How To Choose from Different Laptop Types?

There is a huge amount of technology on the market today. It is not surprising that in this variety, choosing a laptop is an activity that requires a fair amount of intellectual effort and time.

Types of laptops and general characteristics

There are several types of laptops for different tasks. Allocate home, office, gaming and other types. Each of them has a set of specific characteristics and advantages.

Home laptop

A home (multimedia) laptop is bought for solving simple everyday tasks: accessing the Internet, listening to music, watching videos, working in office programs, etc. Before choosing a laptop for home 2022, first of all, pay attention to the screen size. For a laptop, the “gold standard” is a diagonal of 15.6 inches (39 cm). With such a screen it is convenient to work and watch movies. If you are a cinephile, then you should look at more diagonal screens.

Office or study laptop

For office work or study, you will need a more powerful horse. Before choosing a computer, you need to understand the specifics of the work. For example, if you work a lot with textual information, take a laptop with a full keyboard. There is a super laptop device offer and it has everything that encapsulates different types of laptops, all in one. You must try this product.

To work in design applications, programming or video processing, you will need a powerful computer, a multi-core processor and a large amount of RAM.

The cost of most office “portable machines” starts from 1 thousand, and workstations from 2.5 thousand dollars. They are characterized by increased productivity and are designed to perform complex engineering tasks. Given the financial investment, the questions “Which laptop to choose for work?” and “Which laptop to choose for programming?” – should be taken seriously.

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Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop needs a “serious stuffing”: a discrete graphics card with high performance, a “smart processor” and at least 4 GB of RAM.

If we continue talking about how to choose a gaming laptop, it is worth mentioning the bundle. It may include:

·       Mouse, because with a “touchpad” it will be difficult to quickly respond to game events;

·       Hard drive for loading “heavy” games and applications. It is better to take external SSD than the usual HDD. The former work much faster than the latter.


An Ultrabook is a miniature, thin (up to 20 mm) and light laptop for work, study and business trips. Due to the high cost of the case, such devices belong to the premium segment. Their advantages: long battery life, increased performance, good matrix and screen resolution. A striking example that combines all the advantages is the 13-inch Apple laptop.


Tablet is one of the most versatile laptops. It is thin and light at the same time, and can also be transformed into a tablet. In addition to the cool 360° rotatable touch screen, it also has high power ratings.


Chromebooks stand out – these are computers that run on the Google Chrome OS operating system and are focused on working with web services in the browser of the same name.


If you want to buy a reliable form of laptop. Then, go for super laptop device, as it has all the functions you need in a laptop. Its reliability and loaded features, all in one.

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