How did I Grow Passion for Mobile App Development?

When I was choosing my major for graduation, I was quite unaware of what mobile app development is. I started studying as an electrical engineer, and surely I was quite happy with my decision for my professional education. Throughout my education life, I used to be a smart student who was always desperate about getting good grades and compliments from my teacher. Keeping all of these records made me more responsible for my professional studies. 

It was the first year of education; I was satisfied with the flow that my life had at that moment. By the end of the first round of exams, I secured among the top achievers. That was satisfying for me that I was directed towards the right thing. 

The Beginning 

Meanwhile, I met a friend, Jack, who was working for a mobile app development company. At that time, I had no interest in coding and stuff. Gradually, when I started spending more time with Jack, he kept on telling me stuff from his workplace. That was boring at the beginning since I had not realized what it was. 

Well, the time passed, and the first year of the college passed. I got good grades, and everything went smoothly. what brought a major change in my life was a disturbance in Jack’s mind. Jack was very annoyed. I came across that the annoyance was nothing more than the workplace stress. 

Just to make him feel good, I offered him if anything I could help. I was just wondering what he actually started explaining to me the code that he was working on. To help him release stress, I had to listen. Gradually, I started trying to understand what he actually wanted and the point where he was stuck. He basically needed logic to let him achieve desired results. 

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At the end of our discussion, he actually solved his problem, and it was the moment I got a spark to brighten my career. Well, he thanked me for the discussion that leads to the solution to his problem, and I was feeling proud and happy at the same time. Yes! I actually had done something that I had no idea about. 

Later on, Jack showed me an app that he was working on. I was inspired. I like the idea of turning an idea into a mobile app. It was the time when I got a hint of making a decision in my educational and professional life. I already had spent one-year in another field. However, I still had no idea that I am going to switch my field. 

Introduction To Mobile App development

One fine day I was thinking about the process that Jack explained to me. I started googling it. I kept on searching multiple “how to’s” and guides. It was the time my path changed. Multiple times, I search for “how to develop an app.” I got an understanding of how things work and how I can get into this. 

It was difficult to realize initially that I really want to switch from a field where I have been getting amazing scores. I shared it with Jack. To my wonder, he told me to better focus on my studies. It was quite disappointing for me at that time. I thought he would be thrilled to know that and encourage me. Well, in a day or two, I talked to him again. Then I made some point before him. We discussed things in detail and came to the conclusion that I should take an online class to decide whether to proceed or to stop. It was a good idea.

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Moving towards Destiny 

I enrolled in an online beginners’ course. Things started getting clear. I found out what to do. I met Jack and explained everything in detail. I was happy and challenged at the same time. Jack gave me some beginners’ level task, and I, with the help of online, exceeded the challenge. And right after a year and a month, I decided to switch my educational field to computer science. A good educational record helped me easily switch my field. And side by side, I got an internship in a mobile app development company in Dallas. I believe it was the best thing that could ever happen to me. I learned so much, and by the time I graduated, Jack was amazed because he thought I was a Pro. I felt proud. Again. 

I thanked Jack for introducing me the problem that gave e a direction. 


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