comes in a powerful 500-watt brushless model that allows you to reach a top speed of 20 miles per hour so that you can reach your destination safely equipped with a 36-volt battery. Thisevac offers a maximum range of up to 50 miles on a single charge so that you can take on longer trips without any worry. It has a magnesium alloy frame which makes a durable and lightweight while its unique foldable design allows you to carry with you wherever you go for security. This bike comes with motion sensor and a smart GPS monitor that notifies you when someone is tampering your bike and allows you to track your bike even if it gets stolen the airstream Ur ebike can be perfect everyday person transportation.

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