Where is Xur? What Xur is offering this week in Destiny 2 is location

When the vendor appears in Destiny 2, the location of Xur and what Xur is offering this week are always a surprise.

Every week, from Friday’s daily reset to Tuesday’s weekly reset, a unique merchant visits Destiny 2 and sells uncommon and occasionally exclusive goods.

As a consequence, he’s gained cult status within the game’s community, and it’s worth visiting him every week to ensure you don’t miss out on his products.

If you’ve been hoarding Legendary Shards and don’t know what to do with them, Xur is the guy to see.

Return to this page as soon as he emerges from learning his new location and Exotic and Legendary inventory, and hang around to discover some of the other things he can help you with.

What is Xur’s current location?

So, Where is Xur from Friday, October 19th through Tuesday, October 23rd? This week, Xur may be located in Nessus, on top of a big, red branch on the northern side of Watcher’s Grave.

What does Xur have for sale this week?

Season of the Lost adds Legendary weaponry to the four Exotics available – one weapon and one armour piece for each game’s three classes. During the weekend, each of these has random rolls and bonuses.

This week’s exotics (29 Legendary Shards each):

Lancet Graviton (Pulse Rifle)

The oath keeper (Hunter Arms)

Ursa Furious (Titan Gauntlets)

Boots by Lunafaction (Warlock Boots)

This week’s Legendary Weapons (50 Legendary Shards, 1,000 Glimmer each):

dreadful promise (Hand Cannon)

Perdition’s End (Pulse Rifle)

Cold Refusal (Pulse Rifle)

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The main ingredient (Fusion Rifle)

Ikelos SR V1.0.2 (Sniper Rifle)

Bottom Dollar Temptation’s Hook (Sword) (Hand Cannon)

Rolls (for the first four weapons):

Exotics’ Power level scales below your current level, whereas Legendary gear is locked at 1100.

Xur also sells the following:

An Exotic Engram that, when opened, will offer you a new (class-specific) Exotic that you haven’t already or a random piece of Exotic armour. You can only buy one of this per week.

The Xenology mission requires you to execute strikes or win Crucible / Gambit matches to get an Exotic Cipher. More challenging activities and playing with your clan get you bonus advancement.

What more should you know about Xur’s products and services?

For those new to Destiny 2 – or returning from the original game and curious about what’s new in the sequel – here’s a primer on what Xur has to offer and what makes the merchant important.

For each of the three classes, Xur will sell one Exotic weapon and one item of armour. Even if you aren’t playing that class, you can purchase any goods on sale and store them in the Vault for use by your other characters.

Exotic armour stats and Legendary weapon perks will change each week, so it’s worth looking into to see if there’s anything that fits your playstyle.

The Exotic weapons and armour that Xur sells are not exclusive to the but rather are drawn from a pool of Exotic random drops already accessible in the game. There’s a good possibility he’ll have them back in stock in the next week, or you may try your luck by decrypting Exotic Engrams. Certain Exotics, such as those limited to Exotic quests or from prior years sold from the Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive, will not be sold by Xur. You’ll need numerous rare artefacts, including an Exotic Cipher, which may be obtained by finishing Xur’s Xenology quest, which can be located on the second page of his inventory.

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