How To Choose a Reliable Matebook?

Mate books are the new age laptops. If you want a smart and a business nature laptop, mate book is your thing. If you are looking to buy a reliable mate book and unable to make decision on how to get the right one. Here are some of the features that you need to look and explore yourself before getting one.

Video card

Graphics cards for mate books are produced by AMD and NVIDIA. Video cards are built-in (integrated) and discrete. The former is suitable for solving simple tasks, working in office applications and “light” games.

An external video card for a mate book (discrete video card) is a separate microcircuit with “its own brains”: a processor and memory. Such cards are used for complex tasks, including design, and for gaming fun!

There is no best graphics card for a mate book, so many models have both types of video cards at the same time. They can work simultaneously (hybrid mode) or alternately. In this mode, the choice of video card is carried out automatically depending on the task being performed. A more energy-efficient option is considered a hybrid mode.


Mate book random access memory (RAM) is responsible for the speed of the computer. It stores and processes data to perform ongoing operations. The more RAM, the more programs you can open at the same time, without freezing and slowing down the system.

For simple office tasks and everyday use, 2 GB of RAM will suffice. If you plan to work with serious resource-intensive programs or download heavy games, then you will need memory for a mate book from 4 GB and above: 6 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and even 64 GB.

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Hard disk drive

The hard drive for a mate book is standard (HDD) and solid state (SSD). HDD is a magnetic hard disk that stores information in the form of magnetized cells. Such a hard drive is notable for its low price and large amount of memory: up to 2 TB.

The SSD is based on flash memory. It features quiet operation, high read and write speeds. Loading the operating system from the moment you press the power button from such a disk will take only a couple of seconds. However, due to the complex manufacturing technology, SSDs are an order of magnitude higher than standard ones and have a maximum capacity of up to 1 TB.

Battery capacity

The independent operation time depends on the battery capacity, which is measured in milliamp-hours. A medium-capacity battery provides battery life of about 4-5 hours, a higher one – up to 10 hours. The battery capacity will be the higher, the greater the number of battery components (cells). On average, modern mate book e batteries consist of 4-6 cells.

In addition, the duration of battery life also depends on the power of the processor and on the number and complexity of operations performed at a particular moment. So, a powerful system involved in resource-intensive games will consume many times more energy than a modest processor when working in Word.

Wireless type

Almost every mate book is now equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. The following types of communication are less common:

·       WirelessHD stands for “wireless HDMI” and provides high-definition audio and video streaming. As a rule, it is used when working with a projector, for this reason this feature is suitable for students, teachers, speakers and business coaches;

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·       WWAN is a technology for wireless data transmission. Unlike WLAN, which includes Wi-Fi, it has a larger coverage area, but lower performance;

·       NFC is a technology that allows you to exchange data between devices at a distance of a small radius up to 10 cm.

Compact notebooks are increasingly available with 3G/4G support. To connect them to the computer, a special modem with a regular SIM card is installed. The organization of communication in this way is simple and convenient for implementation in any conditions.

Design and materials

In the design of mate books, an important role is given to the case material, backlighting and … thickness. Yes, thin mate books, whatever one may say, look more attractive, so putting powerful hardware for networked toys into a thin case is considered to be a skill.

The main body materials are: plastic and metal. The first is glossy and matte. Gloss looks more spectacular, but scratches more easily. Matte plastic will keep its factory look longer. Metal is an aesthetic option, but expensive.


Huawei matebook e is one of the latest devices and has all the top features and a well-known brand behind it. If you want to get a reliable matebook, then try out matebook e from Huawei.

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